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Football. Association. The League-- ist Division. rGols., Pld.Won.Loat.Drn. For Agst. Pts Aston Villa 31 .2 6 6 '77 35 f>0 Sheffield United B2 .17 3 .12 61 31 46 Sunderland 82 .18 .11 3 46 32 39 Wolverhampton \V. 31 .14 8 9 41 33 37 Derby County. 32 .13 .11 8 42 40 34 Stoke 33 .13 .13 7 35 43 33 Newcastle United 32 .12 .11 9 49 10 33 Manchester City 32 .12 12 8 48 38 3-2 Notts Forest 31 .12 .11 8 51 51 32 Evert»ii 32 .12 .14 6 41 47 30 Bury 32 .13 .14 6 38 41 30 Liverpool 32 .12 .15 5 4G 41 29 NVest Broinv;icli Albion 32 .11 .14 7 42 46 29 Notts County 32 9 .13 ..10 41 56 28 Blackburn Rovers 31 .12 .15 4 47 57 28 Burnley 31 .10 .16 5 33 49 25 Preston North End 31 9 .18 4 33 48 22 Glossop 32 4 .19 9 29 71 17 Played on Friday, April 13th. I Derby County 3 Stoke 1 ■ Blackburn Hovers 3 "Newcastle United 0 *ftlossop 1 "Bury 0 Sheffield United 3 Manchester City 0 Results of Saturday's Games. I li *West Brormvich A 0 *Stoke I ♦Wolverhampton \Van. 3 "Blackburn Rovers 2 I. 2 *Notts FOJ:est. 1 Liverpool 3 ;,fGlossop 0 Manchester City 0 Notts County 1 Sheffield United 1 Burnley 0 Derby County 0 Bury 0 Aston Villa 1 '•'■'Preston North End 1 Newcastle United 0 Played on Monday, April 16th. I 4 Manchester City 2 *Notts County 0 Aston Villa 1 SunderiM) ft. 1 *West Bronxwich Albion 8 -Stoke 2 Glossop 1 ♦Preston North End 0 Newcastle United. 0 Wolverhampton Wan 0 Blackburn Kovers 0 Notts Forest 0 Bury 0 r> 11., lMayeu 011 the grounds 01 tne clubs marked T Friendly Games. Liverpool 4 Sheffield United 4 Queen's Park 2 Corinthians 0 North Wales Coast League. Results up to Saturday last. r-Goals. Pld.Won.Lost.Dm. For Agst.Pts Bangor 13 .11 2 9 52 10 2-2 Llaurwst 13 8 5 0 35 32 .16 Holywell 9 G 3 0 28 15 12 ll,hyl United 13 6 6 0 27 24 12 Colwyn Bay 13 3 9 1 21 26 7 Llandudno io 6 1 20 21 7 '-Carnarvon 9 4 4 1 11 24 7 Holyhead 11 2 8 1 15 54 5 "Two points deducted for phtyinci an ineligible man. Welsh Cup Final. DRUIDS v. ABERYSTWYTH. Played at Newtown on Monday, in splendid weather, before 3,000 spectators. Druids playing with the wind and sun taxed the Aberystwyth defence, but failed to get through. C.ose on the interval James scored for Aberystwyth with a grand shot. Afterwards, Green, from a corner, added a second. No more goals were registered up to half-time, the score thus standing—Aberys- twyth, 2 Druids, o. The second half was of a somewhat similar character. Aberystwyth pressing, Storey managed to add a third. There was no more scoring up to the end of the game, which finished in favour of Aberystwyth by 3 goals to o. Combination. BANGOR v. NEWTOWN. Played at Bangor on Monday, in delightful weather, and before the largest gate of the season. The home left became prominent in the first few minutes, and what looked like disaster was nullified by Di Roberts being offside. A splendid opening was given T. Thomas by Morgan Jones, but he skied the leather. A few minutes later Morgan Jones sent in a terrific shot which the custodian cleared. Then the visiting outside right got away and Buckland had a hard job to clear. From another grand shot by Dick Jones the custodian was forced to concede a corner, which was placed in the net by Morgan Jones, but the point was not allowed on account of being offside. Neither side were over smart in their combination. Owing to some loose play Roberts tested Ted Owen with a beauty. Morgan Jones, with an open goal, shot miraculously over. Half-time, no score. The homesters had play all their own way in the second half, and after ten minutes play scored their first goal. Five more followed in quick succession. Time arrived with the score—Bangor, 6 New- town, o. BANGOR v. ABERYSTWYTH. Played at Bangor in stormy weather on Saturday last. The fact of the visitors having to meet the Druids in the final of the YVelsh Cup added additional interest to this fixture. Aberystwyth won the toss and played with a strong wind at their backs. From a nice pass from Edwards, Dick Jones got away, but Charlie Parry cleared, and the ball rebounded off Jones, and he, in the nick of time, sent in a terrific shot which Roose managed to clear. A few minutes later, from a pass by Dick Jones, T. Thomas sent in a beautiful ground shot which beat Roose. This reverse seemed to enliven the visitors who made a deter- mined attack upon the home citadel, and W. Pervis saved what seemed a certain goal. Half-time arrived with the score—Bangor, i Aberystwyth, o. In the second half the visitors continued to press and the home goal had some narrow escapes. Then the homesters went for Roose like one man, and that individual saved in a manner which was highly appreciated by the spectators. Neither side could manage to notch a goal in this last half, the game thus ending in favour of Bangor by the small score of 1 goal to o. North Wales Coast League. COLWYN BAY v. DENBIGH. The return match between these clubs was played on Saturday last at Cohvyn Bay. From the start it was quite evident that good football was out of the question on account of the strong wind blowing down the Field. The visitors had brought a very poor team to represent them. During" the first half Colwyn Bay kept their goal intact against the wind, and from occasional runs up the field managed to score a couple of goals. The second half was simply a matter of how many goals the Bayites would put on, for Denbigh offered a very feeble defence. When the whistie blew for time Colwyn Bay had increased their goal average by ten points, but as neither side have any chance of heading the league the game was not very interes- ting to the spectators. Final-Colwyn Bay, 10 Denbigh, o. Colwyn Bay team—Downes, Owen, Hughes, Griffiths, Quinlon, Williams, McCann, Reckless. Roberts, E. Jones, and Chaplin. EYERTOX v. WREXHAM. On Monday last the Everton Combination team turned out on Wrexham Racecourse. A stiff breeze was blowing when Jones kicked-oii for the homesters. There was a goodly number of spectators present. The home team were short of three of their usual players. With the wind behind them Wrexham pressed severely, and managed to score from the foot of \V. Jones. There was no further scoring up to the call of time, the match thus ending in favour of the homesters by one goal to nothing. LLANDUDNO SWIFTS v. NEWTOWN. This friendly fixture was played at Llandudno on Saturday last. Llandudno won the toss, and Parry put the ball in motion for the visitors. The homesters got down, and Brooks, with a splendid shot, forced a corner, which was splendidly placed, and Parry, with the goal at his mercy, missed. The homesters continued to press, and from a pass by Roberts, Parry scored with a clinking shot. The same player, a few minutes later, made another good attempt, but was not successful. Half-time arrived with the score-Lbndudno, I Newtown, nil. End to end play was the order in the second half, and from these raids each team managed to score two goals, the game thus ending in favour of Llandnclno by 3 goals to 2. Welsh Junior Cup Final. WELLINGTON ST. GEORGE'S v. LLANRWST TOWN. Played at Flint, on Saturday April 14th. Llan- rwst won the toss and played with a strong wind at their backs making good football out of the question. Right from the start St. George's made for the Llanrwst goal and nearly scored. Llanrws! made play towards the other end but could not get the ball in the right direction for goal, being com- z, pletely baffled by the strong wind. It was plain I that the Llanrwst forward rank was considerably weakened by losing their ordinary right wingers. A little before half time St. George's scored, and the teams turned over St. George's 1 Llanrwst o. The second half St. George's made tracks for the Llan- rwst goal and their attempts at scoring with the wind was similar to the efforts of Llanrwst when they had the wind. The Llanrwst team woke up a bit and made strenuous efforts to score and nothing but bad luck prevented them getting two goals. The Llanrwst goalkeeper made some very good saves, but 15 minutes from time a good shot from the left beat him for the second time. So Llanrwst had to retire beaten by 2 goals to nil which they took in a sportsmanlike manner. Lianrwst close their season next Saturday, in a league match with Colwyn Bay. A Great Football Gathering at Rhyl. On Easter Monday the principal attraction was a football competition, organised by the Rhyl United Football Club tor senior chrbs. A handsome silver cup and 11 solid gold medals were offered to the winning team, and eleven silver medals with gold centres to the second. In the junior competition a silver cup and eleven silver medals with gold centres were the first prize, and eleven silver medals the second. In- terest centred chiefly in the senior competition. Newtown were the holders, and had held it for two years in succession. By the rules of the competition the cup would have become their ab- solute property had they won it this year. They accordingly brought down an exceptionally strong team to defend the cup. They were drawn against Flint in the first round, and a splendid game ensued, Flint winn.ng amid much enthusiasm by one goal to nil. The next tie was between Rhyl United and Llanrwst, the former winning by one goal and six corners to nil after all mditferent game. By the t.me that the final was played between Rhyl and Flint between 2,000 and 3,000 spectators lined the ropes. Rhyl outplayed their opponents from the outset, and won by two goals to nil, amid a scene of great enthusiasm. Flint took the second prize. Twenty-two clubs competed for the junior cup, the following being the results:—First round: Rhyl Glanmorfa Swifts beat Rhyl A. M. B. by one goal and two corners to two corners, Rhyl Reserve beat Rhyl Alexandra Rovers by one goal to two corners, Colwyn Bay beat Greenfield Albion by two goals to nil, Ruthin Druids beat Colwyn Bay Park Swifts by one goal to ml, Rhyl Pickwictcs beat Flint United Athletx by three corners toi one corner, Llanrwst Celtic beat Rhuddlan l'hoenix, Crewe Town beat Upper Bangor United by two goals and three corners to one goal and two corners, Rhyl Harlequ.ns beat Mold JunctionLocos by one goal and two corners to one goal and one corner, Chester St John's beat Rhyl Khaki by five goals to one goal, West Kirby beat Blaenau Athletic by one goal and two cor- ners to two corners. Second round Colwyn Bay beat Rhyl Harlequins by two goals and two corners to one goal, Chester St. John's beat Glan- morfa Swifts by three goals and three corners to two goals, Crewe Town beat West Kirby by one goal to nil, Rhyl Pickwicks beat Llandudno Wolves by two goals and one corner to two cor- ners, Ruthin Druids beat Llanrwst by one goal to nil, Rhyl Reserves a bye. Third round Rhyl reserves beat Chester St. John's bv one goal and one corner to nil, Crewe Town beat Colwyn Bay by one goal and three corner:, to one goal and one corner, Rhyl Pickwicks beat Ruthin Druids by one corner to nil. Semi-final: Rhyl Reserves beat Rhyl Pickwicks by two cor- ners to one corner, Crewe Town a bye. The final tie between Rhyl Reserves and Crewe ended in a draw of one goal each, and as the light did not permit of extra time being played -I*t was ar- ranged to replay the tie on another date. At the Close the prizes were distributed by Mr J. W. Jones to the winning teams.



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