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Football. Association. The League-ist Division. Results UD to Saturday. March 24th. _n ^-Goals.^ Pld.Won.Lost.Drn. For Agst. Pts Aston Villa 30 19 6 5 70 32 43 Sheffield United 27 .15 2. 10 CO 22 40 Wolverhampton W. 27 .13 5 9 40 29 35 Sunderland 27 .14 .10 3 38 27 31 Notts Forest 26 .11 8 7 45 37 29 Newcastle United 26 .11 9 6 44 32 28 Bury 26 .11 9 6 37 33 2" Derby County 27 .10 10 7 35 36 27 Stoke 27 10 11 6 29 39 26 Evertsn 28 .10 .13 5 34 44 25 Notts County 28 8 .12 8 41 54 24 Manchester City 26 8 .11 7 38 37 23 Liverpool 28 9 .14 5 40 42 23 WestBromwich Albion 27 9 .13 5 33 45. 23 Burnley 28 9 .14 5 31 44 23 Blackburn Rovers 25 .10 13 2 40 51 22 Preston North End. 26 8 .14 4 27 37 20 Glossop 27 4 15 8 27 58 16 Results of Saturday's Games. •Notts County 0 Glossop 0 *Derby County 2 Sunderland 0 ♦Blackburn Rovers 2 West Bromwich A.0 Wolverhampton Wan 1 *Everton .0 *Astoii Villa I Liverpool 0 ♦Sheffield United 1 Preston North End .0 *Newc,,tqtle United I Burnley 0 Played on the grounds of the clubs marked English Cup. --Semi =final Ties. Southampton o Millwall o Notts Forest i Bury i Combination. Results Lit) t0 Saturday last. -GoaJ8 Pid.Wou.Lost.Drn. For. Agst. Pts. Chirk .15 .10 2 3 35 14 23 Wrexham 15 .10 3 2 50 2.5 22 Druids 15 8 4 3 34 20 19 Newtown 13 6 6 1 33 37 13 Batiaor 12 5 6 1 20 25 11 Abervstwyth 11 3 5 3 18 25 9 Rhyl' 11 2 5 4 16 28 8 Birkenhead 11 3 Q 2 18 28 8 ^Oswestry 13 4 7 2 28 29 8 Llandudno 12 I 8 3 19 39 5 Oswestry have had deducted two points for playing an ineligible man. North Wales Coast League. Results lID to Saturday last. Goals. Pid.Wou.Lost.Drn. For Agst.Pts Bangor 11 9 2 9 48 10 18 Llanrwst 11 7 4 0 31 .30 .14 Rhyl United 10 6 4 0 26 14 12 Holywell 8 5 3 0 22 14 10 Colwyn Bay 12 3 8 1 21 24 7 Llandudno 10 3 6 1 20 24 7 ^Carnarvon 9 4 4 I 11 24 7 Holyhead 11 2 8 1 15 54 5 'Two points deducted for playing an ineligible man. Combination. BANGOR v. WREXHAM. Played at Bangor on Saturday last, in fine weather. From the kick off Wrexham got away, and were soon awarded a free kick through Sam Roberts, who handled just outside the penalty line. The kick was taken by Gordon, who sent in a swift shot which hit the post, and the same minute Ted Owen was called upon to, save a hasty reply from the foot of Griffiths. Two corners were awarded the visitors, but they were unable to score owing to the grand defence of the home contingent. S. Roberts was the first to test Evans from long range, and a nice pass from Hopkins, when in a good position, was bungled by D. Roberts, who kicked outside. Thomas sent in a splendid shot, which glided across the goal mouth, and a golden opportunity was lost, owing to some loose play by the home forwards. Half time arrived with a blank sheet. On resuming, the homesters soon got away, and for several minutes showered shots at Edwards, W. Lewis being conspicuous with two or three good attempts. Thanks to the energy shown by Pova and Rogers, Edwards had a clear front to deal with the repeated attempts, and everything went well till the young Edwards sent in a dropping shot, which bounded off Dick Jones's head into the net, thus scoring the homesters first goal. Despite the strenuous efforts of the Wrexham forwards they were unable to equalise the match thus ending in favour of Bangor by the small margin of one goal to nothing. RHYL v. OSWESTRY UNITED. The return match between these teams was played at Oswestry on Saturday last. In the first half the home team had much the best of the exchanges, but the Rhvl defence was very sound, and for about 20 minutes the home for- wards failed to find an opening. At last, from a pass by G. Davies, T. Parry scored the home- sters" first goal, and from the kick off, a second was scored for the home' eleven. Then Rhyl attacked, and were rewarded with a goal. Half time arrived with the score Oswestry, 2; Rhyl, I. In the last half, the game was keenly con- tested, but the home team managed to add an- other two goals, the game thus ending in favour of the homesters by four goals to one. About 20 minutes from the finish, the referee blew his whistle for cessation of play, and. naturally, the spectators wanted to know what this was for, and the reason given was that the referee's watch had gone wrong. During the game, one player from each team had t0' leave: the field. RHYL UNITED v. HOLYWELL. These teams met in the North Wales Coast League Competition on Saturday at Rhyl. The game opened in favour of Rhyl, who, a few minutes after the kick off, scored their first goal through H. Davies, a second following shortly afterwards from J. Duncan. The visitors were unable to score, the home citadel being impregnable. Half time arrived with the score standing at Rhyl 2, Holywell nil. From the re- start Rhyl pressed, and were soon awarded a third goal, which was scored by I-I. Davies. Some exciting play followed, Holywell striving their hardest to score, but they were doomed to disappointment, the match ending in favour of the homesters by three goals to nil. NEWTOWN v. BIRKENHEAD. Played at Newtown on Saturday last. Birken- head sent a very poor team. Newtown, losing the toss, kicked off against the wind, and almost immediately running the ball behind. The homesters continued to press, Withers and Parry having splendid chances but failed to score. Birkenhead then got away, and received a free kick near goal, but without effect. Fletcher was getting away, but was fouled bv Tudor. Play on both sides was of a loose character, and the kicking was wild.. The homesters kept up a severe bombardment of the visitors citadel, and from a pass from C. Jones, Parry scored their first goal..A few minutes later Catherall equal- ised with a splendid shot, which Edwards had no chance to save. From a pass by, Sweetten- hem, Tudor was able to put the homesters ahead, and a few minutes later, Parry was able' to further increase their lead. Half time arrived with the score Newtown three, Birkenhead one. Upon resuming, the homesters were soon dan- gerous, and the visiting goalkeeper was given some lively shots, whch he managed to clear, but the home eleven were not to be denied, and Morgan was not long before he had registered a sixth, and another goal fell to homesters as the result of a corner. Time arrived with the score Newtown, 7; Birkenhead, I. Denbighshire and Flintshire Charity Cup. SEMI-FINAL. CHIRK v. WREXHAM VICTORIA. This Cup-tie was played on the Wrexham Racecourse, in cold weather, before a poor at- tendance, on Saturday last. Chirk were without the services of the brothers C. and R. Morris, who were taking a rest owing to their being picked to play against England at Cardiff on Monday. The Vies had the assistance of the breeze and pressed, but were unable to penetrate the Chirk quartette, who, though holding them cheaply, kept them at bay. From a grand run by the Chirk forwards, Matthias, the homesters custodian, had some puzzling shots to clear. Half time arrived with no score. The second half was all in favour of the visitors, who man. aged to score two goals, and as the Vies were unable to respond, Chirk safely reached the final round by two goals to nothing. Welsh Junior Coast Cup. FINAL TIE. CARNARVON v. FLINT. Played at Llanrwst on Saturday last. Flint scored a fluky goal as soon as the leather was set in motion. But the Carnarvonists were not disheartened, and set to work with a will, and were soon found bombarding the Flint citadel. On two or three occasions their shooting was very erratic when in splendid positions. Up to half time the game was of a very rough charac- ter. Half time-Flint, 2; Carnarvon, nil. The second half was of a more even nature, each goal being visited in turns, and from one of these visits FLnt managed to notch another goal, Carnarvon being unable to score, the game ended in favour of Flint by three goals to nil. Welsh Coast League. CARNARVON v. COLWYN BAY. The Colwyn Bay team journeyed to Carnarvon on Saturday last to play the return match in this competition. Before the visitors went on the field they had a good idea of the style of play that awaited them. Soon after the kick-off, Carnarvon scored a goal, which proved to be the only one that would be scored, for after about a quarter of an hour's play a scene occurred in the visitor's half, which caused a speedy termina- tion of the game. One of the volwyn Bay full backs, J. Owen, kicked the ball and cleared his own goal, when a Carnarvon player deliberately came up and kicked him in the stomach, with the result that Owen lay on the ground in an almost senseless condition for some minutes. Both captains then requested that the referee (C. Jones, Bangor) should immediately order the offender off the field. But as this was a rather dangerous job with feeling running so high, the referee declined. Quinton, as the visitor's cap- tain, led his men off the field, and, fortunately, caught an early train back to Colwyn Bay. A protest has been forwarded to the Welsh Associ- ation by the Colwyn Bay Club stating that un- usually rough play on the part of the Carnarvon eleven, and the referee declining to interfere after repeated requests, caused the Colwyn Bay captain to abandon the game. Five of the Col- wyn Bay men were crippled, one having a deep gash at the back of his leg, caused by the steel protector worn by the Carnarvon men on the studs of their boots. The International Match. ENGLAND v. WALES. At Cardiff, on Monday, before 5,000 specta- tors. There was only one alteration from the advertised teams, the Notts rorest executive de- clining to let off Morris to play for Wales, and his place at centre-forward being taken by the Oxonian, Morgan-Owen. The ground was in fairly good order, although a trifle soft. England almost immediately began to attack, and Wilson scored for them a good high shot after only four minutes' play. Wales played up after this, and Morgan-Owen tested Robinson with a low one, while a little later Meredith also called upon the Southampton man to save his charge. Athersmith and Foster were conspicu- ous with good runs for England, but the game was for the most part very evenly contested. On one occasion Wilson gave Spouncer a good open- ing, but the Notts man shot over the bar. The interval arrived with England leading by a goal to nil. For some time after change of ends England did nearly all the attacking. Foster and Wilson both missed fairly easy chances of adding to England's lead. At length Wales broke away, and some good work between Morgan-Owen and Meredith ended in the last-named scoring after he had cleverly tricked both the English backs. This was all the scoring, a splendidly-contested game ending in a draw of one goal each. Of the 22 matches played, England has won 17, and Wales two, with three left drawn. The Welsh team was as follows :—R. Griffiths (Blackpool), goal; D. Jones (Manchester City) and C. Morris (Chirk), backs; S. T. Brookes (Llandudno), R. Morris (Chirk), and W. C. Har- rison (Wrexham), half-backs W. Meredith (Man- chester City), J. Davies (Reading), M. Morgan- Owen (Oxford University), A. E. Watkins (Aston Villa), and J. D. Parry (Oswestry), forwards. Welsh Junior Cup. SEMI-FINAL. LLANRWST TOWN v. RUABON ALBION. This replayed tie was decided at Buckley last Saturday before a fair number of spectators. ,,atur Llanrwst won the toss, and Ruabon started the ball uphill. Ruabon, although playing up the hill, pressed for some time, but were driven back, and Llanrwst took up the running, and forced several corners, from one of which they scored. After this reverse Ruabon strove hard to equal- ise, and were successful in netting the ball. Give-and-take play was now the order of the day, and half-time arrived with the scores equal at one goal each. On re-starting, Llanrwst went off with a great dash, and after about fifteen min- utes' play secured a very fine goal, thus giving them the lead once more. After this midfleld play ensued for some time: and Ruabon made desperate attempts to find the net, which they did, but the referee pulled them up for offside. Again they made strenuous efforts but the Llanrwst defence was not to be denied, and their custodian, on several occasions, saved nicely, and thereby kept their opponents at bay until the whistle blew for time up, so Llanrwst enters the final with the small margin of two goals to one. —*

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