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Correspondence. The Right to ask Questions To. the Editor of the "Rhondda Leader. Sir,—I noticed some time ago at a public meeting at Ystrad-Rhondda, held under the auspices of the I.L.P. (who advertised the speaker to .lecture on Socialism which to a certain extent was done, although the subject announced by the chairman of the meeting was Reforms needed in Poor Law Adminis- tration ") that no questions were allowed on Socialism, but that enquiries could only be entertained on the exact subject the speaker had supposed to have been dealing with. A question was asked on Socialism, and the speaker attempted to answer it, but failed; and upon being asked again the second time, he declined to answer or attempt an apology for an answer, but said he could only answer questions on the subject he had been speaking upon. If any person speaks on Socialism from a platform, should he not be prepared to answer any question asked, especially as questions were invited, and not confine the question to an- cer- tain part or clause of a political pro- gramme? I notice in such cases as quoted, the I.L.P. followers deride the speaker if he fails to answer any question they put to him, whether on the subject of the lec- ture or outside it. The I.L.P. want to spread their doctrine among the people, yet deny the people the ri"h i. to ask ques- tions after inviting them to do so. Would it not be better for them in future to print on their bills, "Onlv certain fixed qu.estioul:>aUOW(1d "ii-I am, youm, &0. FAIRPJUAY.


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