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LiberaS League for Pentre.


LiberaS League for Pentre. Young Liberals Waking Up. A movement has been started at Pentre which, it is hoped, will be productive of much, good. At least, its supporters are animated by the utmost sanguiuity as to- its success, and if the enthusiasm that was manifested at tho initial meeting on Friday evening last counts for something, its future is assured. The Liberals of Pentre—and especially the younger section—have felt for some time past that nothing is being done to propagate the grand principles of Liberal- ism, for which our fathers so valiantly struggled. They complain that the Labour 'and Liberal Association is, always except- ing the regularity and punctuality with which its agent collects the annual sub- scriptions, practically dead, and that whereas the Socialists are making a bold bid for the sympathies of the electors, and carry on a well-thought-out and active campaign, no effort is being made to countercheck these advances, and no steps are taken by the existing Liberal Association to educate the young people of the Rhondda in the principles' and othios of Liberalism. Indeed, it is not the Socialist campaign that constitutes the only menace to the Liberal faith, as it is well-known that the Conservative Party, or to be more correct, the agents of Tariff Reform are equally assiduous in their attentions to the constituency, and have held several meetings, in which the tenets of Protection have been vigorously preached. Considerations such as these have, there- fore, moved a, number of young Liberals to action, and a meeting was called by Mr. Arthur Timothy, at the Popular Restaurant, on Friday evening last, to consider the advisability of forming some organisation which would have the two- fold object of educating young men in the principles of Liberalism, and to act as a countercheck to advances of Tariff Reform and Socialism. Mr. Ei. V. Dlavies presided, and ex- plained at length the object of the meet- ing, and it was unanimously resolved to form a Liberal League. The following were appointed provisional officers —Pre- sident, Dr. W. E. Thomas vice-presidents, Rev. J. W. Matthews and Mr. E. V. Davies; treasurer, Mr- 1. T. Rees; secre- tary, Mr. Arthur Timothy. Another meeting -will be held 011 Friday evening, July 24th, to draw up the constitution, drafting of rules, &c. We understand that the new organisation has already had a magnificent response in the district, and applications for membership are coming in freely. The membership subscription is 2s. 6d. per annum.

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