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[ Cwmparc, The news of the death of Maggie Ann Middleton on Sunday afternoon last came as a profound shock to the people of Cwmparc. She was the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Evan Middleton, her father being the manager of Park Col- liery. She had attained the age of 26 years and was cut down in her prime, her womanly charm and lovable nature having endeared her to all who knew her. She commenced ailing a year or two ago, and in spite of skilful medical attendance her health deteriorated day by day, and her ill-health reached its final stage on Tuesday evening last, when she became alarmingly worse and never afterwards rallied. A beautiful characteristic of her days and nights of suffering was the cheery and optimistic confidence with which she looked forward to ultimate recovery, and the patient, uncomplaining spirit in which she suffered acute physical pain. Within a, few minutes of her end she smiled reassuringly at her grief-stricken parents, and the last words she spoke were fervent with solicitude for the comfort of her mother when she would have" inherited her Kingdom." The esteem in which "Maggio" was held in the locality was apparent in the number of sympathetic calls made during the days following her death. There was a pathetic scene in Salem on Sunday night when the pastor referred touchingly to her death, and said how the church would miss her genial smile and ever-joyous word of greeting. She was a faithful member of the choir, and frequently sang in the quarterly meetings of the Sunday School. Her death leaves a gap in local social life which will be difficult to fill, and our heart goes out in deepest sympathy to her grief-stricken parents, brothers and sis- ters. The funeral took place on Thurs- day, tho Rev. James Davies officiating, and was attended by a huge concourse of people. Very successful anniversary preaching services were held at Soar Chapel on Saturday, Sunday and Monday last, the last-named day being what is now locally recognised as Federation Day." The nulpit was occupied by the Rev. Rhagfyr Jonas, Treorchy, and Miss Davies (Efengyles), and the preaching throughout was impressive and abounding in hwyl." Collections were made in aid of the build- ing fund, and the congregation was gratifyingly large at each service, espe- cinlly on Monday, when a holiday in the collieries and fine weather afforded out- door attractions. The success of the annual tea party of Salem (W.B.) Church on Thursday after- noon last was for the first time in history marred by the vagaries of the Glerk of the Weather. The rain poured down piti- lessly throughout the day and effectually put a damper (literally) to any pretensions to gaiety and joyous froli oing in summer costumes, which seem the indispensable adjuncts of the chapel" tca-flght." Finan- cially, however, the tea, was a great suc- cess, and thus, at least, were the hearts of Secretary J. R. Meredith and Treasurer John Lewis made glad. THE present generation suffers much from Teeth trouble, but dentistry has made great strides, and much mav e done now to improve the appearance of Teeth very far gone. Bat prevention is better still, and you cannot he in more capable hands than when in the care of Mr. LESLIE of Tart Street, Pontypridd. Mr. LESLIE attends personally at 4. Hannah Street. Porth, every Monday, from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m., and at the Silver Grill. Tonypandy, every Tuesday, from 2 till 6. 3110













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