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Amusements. Hippodrome, Tonypandy. Inere must be a peculiar attraction in a music hall bill of fare to attract crowded houses in these sweltering even- ings. And two hours spent at the Hippo. this week will provide the explanation why people are fascinated by this kind of per- formance. For there are really capital turns that compel admiration, and comic and tragic pictures that create laughter and draw tears. Rappo and Ella, for instance, are equilibrists with a positive penchant for doing clever things. Their performance is iealiy a unique one. Tom Bassett might have stepped out of an Elizabethan picture, so true to nature is he, and so quaintly reminiscent of the days gone by. His Shy lock is a clever parody on the original thing. E. G. Edwards makes a funny bobby," and would no doubt add the necessary stripes by his gentle persuasion under diffi- culties. The Woelhaffs are also a clever pair, and provide plenty of good time for the audience. The pictures are up to the usual standard. Palace, Porth One of the finest turns at the Palace this week is De Henan. the marvellous artist with his toes. De Henan completes an oil-painting with his toes in about five minutes. He is also a clever musician. Bennet and Martell are great as The Shipwrecked Mariners." During the time they occupy the boards, they provide a roaring turn. Fritz Knonan is an incom- parable whistler; whilst the Three Rubies contribute a graceful turn of acrobacy. The Weimars, in their refined entertain- ment on the elevated wire, Mdlle. Aladina, the Emsone, and the Tintos. j together with the pictures, complete a strong programme. Tivoli, Pentre. The Myriophone, which is claimed to be the greatest of all musical novelties, occupies the place of honour at the above house this week. It is a high-class and beautifully toned musical instrument, consisting of 2,000 revolving strings. Little Tim is a quaint comedian with the quaintest of manners. He sings and talks in the quaintest fashion; indeed, he is the quintessence of quaintness. Smith and Johnson, coloured drawing-room enter- tainers, are conspicuous in A Cousin of Mine whilst quite a cooling sensation is afforded by the Snow Family, grotesque and expert skaters. Rowland Hill is a comedian with a, good song; whilst among the other atractions are E. H. Bostock's Baboons, claimed to be the most enter- taining animals in the world. The great George French Troupe are clever cyclists, and the Cbsman Troupe are very smart in their patter, singing, dancing and acrobatics. Cardiff Empire. Mr. John Lawson will a n',car at Cardiff Empire next week, when several sketches, including "Pigs in Clover," "Kings Minister," Humanity," and The Monkey's Paw," wall be given. -==-=- La Belle Titcombe, who created, such a. sensation in London a little while ago by appearing in Hyde Park in Directoire Dress"; the Narow Brothers, Cussac Talma, Kent and Keith, Jock Mills, Wania, Blanche Vincent, and Lee Tung Fi are others on the bill. Lee Tung Fi is a Chinese baritone, and possesses a remark- ably well-trained and tuneful baritone voice, and sings selections in four or five different languages. He is a good story- teller too. The Chinese scale is so limited that- vocalists.. according to our cvvn acceptance of the term, are almost an unknown quantity to them, so it is really a remarkable achievement for Lee Tung Fi to sing according to our scale of notes. This probably is due to the fact that he was educated at a Chinese Missionary School at San Francisco, where his father. when he was a little boy, was a merchant. He was soloist at one of the bi", San Francisco churches for a couple of years before he was discovered, by a vaudeville manager. Fred Karno's Comedians at the Theatre Royal, Tonypandy. Next week, there will be two perform- ances each evening at 7 and 9 at the Theatre Royal, Tonypandy, when Fred Karno's comedians will appear in the burlesque, The Humming Birds," so much to the front recently in the Law Courts. This well-known company in- cludes Sid Owen, Scotch comedian: the Saiico Midgets, the smallest conjurers on earth the Sisters Valli, banjoists and top- boot dancers; Downs, the coloured Aus- tralian tenor; and Willie and Johnny, extraordinary hand balancers. Fred Karno's Pantomime Troupe will appear in a new burlesque, entitled" The Casuals." and give humorous delineations of the exterior and interior of a casual ward. Biograph pictures will also be shewn at both performances each night. With such an attractive programme the popular prices 3d., 6d., 9d., and Is., must attract big crowds.

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