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Temperance Festival at Treorchy.

Penile Lads' Brigade.

Linesman's Smart Work.

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The Case of Hermon Tonypandy

Mid-Rhondda & District Chamber…


Mid-Rhondda & District Chamber of Trade. The usual monthly meeting of the above Chamber took place at the Grocers' Rooms, Wellington Chambers, on Tuesday even- ing, Mr. Noah Meredith presiding. The chief item on the agenda was the report of the Nursing Association Com- mittee, who submitted! a scheme to be laid before the local collieries. The scheme suggests that an institution be formed, called tho" Mid-Rhonddai Nursing Insti- tution," the object of which will be to provide proper nurses for the district, including Wards 5, 6 and 7, and covering a, larger1 area than that of the present Association. One halfpenny per week will be asked from the workmen, whilst trades- men and artisans will be expected to become annual subscribers of 5s. and up- wards. It is intended that ten nurses shall be provided, who will be under the control of a committee of management, to be appointed annually. Six representa- tives of the Chamber of Trade will act on the committee, the others being selected from the collieries, &c. The scheme has not yet reached completion, but the in- habitants of Micl-Rhondda will be pleased to know that something is being done by the Chamber to provide a local nursing institution. In relation to the payment of the Secretary of the Chamber, it was decided to pay an annual fee and percentage on collections. The matter of plate glass insurance was freely discussed. Mr. Hugh Williams stated that the grocers had an insurance Ox their own for the past five yeans, and he did not think there was place for another to be formed in Mid-Rhondda. Ultimately, the matter was allowed to lie on the table. Mr. J. Kinstley brought .before the Chamber the nuisance that is caused by the quacks and other street vendors who are allowed to erect their stalls in the streets, thereby blocking the pathways, and it was decided that a deputation, comprising of the officers of the Chamber' be appointed to interview Inspector Hole on the subject. Re open spaces for children, the depu- tation that waited upon Mr. Ran dell, of the Dunraven Estate, decided to hold their report in secret until the next monthly meeting, as it was not convenient to give the report on Tuesday night. It was decided, to close the shops on I August Bank-Holiday Monday and Tues- day. Tlie Secretary (Mr*. John Rees) was instructed to write to all trades establish- ments, asking the proprietors to decorate their premises on the day of the forth- coming Crown Eisteddfod.

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