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CALIFORNIAN OIL. Following the great success of the California Oilfields, Limited, which last year paid 40 per Cent., the British Consolidated Oil Corporation, Limited, is at present issuing £ 100,000 Six per Cent. Debentures, purely for the purposes of fur- ther development. These Debentures are ex- changeable for shares at par at any time up to the annual report in 1910, and for shares at £ 2 dunng the folio wing year. Several of the pro- perties adjoin those of the first-named company, and have been most favourably reported upon by such eminent authorities as Sir Boverton Redwood and Mr. Arthur Eastlake. The board is of exceptional strength, deluding such names as Sir Robert Hampson, formerly Lord Mayor of Liverpool, and Sir Thomas A. Salt, Bart. A strong guarantee as to the excellence j ,f!Dpal^ is the fact ^at the United States Debenture Corporation has consented to act as trustee for the Deben- holders. There are already fourteen wells whieh are steady producers, and at least 275 ad- ditional wells can be sunk. Messrs. Price VVat-crhouse, and Co., the accountants, certify that the net production for fourteen months amounted to 330,042 barrels, and that the ex- pense of operation for the first two months of ;he consolidation-April and May, 1908-was bio0 per month. The demand is very far in txeem of the supply, the prices are increasing; it is pointed out that these Debentures form in attractive and improving investment. Pro- ipectuses may be obtained from any of the H-anchea of Lloyds Bank, Limited, or from the secretary of the Company, at 835, Salisbury Souse, London. E. <l

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