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Temperance Festival at Treorchy.


Temperance Festival at Treorchy. Baptists' Popular "Event." Effective Singing. The Upper Rhondda Temperance Sing- ing Festival was held on Monday at N oddfa Chapel, Treorchy. This festival is one of the largest events of its kind held in Wales, and is annually looked forward to with interest and enthusiasm. This year, no less than a thousand chil- dren were in attendance, and the scene on the gallery of what is the second largest Baptist chapel in Wales was indeed an inspiring one. The impressiveness of the scene, however, reached its climax as the children burst into sonorous and effective song, filling the huge edifice with a har- mony of inexpressible freshness and purity- The conductor on this occasion was Mr. O. T. Jones (AtaiNr Ffestin), Moriah. Pentre, and formerly of Llanelly. Mr. Jones has had a varied and extensive Mr. 0. T. JONES (Alaw Ffestin), L.T.S.C. experience of conducting singing festivals, all of which have been singularly success- ful, and not a little of the success of Monday's mammoth" gymanfa" was duo to his tact, skill and geniality. The programme, as usual, was varied and interesting, and comprised the follow- ing well-known children's tunes, which were sung with telling effect" Beth fydd y ciynhauaf draw? Aros gyda, ni," Fel Lili yw Dirwest," and Y Nef i ni." Miss Nana Jones, Pentre, also contributed an extremely fine rendering of Myfi yw'r nechadur penaf." Mr. David Bowen (Myfyr Ilefirt) delivered a, suitable address, punctuated with happy phrase and sound advice. Mr. J. Morgan Evans, Pentre. presided. Certificates for attendance were also awarded, Moriah (Pentre) coming first with a total of 77 children out of 124. In the evening, Mr. Joseph Williams (superintendent, Prudential Assurance Company) presided. The programme at this meeting even surpassed that of the afternoon. The chief soloists were Miss Catherine Lewis, Treorchy: and Misses Jenkins and Gladys Morris, Siloam, Gelli. An effective recitation was given by Miss Bessie Evans, Pentre, entitled Y Meddwyn." Mr. W. Williams, Cardiff, founder and general organiser of the move- ment, gave a very able address upon the importance of -learning hymns by heart, Mr. D. J. DAVIES (Secretary). and expressed himself highly pleased with the festival. At this juncture, votes of condolence were passed with Prof. J. T. Jones, L.R.A.M., organist of Noddfa, upon his recent bereavement; and also with the parents of the late Miss Michael, Stuart Street, Treqrcjiv. who passed away on Sunday evening, at the early age of 17. An interesting function at this meeting was the presentation of a shield and baton for the best progress recorded during the year. The shield was won by Noddfa, Treorchy; whilst the baton fell to the lot of Nebo, Ystrad. In the absence of Prof. J, T, Jones, the duties of organist were capably discharged by Mr. E. D, Thomas!, Ton. The festival throughout proved one of the most successful yet held, thanks to the untiring efforts of the secretary, Mr. T. J. Davies, Hermon Street, Treorchy.

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