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Ambulance Competition at ferlldale. Ferndale was en fete and presented a most animated appearance on Saturda-y, the ibtli itist., the occasion being the second annual ambulance competition for the D. Davis and Hons (Limited) Ambu- lance Shield. A large procession of ambu- lance men in full uniform, representmg the brigades of Ferndale, Tylorstown and bodringallt, marched in splendid order from the Assembly Hall to, the Darran Lake Grounds (where the competition was held), headed by the noted and popular ■ferndale Prize Band. The interest and enthusiasm displayed by the large crowds which lined the streets was most en- couraging, and augurs well for the future of so praiseworthy and noble a cause. there was a splendid attendance at the field, the grand stand being veritably Packed. The competition was patronised by the most nrominent gentlemen of the place, among those present being: —Mr. David Hannah (agent, ]>. Davis and Sons), Mr. J. W. Thomas, M.E., Mr. P. L. Jacob, M-Jii., Mr. Tom John, Mr. John Jones (Bodringallt), Dr. T. Thomas, Dr. Morris (Tylorstown), and Mr. Dd. Rees (veterinary surgeon, Ferndale). The committee had been most fortunate in securing the ser- vices of Colonel Steele, of Abergavenny, as adjudicator a more competent judge one would not desire. Six teams took part in the competition, three from Ferndale, two from Tylorstown, and one from Bodringallt. Ferndale teams took both first and second prizes, and Tylorstown the third, prizes and win- ders being as follow —1st prize, £ 3, Cap- tain Charles Thomas' Team, representing No. 4 Pit, Ferndale; 2nd do., zC2, Cap- tain Buller Jones' Team, representing No. Ferndale; 3rd do., £ 1, Captain coroner's Team, representing No. 8 Pit, tylorstown. The theoretical examination took place j't the Assembly Hall, and knowing it will «e of great interest and help to ambulance men, we give the questions submitted to the competitors(1) Give signs and symptoms of fractured ribs; (2) treat- ment of dislocation, indoors; (3) wlwft1 ^houkl be done< to a person who had attempted suicide, severing left carotid frtery; (4) give treatment of epilepsy; v^) give treatment for vertical wound of the abdomen, with protrusion of the destines. The tester the practical part the competition' took place on the field, llù was a very uncommon and trying one, inasmuch that the team had two patients tO attend to at the same time. The plan 01 the test was as follows:-There is a 41aill heading, with a stall on the right, rhe scene of an explosion which is local- ised. There is a man in the face of the jtall on the right apparently suffocated r°m the effects of a it <m-damn. and in the Manx heading there is another man Partially insensible, suffering from severe °ek, with a fractured leg. i. Ihe adjudicator expressed himself very i 'Shly pleased with the ability displayed various teams, and especially the j,rung team, who were ahead a very sPectable distance from the nearest °mpetitoi". ta • C0IJ)iJIim<;nt and congratulate the ^Ptain! Charles Thomas, and ineni- of the winning team upon their again 1139 successful in winning the shield. Jl*s is the second year of this competi- en, and Mr. Thomas has been successful ^th times. The names of those of the 'Hnjtig team are —Messrs. C'has. Thomas y^Ptain), David John, John Francis, Bob ancis and Evan Richards. i ■i-Vxi*. Thomas, though but a young man, .already achieved many successes, iiiuig the Warren Shield, Pentre; kaUnty Shield, 1907; Warren Shield, l".y, 1908, only lost by one. point. lvn a highly respected in the ^t^lct) and bears a most excellent char- I- Buller Jones, the captain of the which secured the second prize, has °. a splendid record, having won many (Ws- He was second at Peptre (WUri'e« Shield); tliird. at> Ferndale nlfeu Shield), medals, &c. ea^'°.at pruitse is due to Mr, Go rone r, the* |ltt'. aiid the team which came third, «aviug done sq well, this being their their first appearance in r>Petition. ^a)i u °^ciaJ luncheon took place at the ^U,S 'y Hotel. Mr. Vivian Rees, in the ity Se of an address, made a most Poll th statement, which threw light ^11 the progress of ambulance work Soj.0vi8 the employees of D. Davis and Of He said that in the event of one bicse terrible calamities occurring, is the curse of the coalfields of the k°U1t i n° ^ess "than 200 ambulance men A available from the employeesi of avis and Sons alone to render help ,W sen:lCe to those in need. h think that a. sincere word of praise Nes secretary, Mr. Charles L. N;h .^oreman of the fitters and iIller,), for his unstinted labours and t Ces in the grand cause and the pre- isa, 11 ertaking. In some circles the th was discussed of giving, medals ttB P, dinners of the shield to commemo- S] occasions upon which it had been at+ .^°P0 that this matter will catch Ui.te^i°» °t thqse who have authority 1 \i Ve direction, A photo of the 11 £ team will appear in our next