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Tariff Reform Meeting at Porth-


is Spring Rash" and Bad IBlood.

Pupil Teacherships Examination.…

The Property Market.

Band Recital at Porth.


Band Recital at Porth. The Cymmer Colliery Brass Band is one of the oldest organisations in the town. It harks back over thirty years, and it is a matter of no little surprise that it has kept going, and going vigorously, with- out a single break, during this long period. Its president, is Mr. Thomas Griffiths, M.E., J.P. (agefit of the Cymmer Collieries), and its conductor is Mr. Geo. F. Martyn (cashier of the same concern). A more unselfish body of men it were im- possible to find. Times out of number have they volunteered to place their ser- vices at the disposal of local religious and charitable institutions in need of monetary assistance, iwith the result that pretty well all the town is directly or indirectly indebted in a collective sense to the band. The time has now arrived when the conductor and his men feel that they need an entirely new set of instruments, and to found a fund for this purpose a series of three recitals were given last week; one at St. Paul's Room (Tuesday), Taber- nacle Chapel, Hannah Street (Thursday), anu the Workmen's Library, Cymmer (Saturday). Mr. Wm. Evans (Thomas & Evans), the Rev. W. Thomas (vicar of Porth), and Mr. Thomas Griffiths were respectively the chairmen. On Tuesday, at St. Paul's Room, Mr. Wm. Evans (Thomas & Evans), in his introductory address, said that Porth people had not often the opportunity of shewing their appreciation in tangible form of the band's services to the town. The band had certainly helped to make life happier with their sweet music. Refer- ring to the somewhat thin attendance, Mr. Evans remarked that he took it for granted that the remaining two concerts, being that they were held in buildings more get-at-able, would be packed, and he solicited the audience's co-operation in advertising them well. In his opinion, Porth people would not knowingly and wilfully be indifferent to the band's call for help (applause). He had to apologise for the absence of one of the artistes (Mr. W. D. Lloyd), but he was pleased to 'announce that Mr. Alf. Jenkins had con- sented to fill the gap. The programme was then proceeded with as follows —March, Uncle Sammy" (Holzmann), the Band; overture, Songe D'Or" (Carbon), the Band; song, Kathleen Mavourneen," Madam W. 0. Griffiths; humorous march, Oh, you Women" (Lincke), the Band; song, Mary," Mr. W. Davies (encored); selec- tion, Pride of Wales" (Round), the Band; song, Llwybr yr Wyddfa," Mr. Alf. Jenkins (encored); flute solo, "I Puritani" (Bellini), Mr. Evan Jenkins; song, Once again (Sullivan), Mr. W. Davies; valse, "Ohaine D'Or (Donard), the Band; song, The Last Watch" (Pinsuti), Mr. Alf. Jenkins; selection, Pick of the Basket (W. Williams), the Band; song, 0 na byddai'n haf o hyd (Davies), Mr. Alf,, Jenkins; galop, "Out of Breath ("Faust the Band; finale, God save the King," the Band. Dr. R. D. Chalke, M.A. (principal of the Rhondda. Pupil Teachers' Centre), in returning thanks to the audience on behalf of Bandmaster Martyn, referred to the varied programing*, which ranged from Uncle Sammy" to the Pick of the Basket," and, very appropriately for a concluding item, Out of Breath (laugh- ter). The object was to assist the band to obtain new instruments. The doctor then individually named the artistes- Madam Griffiths,, Messrs. Alf. Jenkins, William Davies, Evan Jenkins, and Ed. jDiVans (acco,iiipaiiist)-remarking upon the excellent talent. Mr. E. M. Llewellyn (Cymmer Bridge Wine Stores), in seconding, remarked that Dr. Chalke's able remarks were not in the least overdrawn. Referring to the band, Mr. Llewellyn had known it as an organisation for the past 30 years. It had borne an excellent reputation, and although new faces were constantly to be seen in it, the band's efficiency was still retained. As to the artistes, although they were in a little difficulty at the start owing to the absence of one they hau performed their part nobly (applause). In conclusion, he would remark that Madam Griffiths created an excellent im- pression by her sweetly expressive ren- dering of Kathleen Mavourneen." Mr. William Davies (of operatic fame), though labouring under huskiness, sang beauti- fully and was warmly acclaimed. The flautist, Mr. Evan Jenkins (pupil of Mr. Tom Pearce) was highly eulogised by the chairman and Dr. Chalke for his tasteful rendering of the pretty aria. Mr. Alf. Jenkins was in grand form, and for his magnificent contributions, as well as for his kindly filling of the breach, he came in for special commendation. The band's choice and varied selections afforded unmixed delight. It is somewhat invidious to specialise, but we cannot refrain from alluding to the Songe D'Or," with its pretty theme for the first and second cornets—which received ad- mirable treatment from the soloists—and the Pick of the Basket," in which pretty well all the popular ditties of the day are heard and treated in a most engaging way. Another great favourite was the Pride of Wales," with the delightful old Welsh melodies, Morfa Rhuddlan," Dafydd y Gareg Wen," Rhyfelgyrch Cadben Morgan," &c., &c., linked in a successive chain of grandly harmonised modulations. Mr. Martyn's tactful and tasteful wielding of the bakon arrested one's constant admiration.



Tariff Reform Meeting at Porth-