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OUR Limerick Competition An Amusirjg and Profitable Pastime. 10 Five Shillings for a Line .¡. _c. The Limerick pastime 80 popular in the periodicals of to-day is simply a revival of the doggrel rhymeing fashionable about the middle of last century, when Edward Lear published his celebrated Book of Nonsense." We this week give our readers an oppor- tunity of exercising their wit by sending in a completing line of a similar Limerick. The prize-money will consist of the whole of the amount received from competitors without any deduction for expenses or other purposes, and will be divided equally amongst the FOUR Competitors sending what the Competition Editor considers the best of the attempts received. We guarantee that the amount to be so divided will not be less than 6/- each. The amount is frequently more. CONDITIONS. \J.) The Limerick to be completed on the space provided, with competitor's name and address filled in below. (2) A Postal Order for Sixpence must be forwarded with each coupon. Com- petitors sending in more than one coupon, can send one Postal Order for the total amount, reckoned at sixpence for each attempt. (3) Postal orders to be crossed & Co. and made payable to Rhondda Leader." (4) Envelopes to be marked Limerick No. 26" in top left-hand corner, and addressed" Rhondda. Leader," Excelsior Buildings, Tonypandy. (5) Entries must be posted not later than Monday, Sept. 9th. The winners will be announced in the following week's issue. The Competition Editor's decision must in all cases be final. LIMERICK NO. 26. A Tonypandy girl and a friend Went to Barry to spend a week-end, And while they were there They banished all care Competitor's Name Address !—————— Here are a few rhyming words which may help you: — Mend, lend, send, trend, intend, spend, defend, wend, bend, attend, pretend, ascend, descend, tend, rend, amend, fore- j fend, append, reprehend, expend, vend, vilipend, dividend, reverend, commend. For completing Limerick No. 24, the prizes, which amount this week to SIX SHILLINGS EACH, have been awarded to: — (1) Miss Blanche Dadd, 3, Gilfach Road, Tonypandy, whose completed Limerick reads: A pale-faced young maid from the hills Was told to take somebody's pills; She whimpered and said I'd rather be dead By a natural demise through ills. (2) Miss R. Anfield, 22, Scott Street, Treherbeit:— And consequmtly escape doctors' bills. (3) Mr. A. Jones, The Kennels, Tre- alaw Than help tofill some people's tills. (4) Master F. Steger, 34, Queen Street, Pentre Than pay Beecham's or Holloway's Bills. » 1% Some of our competitors may perhaps think their attempts are as good, if not better, than those selected. They can console themselves with the knowledge that, when they try again andiw'n,_other competitors will think the same.

- Tylorstown.