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Pentre Higher Elementary School.

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Pentre Higher Elemen- tary School. Scholars' Successes. The successes obtained by pupils from this school in the examinations of the College of Preceptors and of the Science and Art Department of the Board of Edu- cation during the past year have been ex- ceptionally gratifying. In the College of Preceptors' examination, 23 places in the Honours List were obtained, and 65 Dis- tinctions in particular subjects, namely, Drawing, English, Welsh, Arithmetic, Algebra, Electricity, Chemistry, and History. Special mention should be made of the top boy, A. L. Morgan, Ystrad-Rhondda, who was placed thirteenth out of 797 junior boys that passed; and of the top girl, Ellen Evans, Gelli, who was the ninth out of 466 junior girls that passed. As most of these pupils intend becoming teachers, it will be seen that they are placed at a great advantage over those who have not had this preparatory train- ing. The following is the complete list of successes. The subjects in which dis- tinctions were obtained are placed in brackets: COLLEGE OF PRECEPTORS. JUNIOR OR SECOND CLASS. Honours Division (Boys).-Arthur, L. Morgan (Algebra, Chemistry, Drawing); John Edwards (Magnetism and Electricity, Drawing); John Davies (Drawing); L. W. Jones (Algebra, Drawing); Henry Cress- well (Magnetism and Electricity, Draw- ing) Wyndham Lewis (Algebra, Draw- ing); Samuel Morse. Honours Division (Girls).—Ellen Evans (History, Welsh, Chemistry); Jennie Jones (Algebra); Sarah Jones; Mary Dilling; Bertha Griffiths (Drawing); M. E. Evans; Sarah Lewis; and Annie Masters (Drawing). Pass Division (Boys).—J. M. Evans, Idris Lewis, Thomas A. Harrhy (Draw- ing), Stanley Rowlands (Drawing), E. D. Jones, W. J. Evans (Drawing), and Eben- ezer Williams. Pass Division (Girls).—M. J. Thomas (Drawing), M. A. Rosser, Mabel Godsall, M. Hughes, Janet Rowe, M. A. Hopkins, A. J. Williams Daisy Griffiths, M. L. Davies, Lily Edwards, M. Thomas, O. Lewis, T. Williams, and S. J. Evans. THIRD CLASS. Honours Division (Boys).—W. E. Jen- kins (English, Arithmetic, Algebra), B. S. Evans (Arithmetic, Algebra, Welsh), W. J. Evans (Arithmetic, Welsh), D. W. Owen (English, Arithmetic, Algebra, Drawing), and J. J. Phillips (Arithmetic). Honours Division (Girls).—M. A. Davies (English, Elementary Science), M. M. Reynolds (English, Welsh), and M. A. Morgan (English). Pass Division (Boys).—H. W. James (Magnetism and Electricity), T. A. Hughes, Abel Jones, John Williams (Drawing), Ivor Jones (Welsh), W. Tapper, W. R." Watkins, A. Bundy, Emrys Evans, D. R. Evans (Welsh), Basil V. Morgan, A. Hanney, T. J. Llewellyn (Drawing), and H. T. Protheroe. Pass Division (Girls).-Eliz. Vaughan, G. Roberts, Ros. Jones (English and Welsh), J. Davies, M. M. Francis (Eng- lish), S. A. Jones, F. Maine (English and Arithmetic), M. Evans (English and Welsh), Tabitha Jones, A. J. Edwards, E. B. Williams (English), E. Davies (Welsh), G. A. Charles, E. E. Thomas, M. Evans, F. Thatcher, M. A. Phipps, M. M. Samuel, E. M. Bird, and M. Charles. BOARD OF EDUCATION SCIENCE EXAMINATIONS. Mathematics.—Division I.—First Class: Ellen Evans, M. A. Prosser, Martha E. Evans, Eben. Williams (Treorchy), Wynd- ham Lewis, Lewis W. Jones, and John Edwards. Second Class: Gwladys Roberts, Marv Dilling, M. A. Hopkins, Mabel Godsall, M. M. Davies, A. L. Masters, Jennie Jones, Sarah Jones, A. L. Morgan, S. Rowlands, Abel Jones, Eben. Williams (Gelli), Hy. W. James, T. M. Evans, Bertha M. Griffiths, W. J. Evans, B. Medlecot, Tegwen Williams, M. J. Thomas, Tabitha Jones, Sarah Lewis, and John Davies. Theoretical Chemistry.—First Class: A. L. Masters, B. M. Griffiths, A. L. Morgan, L. W. Jones, Henry Cresswell, T. A. Hughes, and Sarah Jones. Second Class: John Davies, J. M. Evans, M. A. Hopkins, Sarah Lewis, Ellen Evans, T. J. Davies, H. W. James, W. J. Evans, J. Rowe, Mary Dilling, M. E. Evans, A. J. Wil- liams, Wyndham Lewis and M. M. Davies. Practical Chemistry.—First Class: A. L. Morgan, Bertha Griffiths A. L. Masters, Ellen Evans, Sarah Jones, Annie J. Wil- liams, and John Davies. Second Class: Lilv Edwards, Thomas J. Davies, and Mary J. Thomas.


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