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---I Stray Notes.


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"Oh! "I said. "What's the matter? asked Tommy; have you got anything ? I don't know," I replied. Pull up, mister." I pulled up the line, and great was my joy when I landed a very nice plaice. Oh, I am glad," said Tommy, that you had the first catch." I was also glad, and after a few more minutes I succeeded in landing a beautiful gurnet. Tommy's satisfaction knew no bounds. He clapped his hands with delight, and remarked: Well, that is a bit of all right, now. I told you, mister, we'd have some fun." We waited patiently for a long spell afterwards, but as success seemed to have deserted us, we sped away to another quarter. We were now under a, rock, with both lines out, Tommy manipulating the oars, whilst I felt the lines. "Hold, Tommy," I shouted, as I felt one of the lines holding at something very heavy. Is it a fish? enquired he, with an excited flush. I-I-I don't know," I replied, it's something very weighty." Oh, Lord, she is a beauty; pull up the line, mister," shouted Tommy, with excitement. We have a fine 'un at last. Pull up, sir; gently, sir, gently." I pulled up very gently, and I landed- a dilapidated lady's bonnet. "Oh, G-, said Tommy, "and to think that it wasn't a fish." Things went ooti smoothly for a while, and after landing some small fry," and observing that it was already past dinner- time, I said to Tom: I'm off to dinner, Tommy; let's pwll for the beach. How much? Well, I'll do it for you cheaper than for anyone else; let's say Is. 6d. an hour but don't let on to anyone, sir, else they'll be all on to me." I promised to keep the secret, and now —it's out.


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The London and Provincial…


Pentre Higher Elementary School.


Musical Success.

Attempted Suicide at-Traherbart




Llantwit Fardre.

Palace," Ponth.


- Tylorstown.