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Cardiff Empire.I -I

Strike at Gilfach Goch,


Ton=Pentre Police Court


Ton=Pentre Police Court Monday.—-Before Mr. T. P. Jenkins, Alderman E. H. Davies, Alderman Richd. Lewis, and Mr. J. D. Williams. AN INTERRUPTED CARD GAME. Five young collier-boys from Blaen- clydach, named John Moile, John James, Harry Parsons, Urias Thomas and Elias, Thomas, were charged with playing cards in a, public place near Blaenclydach. P.C. Hawkins said that when he got up to them they were playing banker for mooey, and were so engrossed in the game that they took no notice of him, though when they saw him they ran I away. John Moile, the only one of the defen- dants who put in an appearance, said that they did not think they were doing harm; they were only playing for half- pennies. The Bench; It is just as bad to play for halfpennies as to play for half- sovereigns. A fine was imposed in each case —J ohn Moile, 5s. John James, 10s. Henry Parsons, ltts. Urias Thomas, 10s. and Elias Thomas, 5s. WORKMEN'S SQUABBLES. Jonathan Jones, a. foreman carpenter, Ystrad, was charged by Thomas Tylor, a young man residing at 201, Court Street, Tonypandy, with assault. Mr. Harold Lloyd (Cardiff) appeared for complainant, and Mr. W. P. Nicholas (Pontypridd) for the defence. It was alleged that Thomas Tylor, who is employed as mason on the new houses at Ton, had been absent from work for three days, and on returning to work on the morning of November 1st the defen- dant came up to him and told him to proceed to work. The complainant resented the order, and told defendant he had no right, to order him about. Some hasty words passed between them, at the con- clusion of which the defendant kicked the complainant on the knee. The com- plainant then picked up a stone in self- defence and threw it at the defendant, but, missed his mark. The defendant pushed the complainant and gave him another kick. They then closed with each other, and both fell to the ground, and rolled over and over. During the scuffle the defendant pulled the complainant's scarf to pieces, and kicked him on the head and finger. The complainant was unable, to work for four days. When cross-examined by Mr. Nicholas, complainant denied striking the defen- I dant on the side of the head. The complainant's brother said he asked the defendant for an explanation of his conduct. He gave no reason why he struck the complainant, but said: I cannot fight, but I can kick well enough." David Thomas, a labourer, said he did not see the assault, but he heard Tylor shout after he had been kicked Oh, you coward; you kicked me." Witness, when lie heard this, ran to them, and shouted to a friend:- Jim, come here; these beggars are killing each other." The complainant, who was on the ground, with the defendant on top of him, shouted to witness: Dai bach, come here and stop it." Thomas Hughes, labourer, also gave evidence. Dr. Hughes spoke as to the nature of the wounds. Defendant, who said that complainant struck him first, and said he only kicked him once," was fined 30s. and costs. A HASTY ENLISTMENT. James Lark, who appeared in the dock attired in the uniform of the Welsh Regiment, was charged by Mr. Ack Llew- ellyn with deserting his wife and leaving her chargeable to the Union. Defendant said he left his wife because they had a quarrel, and joined the Army. He was quite willing to go back to her and support her, and forget everything. He was bound over in the sum of £ 10 to appear in a month's time at the Court. BAD LANGUAGE. James Evans, Treorchy, was fined 15s. for using indecent language to two young ladies at Treorchy, "DISDAINFUL OF DANGER." Charged with walking down the street at Gelli with an unprotected hatchet, Arthur Hadrill, of Gelli, said: I did not think there was any danger to the public." P.S. Baker, who prosecuted, said the defendant carried his hatchet on his shoulder. Defendant was fined 5s. NO ONE IN CHARGE. Sampson Evans, from Cwmparc, was charged with leaving a horse and cart un- attended on the road at Cwmparc. A fine of 5s. was imposed. ONE LIGHT SHORT. A Tynewydd carter, named Morgan Morgan, appeared to answer the charge of having only one light. A police officer said that on 16th November he saw the defendant outside the Prince of Wales Hotel, Treorchy. He was in charge of a two-horse brake. He had only one lamp, and witness followed him a good way down the road. A fine of 2s. 6d. was imposed. HER FIRST OFFENCE. Mary Ann Jenkins, a, stout woman from Treorchy, was charged with being drunk and disorderly on Saturday, the 1st inst. An officer said he saw the defendant in High Street, Treorchy. She was very drunk and quarrelling with her husband. She tried to get into her house, but her husband turned her out. This was her first offence. The Bench adjourned the case for a month. LANDLORD S TROUBLES. David Lloyd, collier, now residing at 29, Scyborwen Street, Clydach Vale, for- merly at 26, High Street, was charged by Thomas Llewellyn Evans, his former landlord, with removing furniture to avoid distraint. The defendant owed £ 2 10s. in rent. The complainant said defendant left the house quite open and left no key. At the time he went out he owed £ 2 "7s. The case was adjourned for a month for inquiries to be made. A J-iiUITLESS APOLOGY. George Sutton, Treorchy, was charged by Caradog Jones, also of Treorchy, with assault. The complainant, in giving evidence, said he was standing on the pavement near the bridge at Treorchy, when the defendant came on and struck him with- out saying a word. Jones was left bleed- ing. Defendant denied striking complainant, and said he pushed him off the pavement, and apologised after. George Selwood corroborated this state- ment. Defendant was fined JE1, including costs. DRUNKS. Evan Chick, Pentre, 10s. Joseph England, Pentre, 10s. Thomas Jones, Ystrad, 10s. John Meredith, Ystrad, 10s. Edward Jones, Ystrad, 10s. William Evans, Tonypandy, 15s. William Roberts, Treorchy, 10s. Thomas Stephens, Trealaw, 10s.