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Cardiff Empire.I -I


Cardiff Empire. The "Dandy Thieves" Next Week Fred Karno's great sketch, The Dandy Thieves," will pay a visit to Cardiff Empire next week. The action of the sketch is well-known, but with the history and personality of Mr. Fred Karno him- self the public are not so well acquainted. Mr. Karno is equally a theatrical manager and a, variety impressario, He has made his speciality pantomime pro- ductions, and has excelled as a producer of the same. Each member of the troupe has been carefully selected, and Mr. Karno's managerial acumen ensures each sketch being carefully rehearsed and everything possible towards success assured. He himself was originally a gymnast. His principal pantomime suc- cesses have been Her Majesty's Guests," originally produced at the Princess's, London Jail Birds," Hilarity," The New Woman's Club," "Early Birds," and The Mumming Birds." Ed. Forde, who is also on the bill, is a new-comer to Cardiff. He appears on the stage as an Australian Sundowner," carrying his swag "a blanket and a tin. So extraordinary is his control over his face that he can laugh with one side and cry with the other. The Monte Myro troupe, in their Terrible Adventures in a, Cafe"; Die Schutzenliessln, four charming German girls; the Schenk Bros., head and hand balancers; Kitty Chattell, male imper- sonator Ernesto, a clever juggler; and Carney and Armstrong, an entertaining pair who whistle, sing and dance, com- plete, with the Bioscope, a strong bill.

Strike at Gilfach Goch,


Ton=Pentre Police Court