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I FOR CHRISTMAS FRUIT it will pay you to Call at I j KINSEY & COMPANY, The Cash Crocers. j (BEST QUALITY NEW FRUIT AT LOWEST PRICES.) I CURRANTS 2fd> per lb. BEST CURRANTS 4d. per lb. Splendid Raisins 4^d. per lb, Cood SULTANAS 5d. per I b. Best SULTANAS 6d. per lb. PURE LARD 5|d. per lb. Best LEMON PEEL 4d. per lb. MIXED PEEL 6d. per lb. diking Powder 3^d. I per Box, Brown SUCAR Hd,\ per lb. MARGARINE for Cake, 4d. & 6d. per lb I All other Goods at Lowest prices. g 18, Dunraven Street, Tonypandy I CROSS BROTHERS The Cardiff Ironmongers, 3 and 4 ST. MARY STREET, NOW SHOWING THOUSANDS OF ARTICLES SUITABLE FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS IN SILVER, ELECTRO-PLATE, CUTLERY, CLOCKS, AND BRONZES, LEATHER GOODS, &c., AT PRICES NOT TO BE BEATEN BY ANY HOUSE, Wholesale or Retail. Kitchen Utensils of every kind at Lowest Prices. The M.B. PUDDING BASIN at i/ i/6 and 2/ is the Latest and Best on the Market. Spong's Choppers from 5s. The Best Mincer in Existence. ENQUIRIES SOLICITED. CATALOGUES FREE, 777 Why be without a Comfortable Home WHEN YOU CAN FURNISH AT THE METROPOLITAN FURNISHING Co., 47, St. Mary Street, CARDIFF (OPPOSITE THEATRE ROYAL), On any Terms to suit your convenience, weekly, monthly, or quarterly instalments. Ii. Good Discount for Cnskl PERSONAL INSPECTION INVITED. RAILWAY FARE REFUNDED TO PURCHASER. NAT. TEL. 0G97. 3187 NEW MARKET C0. S I New LIST of New FRUIT. I • 1 Pei, lb. Bold Currants, 3d. per lb. Bold Currants, 3d. Choice Currants 3|d. Best Currants 4d. Selected Raisins 4^d. I Best Raisins 5d, Seedless Raisins 6d. Fine Sultanas 5d. Best Sultanas 6d, per lb. Lemon Peel 4d. Sweet Almonds 1/4 per lb. Lemon Peel 4d. Sweet Almonds 1/4 Pure Lard 5|d. Bladdered Lard 6|d. Pure Butter lid. I Butter Substitute § (i,beSeh7.rth)5 10d. & 1/- I Margarine 4d., 6d., 8d. I Best Flour, 2/4 per score. New MARKET TEAS are most reliable Drinks fo Xmas. TONYPANDY and PENYGRAIG. now 1 J. KINSTLEY, I Watchmaker & Jeweller (opposiis Lipion's), TONYPANDY ¡ Incomparable Value in highest Quality. U Gold and Silver Watches, Jewellery, Silver and Electro- JgP relate, Cutlery, Optical Goods, and Clocks. All warranted and sure to give satisfaction. fcBBBHB Rings and Keepers in great variety, Agent for the WF'r&I a • u w „ D. Anti-Rheu-Gem Special heavy & wide Wedding Rings, ml ,j iW Jewellery A Present given wich each sold. ^I||^||ijjj|jpp^ for the Relief and Cure of _The Workmen's^Fearless Lever, 48. 6d. The Ingersoll, 59. Per Post, Id. extra to any address. ESTABLISHED 1874, Also Agent for the Celebrated Swan Fountain Pen. NOTICE OUR FANCY- GOODS DEPARTMENT Always Well Slocked with the most Useful and Handsome Presents for Latly or Gent. Better Toys, Dol/s, Vases and other articles very cheap. YOUR SPECIAL ATTENTION!

- Mr. Philip Snowden, M.P.…

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