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London u ,o¿Y''I; Ah Warehouse TONYREFAIL. Established 13 Years. tf!'4'?-6J-<r.¿,+/1./4<+/1 The Largest Drapery and Outfitting Establishment in Wales (For the size and population of the District), I itllfl, lift" fit 11 ti7 it i I i. fill 11 lit, lot #Jill The i Smartest r I and most I 8iIIG."JI. Up-to-date I Premises I in Wales. I i r( I 'i L L I XX X-I. JONES & Co. H 1 T- £ w/Mi /-m vMa AT /"»€ hold the Largest and Best Assorted btocn m wt ■ District of General Drapery and Outfitting. All ■ Goods sold at Lowest Possible Prices for Cash only, ■ ill cAnrl nnsi,r,fl, rd for natterns. I ■ T>-n-.rn riirvsnxnu wT?T,qFT "FLANNELS at Hid. per yard 'line and coarse mase. r I <■> —4 • ™k I OUR GRAND BAZAAR (the talk of the Town) will be opened on Saturday, Dec. 15, daily to Dec. 31. I Brin^ the ChildLrex* to See Father Christmas. I The Lar gest Show outside Cardiff of Dolls, Toys, and Fancy Goods SUITABLE FOR PRES I SEVERAL THOUSAND PICTURE POST- CARDS. Usual price, Id. each, Our price,Id. per doz. I SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO POST ORDERS. All Orders value 20/- and upwards Carriage Pai I pro YOU ARE PARTICULARLY INVITED TO INSPECT THE STOCK AND COMPARE PRICES. | Only AddressP. L. JOØ-ES & Nor- LEWIS, JONES « CO., I Furnishing & General Ironmongery Warehouse, AdpaL lft-M 'WAOM -*IMF- Aff I TONYREFAIL. H -p J — I Messrs. LEWIS JONES & Co I W^a..nd Substanii* Article. You are in*ed to inject the Stock and compare pneee. I Furnishing and Ironmongery. a • Velvet Leathcr> I The following are a few of the many Special Bargains for this Week: Kitchen Tables, Chairs, Chests, Bed-room < H Overmantles, Pictures, Bamboo Poles and Tables, &c. I Special Offen-1 Green Embossed Velvet Parlour Suite, slightly faded, 454 9s. 6^wor I Draught Screens, full sizes, 8/11, Mangle, 37/6, Washer, 42/ Mangle and Washer^combsTandSP Fine Selection of Lamps S^Te^'i' I ^^pO^esrabouTVoOO^pi^s'rf^Wall^S^pernewesf designs at whplesafe prices, from lj-d. per piece up, Baby Cars at Winter Prices, Dozens o Builders' Ironmongery of Every Description.' — B lronmon-ery o I Lino Fte oil doth (pinle<1 tacl) On price for 1 J~di 11W- 1* 1 «<4 »ot c'oth' fflfk 5°?" j £ £ B'« M All bought before the advance. 20 per cent. under To-Day s Prices. t A Good Assortment of General Ironmongery. I A few Dinner and Tea Sets, cheap. We are giving up these owing to lack of room. v l* 10 *l | Any Article r\ot in stock we shall be pleased to procure in a few days.. k\\ G°ods delivered Free wit in mies. H ONLY ADDRESS— t LEWIS; JONES & Company, Furnishers & Ironmongers, Tonyretan. I opip By the Station You cannot misB -it. 3183