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---Mid-Rhondda Y.M.C.A.


Mid-Rhondda Y.M.C.A. following Is a copy of a, letter we e deceived for publication -— 01 Mr. Rees Jones, Outfitter, Tonypandy. i'e?ear accor(iance with your am sending a letter of apology 110 Rhondda Leader." Our mission in +?e righteousness, peace, and joy SQr Holy Ghost and I am indeed call ^ave hurt your feelings by not on you a .second time. But, to ni e plainly, I gathered from your on lnei" w^en M''• Roberts and I called disi^+U 'a's^ month that you were either Y M n 08t?d 'n the re-organisation of the aPr> '11 Tonypandy, or that you dis- strangers coming to revive ]le §lorious work amongst the young men f I may say that we have not desire Pi'ef? bead ^he Association; we ei be the men at the wheel," and b "dgentlmnen of the town be on the III go." Having travelled a, good deal, itl a.Ye -seen a good many instances of the t.jj 8enable benefits to be derived from Wi -m-C-a. in various parts of Eng- awf',a'80 in South Africa and Australia ^<1 Was W]'th great joy that I received thi« iCceP^ed the invitation to come to tjjo' "eir«e]y-populated district. I quite arJ t that the advertisement which threaj ec^ in the "Rhondda Leader" for ap66 weeks- would have been a sufficient a«d r ^°- interested in the work here a A did not think that it would be ^Q0llrited wrong to endeavour to earn a ley. by tongue and pen, for so good se! Hence my advertisement of years ago, I gave up cL ]a!;ni, sold all my possessions, and tlin i 'C1 m-v ii^e f° Christ by working in joy Urtls of London. There I found true Hp ail<^ ^le -secret of happiness; and c0k 11 my health broke down, I took up «Pp ^'a§e work, Avhich has enabled me to lif 0' a good deal of the other side" of of -alld the great need to-day not only op.the Scriptures, but also of tL Portll.nity and inducement for searching de "There is, I believe, as great a ^as ]1? truth-seekers to-day as there ag0 ln Bibles in Wales a hundred years apoj Trusting that you will accept this anc^ also help on this alf- °°Ui work—" for in the multitude of (?ra 's purposes are established ii, xv. 22).T am, dear Sir, yours lS service, STROUD TUBB.

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