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Clydach Vale.







United Patriots' National…


United Patriots' National Benefit Society. Annual Demonstration and Dinner at Po.th. The annual demonstration and dinner in connection with the United Patriots' National Benefit, Society was held on Saturday last, and although the weather was somewhat unpleasant, it did not pre- vent the members from turning out in full force. Headed bv the Cymmer Brass Band, under the conductorship of Mr. Richard Martyn, the principal streets of Ynyshir, Wattstown and Porth were paraded. In the evening, the whole of the members sat down to a capital spread prepared at the Carpenters' Arms Hotel, the headquarters of the local branch, by the genial hostess, Mrs. Jones, who had left no stone unturned towards providing every comfort and accommodation to the members, and had enlisted the services of a smart and amiable lot. of waiters and waitresses. Everything was admirably arranged, and the happy band of atten- dants excelled in their work. The even- ing concert was presided over by Bro. James Boyce, Llwynypia. Bro. Henry Morgan, secretary of the local branch, in submitting his annual report, remarked that the amount of sick pay was E235 13s. 2|d., and funeral allowance £ 21; present number of adult members, 170; juveniles, 101. This meant an increase of 50 during the year. He reviewed at some length the progress which the local branch had made during the last 7 or 8 years, and he still hoped to have the pleasure of reporting further progress in the near future. Friendly Societies," he remarked, were one of the greatest blessings of the age," but he regretted to find that numbers of young men did not belong to a single society. He wished them as members to advocate to their friends who were outside a. society, the advantages to be derived in being a mem- ber. He also advised the members to make themselves more conversant with the rules of the society. Their society was one which held out many privileges to the members, and it was to their own benefit that they should embrace these privileges. Mr. James Boyce, one of the founders of the local lodge, and one whose presence at the annual dinner is always a source of pleasure to the members, dealt very minutely with the progress of the society in the Cardiff District. He submitted figures shewing that in 1885 the number of branches in the district was 9, with a membership of 383; in 1893 there were 13 branches with a mem- bership of 634; and in 1903 there were 32 branches, with a, total membership of 3,226. He paid a high compliment to their general secretary, Mr. Harry Wheeler, whom the speaker described as an excellent man. The meeting was inter- spersed with the rendering of some capi- tal songs by Messrs. Rowley James, Moses Jenkins, Gwilym James, D. Hammond, Willie Lloyd and John Morgan. Mr. Jno. Howells, Ynyshir, who has been the re- cipient of much congratulation on his recent success, acted as accompanist, and discharged his duties admirably. On the proposition of Bro. Dd. John Davies, seconded by Bro. Henry Morgan, the artistes were cordially thanked for their services.

Aberdare Semi-National Eisteddfod.


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The Training of Pupil Tea®'1®

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Adulterated IVIIII<.



Clydach Vale.