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Everything else Failed BUT SCIENTIFIC CUREOPATHY! The Wonder-Working NEW CENTURY TREATMENT, Has CURED the following, with 0 hundreds of other chronic cases :— Kidney Disease. Mr. Joseph Phillips, Jonestown, Clydach Vale, was laid up from work for 15 months with kidney disease, etc., and after everybody failed, was completely CUUED by our new Treatments. Rheumatism. Mr. H. Humphreys, 12, Lloya-street, Gelli, lias gone to work after been laid up for 12 weeks with [inflammatory Rheumatism, completely cured by our Treat- ments in a few weeks. 1Ii8IIIa-o Sciatica. Mr. J. McDonald, Hees-street, Pc litre, suffered over 5 years from Chronic Sciatica, was turned out of Hospital as incLr able, but has been thoroughly and petfectly cured by Scientific Cnreopathy. Sciatica. Mr. Rees Joshua, 8, High- street, Ferndale, was laid up from work for 24 weeks by Sciatica, and although over 60 r years of age, was thoroughly cured in less than a month by our New Treatments. Nervous Debility. Mr. D. Morgan, (late of Cambrian Terrace, Llwynypia), now of Brynllifon, Penrhyn, North Wales, had heei unable to work for over 2 years, from Nen-otls and Vital Debility, before he came under our Treatments. To day he is in possess- ion of perfect health through Scientific Cureo- patliy. Muscular Atrophy. Jr. D. Phillips, hallway-hrrace, Cwmpark, was unable to work for 2 years from this terrible disease before he received our Treatments, which quickly cured him, so that to-day, like scores of others who have received our Treatments, he is able to follow his occupation with plea- sure. Write or Visit us at once! IF YOU DESIRE Immediate I Relief and T' A Speedy Cure! Ulcerated Leg. Mrs. Davies, Bronwen Terrace, Deri, via Cardiff, was laid up for eight months, and unable to put her boot on with an Ulcerated Leg; she now writes to say that the wound has completely healed, and she is able to go about her work as usual. Chronic Indigestion. Mrs. Lewis, irelewis, Trehanis. Had spent scores of Pounds on patent medicines, &c., which made her a Chronic Dyspetic. Her husband says our Treatments have restored her to health. And who should know better than he. Consumption. Mr. E. Worman, '<'inP61' ''ocliriw, ne a' Merthyr, s<tys through your advice and Treatments my has been saved from that terrible scourge 11 Consumption, and is a living monument of Your skill, and I am prepared to prove this to anyone who calls at my house. Rheumatism, &c. Mrs. Tamblyn, as lis-street, Cwmpark, says: "I have been a chronic sufferer from Rheumatism in the brain, and nervous Weakness for over 15 years, and I can honestly say your treatment IS a miracle. Hundreds more can be given. Qun New Treatments Have cured almost every Disease that you can think of AND THEY WILL CURE YOU. Sole Discoverers, Originators, and Proprietors, Professor T. H. ARTHUR & Co., 4, DUke St., Ado/phi, London, W.C. Local Branch- Consulting, Treatment and Waiting Rooms Commercial TEMPERANCE HOTEL PENTRE, RHONDDA (OPPOSITE TAFF STATION GATES). Free Advice lo all between the hours of 9 and 9, on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, *nc< SATURDAYS only,

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