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o ALIu KNOW RIGrHT OlVI WROMO ° •Wright is right He is always "Wright! Return Railway Fare paid to Customers whose purchase exceeds 30- Why? The Frames" are on his mind Royal Subjects," Art," with Battle Field," ——1_ G° PICTURES Are framed each in it's kind- /V>I« OA A TTDC M QT D U HH yfl/ ARS Intermixed with Sportsmen's" taste, llllji £ UX7 m WUDDll O i I »Li l_i A • *X\? Mansions and houses they all are grand f/V^ 7 PRESENTS Gilded or carved in excellent style, A Y l^1 With artistic taste, while you wait awhile; O/r A\JLJ A JT r 5 K\0 That please when suitably framed! He excels all others, has earned renown, ■« ^L* hall South Wales, hesides this town. ff A few doors W Having the largest stock of PICTURE Try him! his mouldings and work are grand, fpOITl r And NOT excelled by any man. V* FRAMES and MOULDINGS in Cardiff and South Empire. -|-p p. riinr | Wales to select from, M. W. is certain of giving every IF YOU GO TO m satisfaction to all customers for PRICES, WORKMANSHIP and 44 W RIGHT, ''QUALITY of MATERIAL. K"SO-»- ooolo YOU CAN'T GO e$° MT A splendid selection of Framed and Un-framed Prints, after Leading Artists. WRONG.. OlalD PICTURES CbETSNElD 7*Nl3 RESTORED. 1 ENGLISH GOLD WORK a Speciality. Old Frames Re-gilt equal to New. Estimates given. <A *\» ^•^Tnr^a.ia Mirrors, &c., cut amy size. All Winsor and Newton Artists' Materials in stock at popular prices, Chrystoleum, Photographs, Glasses, g- Mediums, &c., always in stock. Instruction Books for Chrystoleum Painting, Oil and Water Colours. NOTE—Iris Ware and other Fancy Material for Painting, STUDIES ON HIRE. Note the Address-299 Q"8.Iee:n. Street, Cardiff (Few doors from the Empire).

- Rhondda District Council.

Rhondda School Board.

Ystrad Police Court.

Ystrad-Rhondda Cymrodorion.

Treorchy and Treherbert Perfeot…


The Doctor's Question.