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BOOKS PRINTED & PUBLISHED BY EVANS & SHORT General Printers and Publishers, TONYPANDY. Barddoniaeth Myfyr Emlyn. The Poetic Works of the REV. BENJAMIN THOMAS, Narberth, and late Editor of Seren Cymru. Contains English and Welsh Selec- tions. Cr. 8vo. Cloth, 256 pp. Price 2/6. This work has been highly praised by the reviewers. The Logos: Or the Gospel according to Saint John. By the REV. T. T. DAVIES, D.D. (Teirionydd), Ynysybwl. Contains a Commentary and Sketches of Sermons. Demy 8vo. Cloth, 354 pp. Price 5/- (English edition.) Efengyl Marc. (Welsh Edition.) By the REV. O. WALDO JAMES, Baptist Minister, Blaenclydach, Rhondda. Suitable Hand- book for Sunday School use. Crown 8vo. Cloth. In two volumes, Price 1/6 each. Llawtyfr y Cyfarfodydd. (Welsh Edition.) A Handbook of Public Meetings. Invaluable to public men and others who have the conduct of Public Meetings. By the REV. O. WALDO JAMES. 8vo. foolscap Cloth. Price 1/6, Hunan Gymhorth. Welsh Translation of Dr. Smiles SELF HELP." By the REV. J. GWRHYD LEWIS, Tonyrefail. Admitted by Press and Public to be one of the best translations extant. Demy 8vo. Cloth Boards. Price 3/6 In the Press, to be issued in a Few Weeks. clesus Christ: Sermons on the Saviour. By the REV. B. D. JOHNS (Periander), Author of Pulpit Notes," &c. (English Edition.) Cr. 8vo. Cloth, 250 pp. Price, 3/6. This book will surely obtain a large sale. ALL ORDERS TO EVANS & SHORT. 63 STOP THE MOTOR CAR The Lady and Gentleman want to order their Christmas Ram per of mines, .flies$Spirits From the WALI-; COURT CASH SUPPLY Wholesale Wine and Spirit Stores, 216, COURT STREET (next door to Court Hotel), TONYPANDY. They are now selling Crosswell's Celebrated Bottled Ales and Stouts at 7s. 6d. a Case of three dozen pint bottles. Showell's Celebrated Birmingham Ales, strong and mild, at 4s. 6d., 5s., 5s. 3d., per 44 gls. 9s., 10s 10s. 6d., 9 gIg. Bound to give the Greatest Satisfaction for the Yule Tide Holidays. J. Dewar's Special, J. Walker's, Thomson's, & Dunville's Whiskeys, at 3s. 6d. per bottle. Hennessey's, & Kartell's 3 Star Brandies, at 5s. 9c). per bottle. All other Wines and Spirits at Equally Low Prices. TermsCash. Note the Address—NEXT DOOR COURT HOTEL, TONYI'ANDY. 79 Do You Require a Watch? I can supply you with serviceable Timekeepers at Prices that will suit you, and can be depended on to give genuine satisfaction. What they cost. Boys' Solid Nickel Watches from 5s. 6d. Good Strong Workmen's Watches from 7s. 6d. Gents' Silver English Patent Lever, capped and jewelled from 428. Ladies' All Silver Watches from 15,1. Gold Watghes at equally IJF Prices Are you about to be married P I can show you a Splendid Selection of Wedding or any other kind of Rings. Is your Watch out of order P Bring it to me and I will put it right and charge you only a fair price for doing it. Do you intend presenting some one ? have an immense Stock of the Latest Designs suitable for Birthday, AVedding and other Presents. SPECIAL. Our Boy's Watch, 2s. 9d. Our Girl's Watch, 5s Silver and Plate Cleaning SOLUTION, Is. per bottle. E. T. JENKINS, The Rhondda Jewellery Establishment, 14, HIGH STREET, FERNDALE. 50 o J. MARSH & Co. FUNERAL CARRIAGE MASTERS, AND FURNISHING UNDERTAKERS, 80, St. Mary Street, CARDIFF. Price List on Application. 21 WHY BE A MARTYR P WHEN Arnott's Balsam of Licorice RAPIDLY CURES ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, AND ALL COMPLAINTS OF THE CHEST, THROAT AND LUNGS. This Remedy is becoming far more popular than any other in the district. ONE SHILLING PER BOTTLE. By post for 1/3, from Arnott, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Pontypridd, «,r can be obtained of any chemist in the Rhondda Valleys. 9 FORTHCOMING E VENTs CLERGYMEN, MINISTERS OF ALL DE- NOMINATIONS, SECRETARIES, and all who have to do with orgallising meet- ings or public gatherings, are respectfully invited to send intimations of forthcoming events, and steps will be taken to obtain a report of the proceedings. Contributions of local and special iten s are cordially welcomed. Will correspondents please bear in mind that news .iiould reach our offices as early as convenient after the event referred to. Whell the attendance of a Reporter is desired, early notice should be sent to onr offices with place, date and hour of meeting. All communications to be addressed to the EDITOR, "RHONDDA LEADER," TONYPANDY. AGENTS IN LONDON jCTL FOR THE "RHONDDA LEADER." Messrs. Mather & Orowther, 10, 11, 12, New Bridge Street, E.C. Sell's Advertising Agency, 132, Fleet Street, E.C. Smith's Advertising Agency, 167, Fleet Street, E.C. AGENT IN GLASGO W. FOR THE RHONDDA LEADER." Mr. J. McMurtrie, 11, Bothwell Street. For the convenience of advertisers in the West of England, a copy of the Rhondda Leader is regularly tiled, and may be seen at any time at Jones Bros., Advertising Otnces, 37, (Queen's ltoad, Clifton, Bristol,




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