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It How Contagious Diseases…


It How Contagious Diseases are Spread. porth Mothei, Fined RI g At Porth Police Court on Thursday, at P ^reg°ry> a married woman residing orth, was charged with committing a TrfanL a 126th Section of the Public 4^- Mr W. P. Nicholas, solicitor, T?u .Prosecuted 011 behalf of the °^dda District Council. Sanitary I'n- XT vy Thomas stated that on the (.1 November, he received information at the defendant's child was suffering r°m diphtheria. Witness saw Johnny r.egory~the ':ul referred to—and left printed instructions with the mother warn- Ing her against the consequences of her on going out while suffering from diph- thena. The mother said the child was not 'sUffering from diphtheria, and Dr. Joyce acl told her so the previous day. Witness formed her that could not be so ,as Dr. °yce had just sent a notice to Dr. Herbert ^oues certifying that the boy, Johnny Gre- th^> Wfts suffering from diphtheria. On e November, witness again visited ne house and found the boy playing about streets. He again called the following and the boy was out again. He et Dr. Joyce who told him he had not e 10rnied the mother that the lad was free r°i» the disease. Dr. Herbert Jones, eaical officer of health, went down on the vening of the 22nd. The mother said her on was out and there was nothing the mat- e him. He warned her, and a hour t? a half later he saw the lad in the house. 5; his throat and found he had diphtheria. Defendant said she had gone upstairs to lother son who was ill, and who had since and in the meantime Johnny went out for two minutes. Ur- Jones remarked that diphtheria had J? Prevalent in that particular district, on + i ^oca^ Government Board had re- h nested him to prepare them a special e £ >ort .with regard to it. There were 41 houg8 *n immecliate vicinity of this The Stipendiary said it was a most dangerous thing to go about in that way, and defendant would be fined JE1 and costs.

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