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TIPYP 0 BOB PETH. A native of Crediton tells the following new story of Sir Redvers Buller. When the Gen- eral was only a child of six or seven he was on a visit with his parents to a seacoast town in Devonshire. There he had his fortune told by a gipsy, who declared that the boy would be very successful in life, and that before the century was out, he would sit beside princes.' If the gipsy meant sit beside princes' in the House of Lords, her prediction will probably be fulfilled, for when the war is over, which will surely be before 1900 has run its course, Sir Redvers Buller will in all probability be called to the House of Peers. —x— Robert Williams, who has just died in Pembrokeshire at an advanced age, was an eccentric old dominie, to whom Connop Thir- wall owed much of his extraordinary rapid mastery of the Welsh language. When he was consecrated Bishop of St. David's, Thirwall avowed his intention of preaching a sermon in the vernacular within three months, though at the time he could not speak three words. The most difficult part of his self- imposed task lay in acquiring the pronunci- ation, particularly the correct enunciation of the peculiar "II," and he used to relate with much appreciation the instructions of his mentor upon this point: "Place the tip of your Right Reverend tongue upon the roof of your episcopal mouth, and hiss like a goose The Bishop, it may be added, carried out his promise, and well within the time named preached from MS. a sermon in Welsh. —x— There is sorrow and mourning, we learn from M.A.P., in the household at Farnham Castle. For two years a robin has made friends with the Bishop of Winches^ Ms wife, until they considered it rdmost a tame pet "With "gaxl uevout it hopped about all over the large mansion. At meal times it rarely for- got to visit the dining-liall and receive from the Bishop the crumbs of comfort dispensed to it. Last week, however, to the regret of all, the bird was caught in a mouse-trap and killed. —x— When General Gatacre joined the old 77th Foot, at the beginning of the sixties, as an ensign, he was one day orderly officer, and entering a barrack-room where the men were at dinner, put the usual question, Any com- plaints ? There was something wrong-with the food supplied to a recruit, who bitterly complained that it was bad and that there was not enough of it. The ensign looked superciliously at the lout; and re- marked that surely it was equal in quality to the dinners he had been accustomed to before he joined the army. But the recruit respond- ed, Beant arf so good, zur. Wor in quod for nine months outer twelve for a year or two afore Oi tuk the bob, an' sartinly they gave us a better blow hout nor that, Air —x— On Monday the mortal remains of Owen Williams, who died on the 6th instant, were nterred at Trealaw Cemetery. There are few in the district but will miss his familiar face and rapid walk. His daily self-imposed task of walking from his residence in Ed- mundstown to the Llwynypia Offices in 20 minutes and oth r pedestrian feats were con- sidered by his comrades as most remarkable, especially for a man of 59 years of age. —x— Mr R. T. Richards, of Porth, the Conserva- tive agent for the Rhondda, has been selected as election agent by the Mid-Glamorgan Con- servative Association in succession to the late Mr Jeffery. Mr Richards will reside at Port Talbot. —x— Miss Rachel Thomas (Llinos Penar), Moun- tain Ash, the popular contralto who is such a favourite in the Rhondda, is the one most in demand in Wales to-day. Within three three months she his booked 48 concerts—an aver- age of four a week. Next Thursday she will be at Tonypandy, and Christmas Day and Boxing Day at Porth in the perfoimance of "Btodwen." -x- The Treorky Young Men's Society are not yet Pro-Boers. This was clearly demonstra- ted at their meeting last week, when by a majority of 17 they declared the present war a just one. The annual soiree in connection with the Treorky Young Men's Literary and Dramatic Society will be held next Thursday. Mr E. T. Michael is making an efficient secretary. J. R. Evans, Llwynhendy, created ^ion at Noddfa, Treorky, on I have three c. The boy has strong, The the two girls' hat. had a very Sunday last. ^— months now, and th asssiss and rark Hall. -.r-o"n\O t • i? A \T tilC Miss S. M. I-e,"S;av0„rTte'ii. the Khon'Wa, soprano, who » a fa Treotky Kojal | "ec Choir up North Wales in Janna,ry next Hie new On Monday i Joseph Dando, of Llw\nypia Colliery- in- his einployr.ent ^tvee* a {»r^ "S ffi„SM:|;th»rtSevere.y. a dangerous condition. On the same day a fatal accident occurred in No. 2 pit. Edmund Hopkins, 17, Thomas street, Waun Court, jumped into the winding carriage after it had started. He clung to the carriage for a short way up, but subse- quently fell to the bottom, and was killed in- stantaneously. It is a wonder that such acci- dents are so rare. It seems that every night and morning there is crushing and pushing at the bottom of the pit, the men evidently being desirous of getting home quickly. It is to be hoped that the anthorities will see to this, as last year about Christmas time the same kind of accident occurred. Deceased was 56 years of age, and leaves a widow and three children. —x— Coal is now selling for £ 6-.per ton in Pieter- maritzburg Several coal ships from England, chartered by Government, are now on their way to the colony. Fresh meat, too, was becoming very scarce when last mail left, though there are plentiful supplies of the frozen article imported from Australia. —x— A day or so after the battle of Dundee, two of the Dublin Fusiliers encountered and captured two Boers on the veldt. Who are you ? What have you got ? Fork out said Tommy. My dear fellow," one of the Dutchmen replied in a tone of injured remon- strance, "you must not talk to me like that. I am a Field Cornet (very important officials in their own estimation), "I don't care whether you're a field trumpet," was Mr. Atkins's quick retort, Fork out," -x- Hark The whole Valley rings and re-echoes again and again, that Frank Thomas, "My Hatter," Pontypridd, sell the best 3s. 9d. Hat. 58 —x— A wpll-known colliery official recently re- I moved from the upper part of the valley, frequently amused his subordinates by his Die-Shon-Dafydd Welsh. Going his rounds one day, one of the hauliers re- marked that "his horse was too high" to go to a certain district. "Well," said the official, "paham da dodwch chi mochyn yn y shafts?" This was too much for the haulier, who ran to one of his companions, and amidst spasms of laughter said, "Wel, j 1, tyma'r diwethar. Mae'r boss moin i fi hitcho mochyn wrth y dram." The official has a vivid recollection of the inci- dent each time he sees the said haulier, and confidently told one of his friends that what he meant was "a donkey," giving his reason that that animal had long ears. —x— Another time, a workman was severely in- jured underground, and the manager pro- ceeded to the spot to render assistance. The case was a very bad one, the poor fellow being jammed in by a fall between a tram and a large stone. After some time, the man was liberated, but immediately fainted upon being released. There being no water at hand, the manager called to one of the workmen, "Dewch a rhaw yma i dodi ar ei ben." "Rhaw," Mr ques- tioned the surprised workman, "beth i chi moen a rhaw?" Pointing to some ice clinging to the blast pipes, he said, "Dyna fe ar y piba na." The workman at once understood it was ice he wanted. "Rhew," is Welsh for ice, and "Rhaw" is Welsh for shovel. Our readers will grasp the situa- tion when the manager asked the workman to place a shovel on the injured man's head. —x— Some of the Llwynypia forwards went in sor training last week at Willie Llewellyn's banquet. The persons who saw their state at about 2 p.m. knew that Llanelly were bound to win. If Llwynypia intend to keep up their reputation, the Committee ought to see that presentation meetings are few and far between. '-x- Frank Thomas, "My Hatter's," Ponty- pridd, has an Ideal Stock. He is willing to Cuff your wrists, Collar your neck, and Crown your head with one of his Celebrated 3s. 9d. Hats. 58 —x— Sir Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett was taken rather by surprise at the Conservative meeting Jheld at Porth on Friday night, He had just mentioned Sir William Harcourt. and Mr Asqnith's names, evidently expecting the usual Tory hoots and groans but Shoni 11 knows who his best friends are, and showed it plainly by making the place ring with cheers. —x— To place confidence in an enemy is more dangerous than to play with poisonous vipers.—Tieck. —x— Our Roman Catholic writers will doubtless be interested in this personal note on the health of the Pope, culled from a foreign paper: "There is no doubt that since I last saw Leo XIII. he has greatly altered. He is girMich thinner and much whiter than he was a er. -ths back. His face looks so very » Tv,T\lmost fears that should he rii. 4-1, MAEri^ i .»I eyes are bn.-J unassisted or strong. He could tbe aid of even walk across .i a constant irn a his Stick, a"d is t is as strong a* ever, ting cough. Hife,in v and precise. He and his memory is v^ry 1 s is moreover, quit n(j sigu documents. i i write his letters anu s.n th ^lasts^ureshow^- )ear and ^S^t^tUtw^yea-ago. DavieJ.



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