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THE FIFTH ANNUAL PERFORMANCE! MONSTRE ATTRACTION AT THE PORTH TOWN HALL The ever popular- m In BLODWEN (Dr. Parry) will be performed by the Porth & Cymmer Male Voice Party (Conductor—Mr. Rhys Evans), Who will be assisted by the following celebrated Artistes Blodwen: Miss S. M. LEWIS, R.A.M.,Ebbw Vale. Lady Maelor: Miss RACHEL THOMAS (Llinos Pennar), Mountain Ash. Eleanor: Miss MAGGIE MORRIS, Tonyrefail. Hywel Ddu (Tenor): Mr. HOPKIN KNILL, Port Talbot. Arthur (Baritone): Mr. D. CHUBB, Treforest lolo, the Bard (Bass): Mr. J. WILLIAMS (Eryr Afan), Port Talbot. Monk: Mr. W. LLOYD, Porth. FULL ORCHESTRAL BAND. Three Performances will be given- Christmas Evening at 7.30 o'clock. Boxing Day Matinee, at 2.30 p.m. Boxing Night, at 7.30 o'clock. 81 PORTH. SALE OF LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES. MR. CHAS. RICHARDS is instructed to Sell by Auction at the Imperial Hotel, Portli, on Thursday, the 21st day of December, 1899, at 7 o'clock in the evening (subject to such conditions of sale as shall then and there be produced), the following LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES Viz:- Lot 1.—All that Dwelling House and Stable situate and being No. 12, Morgan Terrace, Britannia, near Porth, in the occupation of Frank Jenkins. These Premises are held for a term of 99 years from the 2nd day of February, 1887, at the apportioned yearly ground rent of £1 Is. Od. Lot 2.—All that Dwelling House & Premises situate and being No. 6, York Terrace, Porth, in the occupation of Ivor Griffiths, at a rental of 1:1 per month. These Premises are held for a term of 60 years from the 17th day of April, 1865, at the low annual ground rent of 15s. 7d. For further particulars apply to Messrs. DA VIES & WILLIAMS, Solicitors, Ponty- pridd or to the Auctioneer, Market Street, Pontypridd. 80 THE PONTYPRIDD Steam Laundry Dyeing, Carpet and Window Cleaning Co., Ltd., Pwllgwaun, PONTYPRIDD. Vans sent to all parts. Write for Price List to Manager. 3 WHY BE A MARTYR P WHEN AIL Arnott's A6qk luliad y I D > nyny o Ymgrymwch, < vVJS&fP&Mmr Byid A*™*? lieb na Hid na lladd" yn un o a penaf ei fywyd. g\an, .1^ EXJS r^Vv«wri;. ^'u'" 6t Licorice RAPIDLY CURES ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, AND ALL COMPLAINTS OF THE CHEST, THROAT AND LUNGS. This Remedy is becoming far "1ore nopular than any other in the district. ONE SHILLING PER BOTTLE. By post for 1/3, from Arnott, Pharmaceutical i e!iiist, Pont371)rid(l, t.r Can I)- ol)taine(I of any chemist in the KhoiuMa Valleys. 9 t4B £ sSi2e&* CLEAN HAIR stress to2hool."tavey»»ntojd.»^on account of their head*. Do xvhat I pnnVl not keep them clean. 1 ha\e cneu myself to sleep at Tuglits with t .n annoy- once a week — Sfe^hefr Xere l,i when I dress their hair dai W. Jliere lia^ been no more trouble, aud their glossy and strong. « My little girl has very fair hair, and was much tron bled with nits, &c., but since using HAGON'S CLEANSER I have never seen any sign of live stock, and her hair is lovely." GOLDEN HAIR u I have used HAGON'S CLLANSEli con at ant iv for my girls, and they now h.ue beautiful <*oI<Ien hair in such great abun- dance that strainers stop in the street to allmirc them." Mv child's hair was dull and lifeless, but your HAGON'S CLEANSER has made it fresh, healthy, and curly. &mk SCRAGGY HAIR 7 <■ thJ two t'irls' hair used to come out comtefnl at atime, ami HcraggyaUfI weak, LoXs now, and their longer, stronger, and tog*. T could hardly have hoped for such succe. My children's hair* was thin an. look in'* when I started using H AGO 2s » CIEAN^SEK; now it is in exeelleut con- V V- i n r and st-ron" This is after three dition, long and siron months. I used about a bottle a w eels. «1 would rather pay a CLF \N?E$not^ Stby t for W„ o, two M-Jg&p for Is. 4d. from the maker MI. H- > Chemist Carditf-but most Chemists sell HAGON'S CLEANSER." IUgf fi(i be sure you get H A, Sliam^ are hateful, rfave the real th"V Ap- ft a 9 HAGON'S. Nothing else can do the work. 10 AUCTIONEERS. J. R. EVANS, AUCTIONEER, ACCOUNTANT, VALUER, PENTRE, GLAM. House Estate Agent. Rents Collected. Book Debts purchased. Commission Agent for the Sale of Property, Machinery, Plant, &c. Grocers, Drapers, Boot Dealers, and Surplus Stocks purchased for Cash at the shortest notice. Cash Transactions. Meetings of Creditors called. Trusteeships undertaken. Private Arrangements, and assistance rendered to Tradesmen in difficulties. All Communications Strictly Private. 74 E PARRY THOMAS, AUCTIONEER, ACCOUNTANT, VALUER, &c,, PENUEL ROAD, PONTYPRIDD. Sale of Horses, Cattle, &c., held First Wednesday every month, at Pontypridd. Advances made on Furniture for Absolute Sale. 65 C RICHARDS, Auctioneer and Account- • ant, Market St., Pontypridd. Debts purchased or collected on commission. Private ai-angements with creditors negotiated. State- ment of affairs prepared. C. R. holds certifi- cate to levy Distresses for Rent. 16 H. S. DAVIES & MORGAN, AUCTIONEERS, ACCOUNTANTS, AUDITORS AND VALUERS, ESTATE AND INSURANCE AGENTS, TOWN HALL CHAMBERS, PONTYPRIDD. 41 HARRY BAVIES (Associate Auctioneers' Institute), AUCTIONEER, ACCOUNTANT, VALUER, HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENT, HOTEL AND PROPERTY BROKER, Gibbon's Buildings, Market Sq., Pontypridd, And Cardiff Road, Caerphilly. 1531, Deeds of arrangement negotiated. Bankruptcy and other accounts prepared, Meetings of creditors attended. I E. T. DAVIES, Auctioneer, Valuer, House and Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker, &c., &c., TON, PENTRE, AND AT MARKET SQUARE, PONTYPRIDD. Sales of Household Furniture held at Auction Room, Pontypridd, every Wednesday at one o'clock. 30 WINDSOR, JENKINS & Co., Accountants and Auditors. RENTS AND DEBTS COLLECTED BY EXPERIENCED COLLECTORS. Tradesmen's Books posted and audited. 25, Taff Street, Porth. 6 DAVID M. WILLIAMS, Accountant, Auditor and Actuarial Valuer, Estate Agent and Insurance Broker, BRYN GELLI HOUSE, TONYPANDY. 52 SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS. VN" heai J"I" c JUT I h: ;racu mor odapf', ,1 ? w Tefv1"1' "Yfawl wyr, lla^"5i was made ner 1+ ,y Sib'rydent dr^SwanSea} the pur- » ,vas 0 OP( Fod y ^as to open commerce j 1 ,_liriliabitants of Nsl I.;>t AT The Welsh Market, Ton J. P. WILLIAMS Invites attention to his Fruits for the Christmas Season Batons, Currants, Sultannas, Mu-eatels, &e. Crystalized Fruits, Flig., Bottled Fruits, Fruit Wines, &c, Joh" Old English Plum Joh" John Hill & Sons nicii Ctkes in Fancy 130xes At-n- Birtlitl,(iy, or We(l(lin(t ,iiiital)le for Cakes, A Weekly supply of New-Laid Welsh Eggs, Devonshire Batter and Cream. Pure Danish Butter a Speciality. Whole Tongues, special for Christmas, 2/ 3/9 and 4/6. sto(,,k of WSV5&Z ciSarthemhire and Cardiganshire 1 arras. The Welsh Market. TON. 75 STOP THE MOTOR CAR M The Lady and Gentleman want to order ^«lr gDrlstwas pamper of Uliwes, J!le$$Spirits From the WAUN COURT CASH Scrm Wholesale Wine and Spirit stores, 216, COURT STREET (next door to Court Hotel), TONYPANDY. They arc now selling Cross'bottles! Showeli? Celebrat^ m 6d^, ™gls! sassssfs Holidays. X.Dewart S peo,al, Hennesse.y's, 79 H||(r w USHER- & CO., 1 14, PICTON PLACE, SWANSEA. £3 to £300 L.!1'1 J ADVANCED DAILY from 9 a.m. un o v m. For Useful Christmas Presents and New Year Gif's, go to J. BARNES A 41, MAERDY ROAD, ES • Photo Albums from 6d, to 25/- 2 Other Fancy Goods equally as cheap. THE NEW MUSICAL ORGANETTE Equal to one costing 35s. Thousands Of-tunes to select g^nches. or Music required. Size, 14 by 10 by 8 inches. _tv„ • j-u sweetest toned Instrument ^prroduS-the tone ^tercha„geable Metal lunes. Carriage paid, 21/- Write for List of Tunes, Post Free, to- BARNES, MAERDY RD., GLAM. 11 SANDERS, City Pharmacy, Cardiff, Holds a Magnificent Assortment of PERFUMERY, CUT GLASS BOTTLES, SPRAY PRODUCERS, and TOILET REQUISITES FOR XMAS PRESENTS. ge The Most Brilliant Windows in Wales. SANDERS, Chemist, Next to the Empire, CARDIFF. 29 Public Notices. illondda Urban District Gotincil GAS AND WATER DEPARTMENT. TENDERS FOR CLOTHING, ETC. THIS Council are prepared to receive Ten- JL ders for Inspectors' and Watermen's Uniforms and Labourers' Oilskins. Particulars may be obtained on application to Mr. Octavins Thomas, the Engineer and Manager, Gas and Water Offices, Pentre, R.S.O., Glum. Tenders to be addressed (together with samples) to the Chairman of the Gas and Water Committee, endorsed Clothing, etc," and delivered at my office on or before 10 a.m., Thursday, the 22nd December, 1899. The Council do not bind themselves to ac- cept the lowest or any tender. Council Offices, WALTER H. MORGAN, Pentre, R.S.O., Clerk. 6th December, 1899. 69 The "Rhondda Leader" is set up by the Linotype, Composing Machine.

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