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BOOKS PRINTED & PUBLISHED BY EVANS & SHORT General Printers and Publishers, TONYPANDY. Barddoniaeth Myfyr Emlyn. The Poetic Works of the REV. BENJAMIN THOMAS, Narberth, and late Editor of Seren Cymrn. Contains English and Welsh Selec- tions. Cr. 8vo. Cloth, 256 pp. Price 2/6. This work has beerr highly praised by the reviewers. The Logos: Or the Gospel according to Saint John. By the REV. T. T. DAVIES, D.D. (Teirionydd), Ynysybwl. Contains a Commentary and Sketches of Sermons. Demy 8vo. Cloth, 354 pp. Price 5/- (English edition.) Efengyl Marc. (Welsh Edition.) By the REV. O. WALDO JAMES, Baptist Minister, Blaenelydach, Rhondda. Suitable Hand- book for Sunday School use. Crown 8vo. Cloth. In two volumes, Price 1/6 each. Llawlyfr y Cyfarfodydd. (Welsh Edition.) A Handbook of Public Meetings. Invaluable to public men and others who have the conduct of Public Meetings. By the REV. 0. WALDO JAMES. 8vo. foolscap Cloth. Price 1/6, Hunan Gymhorth. Welsh Translation of Dr. Smiles "SELF HELP." By the REV. J. GWRHYD LEWIS, Tonyrefail. Admitted by Press and Public to be one of the best translations extant. Demy 8vo. Cloth Boards. Price 3/6 In the Press, to be issued in a Few Weeks. rJesus Christ: Sermons on the Saviour. By the REV. B. D. JOHNS (Periander), Author of Pulpit Notes," &c. (English Edition.) Cr. 8vo. Cloth, 250 pp. Price, 3/6. This book will surely obtain a large sale. ALL ORDERS TO EVANS & SHORT. 63 Take Life Easy AND WE'LL Cet rid of your Corns There are probably no such little discomforts that so easily beset the even tenour of our en- joyments as CORNS. They worry am patience They upset our temper They sting our toes They stop our exercise They spoil our pleasures They magnify all our troubles MUNI5AY'S "VIRIDINE" (Registered Trade Mark) tvch e :ilor y chv Will rid you of these tonne1"!1 Cev.wh gg £ you peace of mind 7* _,hon"bts, Qf> S | -.atus of court ba,H O'^ VILIDINE tvuis the oldeWoORNS. VIRIDINE Stops the growing of CORNS. VIRIDINE completety eradicates CORNS. It goes to the roots and kills without pain. No caustic to burn-nothingto irritate the skin. 11 SAFE, SURE, AND SPEEDY CURE In Bottles, 1/- post free. J. MUNDAY, Chemist, 1, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. 57 Ask for TSiOIVSJ^SSOM'S ABC INDEX in lm RAILWAY GUIDE Enlarged and Improved. "Id. monthly. C, Sold at all Booking Offices and Railway Bookstalls and by Newsagents. C, A First-Class Advertising Medium For Terms apply at- Publishing Offices: 28, St. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. 59 J. BROOKS, WHOLESALE TOBACCONIST & HAIRDRESSER, Opposite Post Office, AND 12, DUNRAYEH STREET, TONYPANDY. Ladies' Combings made up into Tails, Coils, 11 Fringes, &c., 1/6 per oz. Quantities cheaper. A large assortment of Pipes, Pouches, Walking Sticks and Ornaments. Useful Articles for Christmas IN QBKAT VARIETY. Try our Loose Tobaccos-Cheaper and Better than Packet Tobacco. 13 WHAT PEOPLE KNOW is that L. POLLACK'S SPECIALITY Is High-class New and Second-hand b SR FURNITURE AND CLOTHING. 60, Dunraveii 60, Danraven Street* ■ Opposite Ebenezer Chapel, | U" I rHllU I j AND AT PENYURUG. S-M;oTul-lian<l Furniture and Clothing Bought to any amount of Cash. A Large Assortment of Jewellery, Watches, Rings, &c., always on Sale. 67 MIDLAND SADDLERY WORKS. HAVING made bad debts by supplying I ie 1) the trade, I will in future give the public beneti b -f savi,1 £ tTom W" to' per set by buying direct from me. •rood wear, from f>3/ yery, special, Carriage Lamps (5/6 per pair Superior ditto, "ith oval bell, 10/- per pair; Stable hmgs, I.Y. Pony 3/ full size, 4/0; Dandy Brush Curry- comb 1/ 3 Gig Whips for 4/ Loin Covers, full size, 3i;3 to 4/6 Driving Reins, good, 5/6 prft. Any ariele, you wal1 t. I JOHN 6, Rushall Street, WALSALL.


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