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ABERYSTWYTH. MARINE TERRACE Hotel Cambria— Mr H B Malius, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Bar- low, Wilmslow Mr W H Player, Swansea Valley Mr P and Misses Dora and Emily Hoskins, Leamington Mr Jones, Llanidloes Mr D Bryce, Pensnett, nr Dudley Mr and Mrs Hall, Leamington Miss Rushton, Lon- don Mr F A Hudson, Manchester Mr A Tanfield, Birmingham Mr J Haines, War- wick Mr and Mrs Lloyd, Princes Park Mr E Kingsley, do Mr VV H Worthington, St Annes-on-the-Sea Messrs T R Thomas and G A Pope, Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs Sanders Stephens, and Miss Teach, Exmouth, Devon; Rev R and Mies Bagoall and party, Bottestord Messrs Sharwell and Amberger, Wolverhampton Miss Amberger, Messrs J and W Edwards, London Mr C Fullwood, Sedgeley Mr and Mrs Knox, London General Jenkins Jones, and valet, Dolau Rock House, Mrs Harry Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Earle and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Bishop and family, do Mrs Goyne, do Mrs Davies, Wellington; Mrs Adams and Mrs Greaves, Birmingham 3, Penrock House, Mrs Jenkins— Mr, Miss, and Master Jack Spittle, Handsworth, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Grisdale, Man Chester Mr, Mrs, and Master Cornish, Wellington; Misses Colyer and Bailey, Hands- worth, Birmingham; Mr and Misses Wheeler, Hereford 4, Oxford House, Mrs Rowlands- Mr and Miss Hawkins, Mrs and Miss Priller, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Apperley, Misses Davies, Hereford 5, Osborne House, Miss Morgan— Mr and Mrs Boucher, Mr and Mrs Hull and baby, Mr and Mrs Charlton, Birmingham Mr and Mrs F W Bickley, family and nurse4 Old Bank, Ellesmere Mrs Smith, London Mrs and Miss Deane, Mr and Mrs Blakey Hazel Grove 6, Miss Cole — Mrs Milward, child and maid, Bromsgrove; Mrs and Misses Read, Mr Wright, Stockport; Mrs Hannah and family, Ferndale Mr and Misses Bassett, Birmingham 7, Miss Jones- Mr and Mrs Swain and family, Langley Mrs Hosking, Wolverhampton; Miss Stuart, Pock- lington Mr and Mrs Rudge and famiiy, Bir- mingham Mr and Mrs Harley and family, Wolverhampton Mrs and Miss Giles, Here- ford Mr and Mrs John Evans, Miss Nancy Evans, Mrs Cromwell Jones, Iscoed, Merthyr; Dr J Lloyd Davies, Newport; Miss Jenkins, Dowlaia 8, Mrs Davies- Mrs Buckley and family, Sandbach; Mrs Williams and boy, Govilon, Abergavenny Mrs G, Misa H, and Mr F H Browne, London; Mr, Mrs, and Misses G and M Jonep, Master L Jones, Llanelly 9, Mrs Williams- Misses Bourne, Mr A Coates, Wilmslow Miss Catlow, Manchester; Mr and MrsEdgar Wilde and family, Denton Miss Eb'nel Oldham, Tattenhill; Mr and Mrs R Belcher and family, Miss Belcher, Mr G T Waite, West Brom- wich Mrs and Misses Hebblethwaite, Leeds Mrs Thomas Wade, Lucerne Donna Theresa Neves, Brazil; Mrs Rd Portance, Liverpool; Miss Florence Hebblethwaite 10, Mrs Jones— Mr and Miss Short, Glenore; Mr and Mrs D E Williams and (7) family, Carmarthen Miss Rylands, Stone-on-the-Wold; Mr and Mis A Collins and (6) family, Mr Swain, Old- bury; Mr and Mrs Cooper, family (5) and maid, Mrs Holdcroft, Willenhall; Mr Haines, Mr Bridgwater, Birmingham Mr Williams, Sheffield Mr and Mrs Smith and family, Smethwick Mr Weller, Wclverhampton 11— Mr and Mrs J W Watson and family, Stockton-on-Tees; Miss A Billington, Chorl- ton-cum Hardy, Manchester Miss M E Mallaliur, Cheadle, Cheshire Mr W and the Misses Hodges, Aberdare; Miss E Hannah, [ Brynderwen, Ferndale Mrs C S Morris, Hawkeabury, Northfield Mrs Yarciley, biby and sister, King's Norton, Birmingham Misses Robson, Southport 12, Mrs Edwards— Mr and Mrs Parkes ani family, Dublin Mr and Mrs Hampson, child and maid, Stockport Mrs Hamar and family, Knighton Miss M S Jones Aberdare 13, Avonditie House, Mrs Owen Owen- Mr and Mrs J W Shovelton and family, Eccles, Manchester; Mrs Theodore and son, Cardiff; Miss Wilding, Birmingham Miss Ellis, Lon- don Mrs Davies, Pontypridd; Miss Harrupp, Stockport; Mr Vale and party, Sutton Cold- feld Mrs Armstrong, Newcastle-on-Tyne Mrs Charles, Miss Grainger, Mr Charles and friend, Birmingham Mrs Hall and daughter, Audlem; Miss Cooper, Mrs Jackson. Pensnett' Mrs and Miss Stillard, Dudley; Misses Louth and Laybourne, London Mr, Mrs, and Miss Waitley, Birmingham Misses Foulkes, Spark- brook. (to Misses Exleys and party, Broiaeley 14, Miss Vaughan Rees- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Stowe, Southport Mr and Mrs Husband, Moseley, Birmingham; Mrs and Mr Oliver, Stoke-on-Trent 15, Miss Evans- Mr and Mrs Guest, Stourbridge Mr and Mrs Hingley and family, do Mr and Mrs Kciling and family, Mr R Russell Keiling, Cheltenham; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Evans, Miss Spencer, Stoke-on-Trent 16, Garfield House, Mrs Edward Jones- Mr and Mrs Walford, London 18, Miss Newell- Mrs and Miss Edwards and maid, Mr J Lgwis Phillips, Staffordshire Mr and Mrs Jenkins, family and maid, Dowlais Misses Davies and Oldbury, Knighton Mr and Mrs Hammersley 19, Miss Lloyd- J Mr, Mrs, and Misses (4) Tantram, Sparkbrook Mr and Mrs and Mr J A Biaglen, Mr H Binglen, Miss B Binglen, Misses Evans, Miss Davies, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Powell and family, Burslem Mrs Barratt, do Mrs Poole, Hanley Belle Vue Hotel, W H Palmer- Mr Batty, Liverpool Messrs Dando and Edwards, London Mrs Letherby, Chester Messrs Shaw Messrs Dawson, Messrs Bed- ford and Randall Mr Bingham; Mrs and Miss Charlton, Cressington Park Messrs Paul and Open Miss L Wood, London Dr Thomas Mr and Mr3 Burn, Birmingham Messrs Rige and Phillips Mrs Wood Mias Sandiland Mr and Mrs Lomas, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Faulkener, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Wilkes, London Mra Hariner, do Messrs Davies and Morgan Mr andMrs Chandlfr, Mr and Mrs Brown, Misses Richards Mr Kent, Stoke o. Trent; Mr and Mrs Jameson Mr and Mrs Hughes Mr and Miss Horton, West Brom. wich Mra Evans and family, do Mr and Mrs Whitehause, Walsall; Mr and Mrs Lan- caster, do Messrs Findley and Edmiston, Glasgow Dr and Mrs Turner, Bucks; Mr Johnson Messrs Iliffe and Measures, Bir- mingham Mi, Mrs and Miss Binns, Pelsall; Mr and Miss Jones, Longton Mr and Miss Mountford, do Messrs McNeal and Griffiths, do 20, Mrs Jones- ( Mr, Mrs, and Masters F and P Nicholas, Hanley 24, Mrs Kenrick- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Firth Miss Fletcher, Mr H Oatea, Halifax Mrs Houghton and family, Miss Blackburn, Wrexham Mrs T and Master R Houghton, St Asaph Mr F and Misses (3) McCormick, London Mr and Mrs J Schofield, baby and nurse, Leeds Waterloo Hotel, A E and A Morris- < Capt and Mrs Parkes, Reading; Mr and Mrs Hough, Bolton, Lanes Mr Henderson and family, Miss Gate, do; Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Ashmore, Edgbaston; Mr J H Yearsley, London Mr and Mrs Heins and family, Hereford Col and Mrs Naish, Cork Mr Leveson Gower, Hasting; Mr and Mrs Perren, Newport; Mrs and Miss Beddoe, Merthyr Mr and Mrs Robson and family, Mr and the Misses Nichol, Moseley Mr and Mrs Evans, Saltney Mr and Mrs Dickson, Manchester Mr and Mrs W G Brown, Tottenham, Lon- don Mr and Mrs James, London Mr Eng- «ij' ^^8^as'on > Mrs Lees and son, Dukin- neld; Mrs Clay, Miss Chatterton, Leeds; Messrs Preston and Leigh; Mrs Bott and party, Tipton; Messrs Hafferdene and Wood, London; Messrs Murrell, Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs W Nelatrop, Heaton Mersey Mr and Mrs Dixon, Newport, Mon; Mrjand Mrs Longden, Burslem; Mrs J Pearson, Bombay Miss Rayaon, Man- chester Misses Hargreaves, Ardlington Mrs Jagger and party, Oldham; Mr and Mrs Baldwin, Stretford Miss Bees, Velindre, Lampeter Mr and Mra John Moore, Wednes- bury Mr and Mrs Cox and two sons, Moseley; Mr and Miss Thomas, Redditch; Mr and t Mrs Fenwick, Wellingborough Mr and Mrs Kirby, Northampton Misses Cripwell, Smeth- wilk Mr Eroest Wright, Stockport Mr Whalley, Manchester Messrs Wilks, London Mr Kirl,ham, Duffield; Mr F Jackson, Leicester Messrs Stokes, Stubbs, Hunt, and Smith, Edgbaston Messrs Lee, Swallow, Richards, aud Fox Mr Davies, Huddersfield 29, Mr J Evans— Mr and Mr Frank Lyall, Miss Endley, Alex- andra Park, Manchester 30, Claremont, Mrs Ankers- Mr and Mrs H Barker, baby and nurse. Miss Barker, Mrs J E and Miss Cornish, Egypt Mrs and Misses Jones (4), Wolverhampton Mr, Mrs and Misses (3) Shaw, Heaton Moor, Stockport Messrs P and A Shaw, do 31. Mr David Phillips- Mr J and Miss Lamb, Birmingham Mr. Mrs, and Misses Thomas, Burslem, Staffs Misses Young-and Williams, Birmingham Mrs and Miss Ihomas, Welshpool 33, Gloucester House, Mrs Roberts- Mrs J L'Oste-Brown. Miss L'Oste-Brown, Shif- nal, Salop Mrs E J Ainsworth and family, Blackburn Miss Clarke, Leicester Miss Parker, Birmingham; Misses Hunter, Weston- super-Mare Mr and Mrs Williams, Bryn- mawr, Breconshire 3- Windsor House, Mrs Aston— Mr, Mrs, and Miss L Baker, Messrs Baker, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Holland, baby and nurse, Master Bruce Binns, Mr Wilkes, Walsall Mr and Misses Baker, Master A Baker and friend, Hereford Misses (3) aud Mr Bennett, Wolverhampton Messrs J Cox, W Howel' Devall, Williams, Dunell, and T Morris, Shrewsbury 35, Brynymur House., Misses Nelson- Mrs Jones, Mr and Mrs Payne, Welshpool; Mas- ters Robert, Albert, and Vernon Jackson, Oldham Mr and Mrs Pettigrew and family, Handsworth MrsWing, Altrincham Mr and Mrs Pugh Jones and family, Ynyshir, nr Forth Misses Sheppard. Tredegar Mr T M Nelson, Seaforth, Liverpool 36. Mrs Capt Edwards- Miss Bygott, Whitchurch Mr and Mrs Grey and family, Capt Millar and family, Mr and Mrs James and family, London Mr and Mrs Roberts, Mr and Mrs Rugby 1 o9, Glyndwr House, Miss Gritfiths- Mr G Thomas, Misses Thomas, Newtown Misses Dando, Dudley 40, Mrs Pierce- Mr and Mrs Hare, Miss Manners, 'Nottingham W C Mead, A J Croft, R H Lee, Hull Mr N Hingley, Mr A and Miss Hingley, Birming- ham Messrs Oate3, do Mr and Mrs Edwin Stephens, Hereford Mr and Mrs Bowen, West Smethwicl; Mr A C Johnson, Har- borne Mr and Mrs Wooley, Birmingham Mrs and Master Lone, Wolverhampton Mr and Miss Evans, Worcester Mr and Mrs Crosby and family 41, Clarence House, Mrs C J Brown- Mr Kenrick, Mr Low, Boomfield, Tipton Mr, Mrs, and Misses Rowland, London Mr Pugh, Berriew Mr Varity, Miss Varity, Miss Day, Handforth, Cheshire 42, Miss Jones- Mr and Mrs Chew, family and maid Mr and Mrs Chapman, family and maid Miss Chew Mr Hewitt; Mr and Mrs Fern and family, West Didsbury; Mr J D Maysmor, West Africa Mr and Misses Powell, Moseley, Bir- mingham Mr, Mrs, and Misses Bevan, Aber- gavenny Mrs Lewis 43, Picton House. Miss Osmotherley- lr, Mrs, and Miss Edwards, King's Norton; Mr. Mrs, and Misses Townley, Birmingham Mr j Wooley, King's Heath, do; Mr and Mrs Sutton and family, Misses Bradford, Neath Mr White, Moseley 44, Miss Jones- Misses N aden, r Naden, Edgbaston, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs John Walsh and family, Mr and Mrs Winship, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Beebe, Birkenhead Mr Bill, do Mr John- son, Miss Molonwyl, Neston; Mr Percy Boyce, Birmingham 47, Chatham House, Mrs J L Jones— Mrs Griffiths, Mr Digby, Miss Cisaie Griffiths, Wylde Green, Birmingham; Miss Annie! Griffiths, Senig et Oisl, France Mr and Mr3 Skerrett and family, Moseley. Bit mingham Mrs and Misses Webb, Bankfield, Heaton Narris Mr and Mrs Rollason and family, Miss Perry, Birmingham 48, Marlborough House, Mrs Bevan— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Hawkes and family, Mrs C, Miss and Mr H Lapworth, Miss E Rivers, Birmingham Mr and Mra Combes and family, London Mr and Mrs Roper, family and nurse, Wolverhampton Mr Pearce, Shrews- bury Mr Culverwell, Reading 49, Mrs Humphreys- Mrs and Misses (2) Ormsby, Dublin; Mrs E A Grove", baby and nurse, Miss Groves, Gravelly Hill, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, and Master Swingewood, Handsworth 50, Montrose, Miss James- Mr and Mrs Wilson and family, Manchester Miss Sanby, Birmingham Miss Kay, Os- westry Miss Barnes and maid, Clevedon 51, Norfolk House, Mrs Gathercole— Mr and Mrs Taylor and family, Stockport Mr. Mrs, and Miss Mellor, Burslem Mr and I Mrs Davids and family, Cardiff Miss Adams, Knighisbridge, London Mrs and Mrs Bourne, Stockport; Mr 'and Mrs Robertson, jun., and family, Mrs Robertson, sen., Misses (2) Robertson, Burslem 53, Miss Watkins— Mrs Hooper and family, Birmingham Mrs and Master Danby, Hong Kong Mrs Miller and family, Tettenhall Mr and Mrs Williams, family and maid, New Barnet 54, Stafford House, Miss Bevan- Mr and Mrs R Williams, family and nurse, Haverfordwest; Mrs Shee and family, Wands- worth Mr and Mrs Innes, Dublin Mr and Mrs May and family, Denton 55, Penbryn House, Mrs Rice Williams— Rev and Mrs Johnson, St Saviours Vicarage, Bacup; and Mrs Doyne, Beckley Vicarage, Oxford; Mrs, Miss, and Master James Miss Ratcliffe Mrs, Miss, and Masters Ibbotson 56, Mrs Hughes— Mr, Mrs H, and Master Holroyd, Mr and Mrs G D and Master Walmsley, Miss Beads, Black- burn Mr and Mrs Sanders, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Eaton, do Misses Griffiths, Urms- ton; Mr and Mrs Davies, Newtown 57, Mrs Morgan- Mr and Mrs Stokes and family, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Holloway and family, Birming- ham Mr and Mrs Summers and family, Lon- don 5S, Idris House, Miss Nicklin- Mr, Mrs, and Misses Ravaison, Kilburn; Misses Hubbard, Timins, and Fewtrell, Stoekport; Misses Cripps, London 59, Miss James— Mr and Mrs Moulaon and family Birmingham Mr and Mrs Waring, do; Miss Stone, do Mr and Mrs Nicholls and family, Coseley, Staff; Rev F G Nicholls, Penrith Miss Paterson, Whitehaven Mrs Dunn, Church Stretton 60, Sandringham House, Mrs Burton- Mrs and the Misses Raine, Birmingham Miss Sutton and maid, Southwell, Notts 61. Miss Jones- Mrs Newbery and party, Ridgemount, Balham, S W; Miss Gardiner, Chelsea, do; Mrs, Miss, and Master Fabel, Mrs and Miss Hobson, Man- chester; Mr and Mrs Carry and family, Leicester Miss Jones, Liverpool 62, Miss Brownson- Mr and Mrs R L Price, family and maid, Park- gate, Cheshire; Mr and Mrs Morgan and child, Mr Williams, Stretford, Manchester; Mrs Smith, family and maid, Wylde Green Mr and Mrs Bullivant and family, Lees, Oldham Mrs Brownson, Nuneaton; Misses Tryrrol, Hanley 63, St Da vid's Housee, Mrs Jones— Mrs R Vaughan, Misses Vaughan, Hands- worth.^ Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Ellis, Walsall; Mrs Dyson, Mrs and Mr A Whalley, Miss F Petty, Bradford 64, York House, Miss Nelson- Mrs Smedley and family, Richmond, Surrey Mr and Mrs Sherwood and sons, Birmingham; Mrs and Misses Davies, Neath Mrs Hollings- worth and family, Manchester 65, Clifton House, Mra Stockwell- Mr, Mrs, and Master Gratrix, Eccleci; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Williams- Master Davidson, Tyseley; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Glass, Basford Mr, Mrs, and Miss Tower, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Spratt, child and ntirse, Moseley Mra Jones, Patricroft ALBERT PLACE Queen's Hotel, Mr W H Palmer- Mrs Dees and family, Ellesmere; Mr and Mrs Cuthverston Mr and Mrs Hawthorne and family, USA; Mr and Mrs Kirkland and family, Liverpool Mrs and Misses Warren, London Mr and Mrs Vaughan Morgan and maids Mr and Mrs Stark, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Jones and maid, Melbourne; Mr Mosa, Mr and Mrs Clarke, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Sandford Mr and Mrs Flitch Mr Stanley, London Mr and Mrs W A Barker and family, Birkenhead; Mr, Mrs, and Misses Taylor, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Mitchell, ] Welshpool; Mr and Mra Schubach, London Mr, Mrs, and Miss Keeling; Mr and Mrs Bailey Mr Williams, Liverpool; Colonel and Mrs Wynch, Chester; Mr Frugrer; Mr and Mrs Carter Mr, Mrs, and Miss John and family, Llanelly Dr Hanskneckt, London Rev and Miss Roberts Mr Patterson; Mr J ( Williams, USA; Colonel Thomas, Brecon Mr F Hudson, Warwickshire Mrs Johnson, MIsses Billing, Dublin Mr and Mrs Philip Jackson and family, Mr and Mrs Briramade, USA; Mr Howell, London; Dr and Mra ] Bondewywse, The Nayne Mr Pritchard, Stafford Mr and Mrs Rutherford and family, Liverpool; Monaieur Lapierre; Lady Williams Wynn and maids; Mr and Miss Abbott; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Hales; Mr and Miss Smith and maid, London Mr Roberrson, Salop Mr and Mrs Soames, family, nurse, and governess, Wrexham Mr and Mrs Johns, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Hill, Macclesfield Mr and Mrs Millingtou, Wolverhampton; Mr Stark, North- wich Miss M Walker, Liverpool Masters Russell and Gordon Jones, Melbourne; Mrs Jones, Welshpool 1, Dumbarton House, Mrs Humphreys- Mr and Mrs Shirley Davies, family (and maid, Duffield, near Dtrby Mr and Mrs Latham and family, Miss Bassett, Handsworth, Bir- mingham 3, Broughton House, Mrs Lewis— Mr and Mrs S Rutherford, Mrs Rutherford, senr, Birmingham Miss Corna, Newjastle-under- Lyme 4, Mrs Williams— Miss Morgan, Mr J Daux, London Mr F and Misses (2) Hankinson, Mr Pointon, Hanley, Staffs Misses Flialvey, Birmingham 5, Mrs Siviter- Mr and Mrs C Finnemore, Cranbrook, Kent VICTORIA TERRACE Victoria House, M E Lloyd- < Mr and Mrs Marshall and:f .mily, Heaton Chapel; Mr and Mrs Gill and family, Miss Coleman, Edgbaston; Mr and Mrs Blackburn and family, Birkdale, Southport; Mr and Mrs Smith, Knutsford Mrs Bardsley, Miss Bailey, St. Helens Mrs and Mr T E Osborne, Birming- ham 2, Evelyn House, Mrs Pierce- Mrand Mrs Statham and family, Chesterton, Staff.); Mr and Mrs Wright and party, Stoke- on-Trent Mr and Mrs Tutton and family, Shrewsbury; Mrs and Miss Davies, Wrex- ham; Mr Davies, Mr, Mrs, and Master Odames, Chester 3, Ocean View, Mrs W H Kensit— Mr and Mrs Owen and family, Mr H W Owen, Miss Owen, King's Heath, Birmingham Mr and Miss Smith, Mr R Woodward, Moseley, Birmingham; Mr Jones, Wrexham; Messrs Goodacre, Leicester Mr, Mrs, and Masters (2) Threlfall, Higher Broughton, Manchester Mr L Landstein, London Mr J Landstein, Rochdale Mr Freeman, Mr Wells, Leicester Mrs Horton, Altrincham; Miss Roulson, Southport Mrs and Master Lowe, Wolver- hampton Mr and Mrs Gee, Miss L S Bransby, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Dexter, Yorkshire Misses (2) Wright, Manchester Snowdon House, Mrs Clark — Colonel Heaketh, Mrs Hesketh, Mr George Hes- keth, jun., Messrs W and G M Hesketh, Miss Alice, Phyilig, and Winifred Hesketh, Lin- wood, Bolton Mrs and Misses (3) Tutton, Cowbridge Miss Tutton, London Alderman D Tilley, Cowbridge Mr A T Mills, Cardiff Mr and Mrs Dudley, Basford, Stoke-on-Trent; Mr and Mrs Tarleton and family, Hawkesford, Castle Bromwich 5, Plynlymon Boarding Establishment, Mrs Hall- Mrs Brierley, Saddleworth Mr, Mrs, and Master Chillcott, Bristol; Mr and Mrs Knight, Cardiff; Mrs, Master and Miss Stransome, Uxbridge Mrs and Miss Lloyd, Craven Arms Misses Biggs, Messrs Moorcroft and Warner Mr and Mrs Taylor, Mr and Mrs Edkins, Birming- ham Mr and Mrs Moore, Willesden Mrs and Miss Bullock, Wolverhampton; Mrs and losses Purshouse, do Mr and Master Had- dow, Willenhall Misses Hill, Mrs and Master Roberts, Bilston Mr and Mrs Borth, Huddersfield Mr and^isseblGrinaldi, Kent; Miss Warrilow, do Mr and Mrs Home and family, Derby Mr and Mrs Tonks and family, W ol verhampton 6, Trafalgar House, Mr R Felix Mr and Mrs W McGeoch, baby and maid, Acocks Green Mr, Mrs, and Masters Leyland, Stoke- on-Trent Mr, Mrs, and Miss King, Miss E White, Mr and Mrs H and Masters Grindall, Birmingham; Mrand Mrs Bullough, Prestwich; Misses (3) Bullough, Manchester Mr and Mrs Walter Frith and family, Mr E AUbrook, Hackney, London Brighton House, MrsJ Williams- Mr, Mrs, and Masters (4) Clarke 'and maid, Urmston, Manchester Mr, Mrs, Misses, Master and Mrs Whitehead, Preston Mr and Mrs H Tildesley, Willenhall; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Dean, Mr and Misses Dean and maid, Moseley, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, Misses (3), and Masters (3) Aldridge, Knighton, Leicester; Mr, Mrs, and Master Swanne, Sheffield Radford House, Miss Lear— Mrs R Walker and family, Miss Carwardine, Mr and Mrs J J Lane, London Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Mr Nixon, Macclesfield; Mr and Mrs Bornemann and family, Manchester Misses V and D Hanmer, Miss Williams, Whitchurch 10, Lenton Boarding House, Miss Allen- Miss Timms, Moseley, Birmingham*; Mf, Mrs, and Master Fletcher, Urmston, near Man- chester Mr and Mrs Normansell, Mrs Guest, Edgbaston, Birmingham; Misses Bloxcidge, Shustoke, do; Miss Collins, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Beattie, Messrs Norton, Griffiths, and Guest, Birmingham Misses Saunders, Miss and Mr Preiton, Walsall Mr Mrs Lewis and daughters, Newport, Salop; Mrs Newton and family, Leicester Mr Ward, Burton-on- Trent; Mr Bayliss, Walsall; Mrs Pearsall and friend, Llandrindod St Oswalds, Misses Sab;ne- Mr and Mrs Fawdry, family and maid, Edgbas- ton Mrs and Misses Tyler, footman and nurse, Llandyssil Mr and Mrs Wood, family and maid, Southport Mr and Mrs Johnston and maid, Wrexham Cliff View Boarding Establishment, Mrs Edgar Atwood- b Mr and Mrs Phillips, Misses (2) Phillips, Misses Pierce, Knight, and Baugh, Mr and Mrs Hum- phries, Mr Baugh, Misses (2) Prime, Mr and Mrs Smith, Mr Moffett, Misses Nichols and Summers, klisses (2) Eves, Miss Barber, Mrand Mrs Taylor and son, Misses (2) Brown, Misses (2) Floyd, Miss Perrins, Mrs Black, son and daughter, Mr Allan, Mr and Mrs Fairfax, Mr and Mrs Browett and party Abergeldie, Rev J Williams- Mrs Biert, family and servants, Miss Holder, Edgbaacon Craig Lais, Mrs Evans- Mr, Mrs, and Misses Chorlton, Mr Garnet, Heaton Chapel, Stockport Misses Kirk and Hodder, Walthamstow Misses Collins, Wood Green Mr and Mrs Field, Stourport Mrs and Misses Cadvan Jones, Carmarthen Mr D T Cadvan Jones, London Mrs Reynolds, M;ss Bray, Wol"erhampton Mr Turnbull, Heaton Moor, Stockport CONSTITUTION HILL Gwen-y-don, Miss C Lee- Mrs and Miss Cherry, Miss Dean, Streatham, London; Misses Land E Pascall, Penge, Surrey Mr Parkhouse and Mr Cunningham, London Mr, Mrs, aad Misses Godwin, Sale, Cheshire; Messrs Saunders and Gilbert, Birmingham Misses Darbyshire & McConnell, Liverpool Mr Alec Hall.Wem, Salop Misses Broomhall, Liverpool Aeiydon, Mrs Ashmall- Mrs and Miss L Gough, Leahurst, Oswestry Mrs Evans and Miss Davies, Cleobury Mort- imer Mr and Mrs Hiles and family, Miss Guilt, Welshpool Mr, Mrs, and Miss Ward, Birmingham Mr Smythe, Oldham Messrs Edwards, London Miss Clare, Birmingham Misses M and E Kemp, London Mr A Beckett, Stoke-op-Trent Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Master Lucy, Malvern CLIFF TERRACE I, Leamington House, Miss Baker- Mr H Cuppleditch, Wilmslow, Cheshire Misses Davies, Chawn Hill, Stourbridgo Mr L G Rhodes, Hyson Green, Nottingham Mr A Comely, Queen's Park, Manchester Mr and Mrs Cooke, Sparkhill, Birmingham Mrs a w family> Wilmslow, Cheshire 6, Wenallt, Mrs Julian— Mr Paterson, Wellington Miss and Miss Ger- trude Symons, Mrs Round, Birmingham Miss and Misa Florrie Rowlands, Llangollen Mias t ieSS!f atT^' Llanbe"8 Miss and Miss M Lloyd, Misses Delia and Jannett Davies, Mach- ynlleth Mr and Mrs F J B Lines, and Miss Turner, Handsworth, Birmingham Steynton, Mrs Bowen- Mrs and Master Bert Ohattaway, Mrs Kelly, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, Miss and Miss Ethel Z' #eyd rd Mr S Vodrey, Burslem, Staff Mr W and Miss M Tullett, Master Hr.rry Tullett, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, and Master Hackney, do Glencoe, Miss Whittingham- Mr and Mrs Brockington and family, Cardiff Mrs Dean and family, Manchester Mrs Queen and family, Lupton, Liverpool Deerhurst, Mrs Phjllips- Miss Parish, Mr G F Cuff, London Mr and Mrs Bridge and family, Manchester • Mias and Master Heap, Accrington Mr and Mrs Wood, Misses Wood, Birmingham • Miss Ford, do; Miss Price, Stafford Heathdene, Mrs Seargeant— Mr F Angell, Burton-on-Trent Mr, Mrs, and Misses Mullett, Brierley Hill Mr and Mrs Lloyd, Turnatowe, Staffs; Mr and Mrs Smith, Longton, Staff Mr and Mrs Parker, Birming. ham Mr and Mrs Clarke and family, do- Misses Underhill and Crump, do Mr and' Mrs Wilkinson, Smethwick Misa Stuart Clark, Stockton-on-Tees Everton House, Mrs Reeves— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Fiddian, Handsworth Mrs J G, Mil and Misses Fiddian, do Mr ani Mrs Jones, Brecon Mr and Mrs Fowler and baby, Nechells, Birmingham Mr, Airs, Master and Misses Grinnett, Handsworth, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Farmer, do Cader Idris House, Mrs Roberts- Misses (2) Mills and C Stringer, Walsall; Mr and MrsFrnch, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Hawkes, do; Mr and Mrs Barra and family, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Mattimaon and family, do Marian House, Mra Edwards- Mr and Mrs J Hill and family, Smethwick Miss Mabel Jenkins Mrs Owen and family' do Mr and Mra Scragg and friend, Hanley Mr and Mrs Ttiomas, Birmingham Mr and Mra Foster and child, do; Mr and Mrs Schrim- shird, do BRYNYMOR TERRACE 3, Mias Lewis— Misses Gummery, Miss Black, Birmingham; Misses Downing, Miss Crumton, Blackheath, Staffs 5, Mrs Ellis— Messrs Harris, Mrs Harris, Mr and Mrs D awson Jones, Handsworth, Birmingham Mrs, Miss, and Alas'er Lewis, Shrewsbury Edgehill, Mrs R Edghill Air and Mrs Bi'l and family, Handsworth, Bir- mingham lr and Miss Dean, Mr Scragg, Mr and Miss Wright, Mra Law ton, Miss Morgan, Stoke-oii-Trent Mr Haden, Birmingham Enfield House, Mrs Meredith-— Mrs Jones, Liverpool Miss Moore, do Miss Brierley, Stockport Mr and Mrs Parry, Dowlais Brynglas, Mr C H Cocks- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Dorothy Booth, Manchester Mr R, Misses, and Master Broughton, Brook-; lands, Manche ster BRYNYMOR ROAD Glen Rosa, Miss Laver- Mr and Mrs Winter, Worce-ster Mr and Mrs Birtles and family, Longsight, Manchester; Mr Jolly, do Eleanor Villa, Miss Walker- Mr and Mrs J Wilson, Nottingham Mr and Mrs E C Wheeler, Illolverhampton Rockfield Villa, Mrs Henry- Misses Simpson (3), Bootle Mr and Mrs Towers, family and nurse, Liverpool Mr, Mrs, Misses and Master Mills, Tipton Rosario, Miss Nock— Mr and Mrs Harwood and family, Bromborough Mrs Humphreys and family, Birmingham GEORGE STREET Newry House, Mrs Lloyd- Mrs Thomas and baby, Walham Green London Miss Thomas, do Mrs and Miss Felix, Mr Davies, London Mr and Mrs Brangwin, West Dulwich Mr, Mrs, and Miss Parker. Wolverton Mr, Mrs, and Master King, do; Mr and Mra Abbey, do M; and Mrs Jones, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Freckelton, do Mr Jones, Miss Gidley, do Messrs Beeseley, do; Messrs Bullock, Brierly Hill; Misses Ash well, Walsall Master E Ashwell. do; Mrs and Miss Mellor, Longtor, Staff; Mr Evans, Rhayder Mr Juce, Stourbridge S,:Mrs Jones— Messrs S W, R S, and B Mace, Miss H Mace, Mr R E Simmons, Birmingham; Misses A Sparks and R Stevens, Moseley, do Miss E and Mr Sydney Hallily, Edgbaston Mr Read, Tunstall 10, 'Mrs Davies— Mr and Mrs A C Bishop, Mr and Mrs W Wright, Mr and Mrs B Davies, Aston, Birmingham Mr G L Brown, London Mr and Mrs R W Marlow, Lozells, Birmingham Mr and Mrs J Jackson, Aston, do 11, Mrs James- Mr and Mrs Windridge, Mr, Mrs, and Master N Longley, Mr and Mrs Gilbert, Co. entry Richmond House, Mrs Thomas- Mrs Woodcock, Mrs Field, Birmingham Mr J Jones, London CHALYBEATE STREET 9, Trefor House, Mrs E Jones— Mr and Miss Stephens, Miss I M Chalker, Walsall Mr and Mrs Harris, Tredegar Miss E A M Evans Miss M Williams, Aberdare Mr H W Waldrow and party, Wednesbury 11, Star Temperance Hotel, Mr T S Pryce Mr and Mrs Hughes and family, South Wales Mr and Mrs Astley and family, Welshpool; Mr and Mrs Spanwick, Northampton 13, Mrs Rees- Mr and Mrs Jones, Oswestry Mrs Pugh, Misses A Jones and Griffiths, Master E Jones, Mrs Lewis and child, Messrs J and W Morris and E Matthews, Mountain Ash Mr and Mrs Hill, St Helens 16, Mrs T Coilins- Mr, Mrs, and Master S Piercy, West Bromwich; Mr, Mrs, and Master E Morris, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, Misses, and Messrs Gilbert, do IS, Argyle House, Mrs Williams- Mrs and Misses (2) Warden, Misses Poyner, F Cartwright, and A R Garratt, Mr and Mrs Ebrey, Aliss K Bettany, Mr G Elcock, Bir- mingham 23, Mrs E Humphreys— Mr, Mrs, and Master Evaús, Carmarthen Mr Jones and Air Evans, Llanybyther Mr Jones, Spain; Messrs Williams, Parry, Davies, Lewis, Penmaenmawr Air and Airs Hodgson, Mr Garside, Yorkshire 25, Miss Jones- Mr and Mrs Thomason, Worcester; Messrs Smith and T Blake, Birmingham Air aud Mrs Morgans and family, Ton Pentre Mrs Jones and Miss Edith M Gilbert, Preston Brook Mr 1) Harris, Air D Rees, Alaesteg 31, Mrs Edwards— Mrs, Miss, and Mr Ash, Miss Ringland, Mr Ash, Wjllenhall Mr and Mrs Nutt and child, Mr Nutt and Son, Air Williamson, Wolver- hampton Northey Hotel, Mrs Novfchey— Messrs E Cooke, W F Chaundy. 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