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BLAENAU FESTINIOG. FATAL ACCIDENT.—OA Tuesday of last week a youth of fourteen, SOD. of Mr John Roberts, Bethesda-terrace, met with his death in a painful manner. It appears that a horse, which he was driving, took fright and bolted, and the uufortu- nate boy got between it and the wall in High street, where he was so severely injured that he succumbed shortly after. COUNTY SCHOOL.—The success of the Intermediate School is clearly sepn in the number of successes of pupils in the recent examinations. Mr Edward T. Edmunds, who won a scholarship of S20 per annum last September at the Xorth Wales University College, has had his scholarship increased to £25 per annum. Mr John Lewis Williams, who was a pupil at this school before entering the same College, was awarded an exhibition of BlOfor his work last session. Mr Thomas J. Carey Evans, Llysmeddyg. obtained a second class certificate in the second division in the College of Preceptors examination. In the matricu- lation examination of the University of Wales, Mr Griffith Williams passed in the first division and Messrs Lewis F. Davies and Robert Percy Huehes in the second division. Miss Catherine Jane Hughes, Messrs Evan Jones. David R. Rowe, and John R. Williams have matriculated in four subjects. SCHOOL BOARD.—Present Mr E. P. Jones, J.P. (chairman), Revs J. R. Parry. R. J. Williams, H. Evans. Vote of Condolence.— On the motion of the Chairman, a vote of condolence was passed with Mr D. R. J ones and Mrs Jones, Old Post Office, in their sad bereave- ment in the death of their daughter, who was a pupil teacher under the Board. Success of Pupil Teachers.— A letter was read from Mr F. P. Dodd, M.A., head master of the Inter- mediate School, informing the Board of the successes of pupil teachers who were trained at the Intermediate School in the recent matriculation examination of the Welsh University. Mr Griffith Williams had passed in the first division and Messrs Lewis F. Davies and Robert Percy Hughes in the second division. The following had passed in four subjects out of five:— Miss Catherine Jane Hughes and Messrs Evan Jones, David R. Rowe, and John R. Williams. Resignations.—A letter was read from Miss Grace Humphreys resigning her position as assistant mistress under the Board, it being her intention to enter college. Miss Ann J. Roberts also sent in her re- signation. having accepted another appointment. Appointment.—Miss M. C. Roberts, Glanpwll, was appointed assistant mistress of the Girls' Higher Grade School. Reports.—The reports as to the recent examination of the evening schools were read and considered satisfactory. The grants were as follows —Tanygrisiau, £6388; Festiniog, £ 27 12s t>d Manod, S44 16,. 9d; Glanpwll, £!)4 6s M Slate Quarries, £6n 8s 3d. The; reports of the inspectors were as follows :—' Mixed School The discipline is excellent and the children are bright and intelligent. Not- withstanding the difficulties associated with staff changes and the evil influences of epidemic upon the attendance, creditable progress has been made in most of the branches of instr otion." "Infant School: The school has had some difficulties to contend igainst during the year past in changes in the staff and irregular attendance consequent upon the prevalence of epidemic sickness and it is perhaps not quite so ad- vanced in reading and counting as it otherwise might have been. The hand writing, however, deserves special praise, as do also the recitation and discipline. The school is likely to do well under the new teacher." The schools have been awarded the highest grants, viz., £2311s 3d.—The Board decided to congratulate Mr Thomas R. Jones and Miss Edwards, the head teachers, on the result. School Teachers Examinations.—The report as to the pupil te3.chers examination was read and Was as follows :—Evan Roberts, 51G marks Owen T. Owen, 514 Thomas F. Evaus. 472 Morris G. Owens, 472 Mary J. Davies, 463 Mary Elizabeth 449 Maria J. Roberts. 426 Elizabeth A. Junes, 423 Mary Ellen Owen, 421 Jennie Pugh, 409 Owen Williams, 406 Catherine M. Jones, 402 Kate E. Jones, 394 Sallie Roberts, 392; Annie M. Hughes, 365. The Oakley Scholarship Examination.—The result of this examination was reported as follows :—Cecil J. Williams, Glanpwll School fS.-i), 303 marks Richard Jones,' Tanygrisiau (£3), 300; Evan R. Roberts, Glanypwll (£2), 290 Caradog Rhydwen, Manod, 288 William J. Thomas. 278 John Morris, Manod, 274 Edwin A. Owen, Slate Quarries, 270 William J. Griffiths. Glanpwll, 264 Annie G. Hughes, GIan- pwll, 261 Ellen J. Jones, Tanygrisiau, 260 Thomas EL Jones, Glanpwll, 259 Annie Jones. Tanygrisiau, 258 Robert Thomas, Slate Quarries, 250 Owen M. Owens. Glanpwll, 246 Rhonwen Bevan, Manod, 244