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TUWYN. NEW VICARAGE.-Plans of the new vicarage at Llanegryn, prepared by Messrs Hjpkiss and Bassett, the well-known ecclesiastical architects, have been approved. The site of the vicarage is a beautiful one. It commands a full view of the vale of the Dysynni from the Birds' Rock to the sa. VISITORS.—The town is really as full as it can hold of visitors, the computed number of whom is 2,000 Hundreds have come and gone away unable to find a resting place. Towyn is fastly resuming respectabte proportions. Duriug these weeks the population, including volunteers, camp followers, visitors, and residents number close on 10000. One gratifying fact in connection with this large number of people is the ample supply of water to be found in the Rhydyronen V alley, but it becomes clearer every day that additional water mains will have to be supplied in a very short time. VOLUNTEERS.—The volunteers have come and the mighty host has spread its big camp on the plain below Neptune Hall. There are about six thousand men. It is difficult to say how this fine body of men would behave in the faces of an invad- ing army, but it is fair to assume that they would frignt the enemy with as much courage as they fought the elements on Friday and Saturday nights list. There was a high easb wind, blowing the dust and gravel in clouds; the nights were dark and really stormy, bur. in spite of the darkness, the du-t and dangers, the volunteers piraled the streets and the roads and sang merrily in the midst of all the adversity. On Sunday afternoon there was a very welcome downfall of rain which laid the dust and softened to a certain extent the hot parts of the ground. REMARKABLE SCHOOL ATTENDANCE.—There lives at Aberdovey aa exemplary police constable whose chiidren have mariethe following remarkable attendances at school without a break. One child has attended four years, another three years, an- other two year, and another one year. P.C. Price has other children who have distinguished them- selve* in the scholastic line. One if not male has entered the teaching profession. The example which these children set to others is c-rtainly worthy of imitation. Mr Jones, registrar, has a child who has attended school for five years with- out a break. There are other children at the Board School, Aberdovey, who have attended school some for three, some for two. and some for one year without a break. Good attendance is not the only distinguishing feature of the children at this school for five of them took scholarships at the recent examination at the Towyn County School. PETTY SESSIONS. FRIDAY, ACGCST 4TH.—Be- fore Humphrey Davies, Esq., in the chair Marmaduke Lewis, H. Haydn Jones, J. Chidlaw Roberts. El"q rs. Drunk in Charge.—Owen Owen, labourer. Pen- prys, Glandovey, was charged by P.C. Thomas Parry with having been drunk in charge of a horse on the Corris and Machynlleth road on July 24th. —Defendant wrote admitting the cffduce and reo gretting his inability to attenj. —The Bench im- posed a fine of 10s and costs. Obstructing a Railway Guard.—Richard Row- lands, Ratgoed, Aberllefenny, qusrryman, was charged by J. R. Dix, general manager of the Corris Railway Company, with having on July 7th obstructed and impeded David Fred Price, guard, whilst in the execution of his duty on the Corris Railway. Defendant was also charged wit h hav- ing assaulted Price.—Defendant admitted b )th charges and expesserl regret. — Mr Dix said he did not wish to be hard upon defenda t. He was de- sirous tht the practice of obstructing the em- ployees of th* Company should be stopped. — De- fendant was fined Is in resp'ct of each case with the costs, the total fine amounting tc £1 7s 6d. Husband and Wife.—An application was mule by Thomas, 72, Aberfan-road, Merthyr Vale, that the order made agaiust him cn May oth, 1S99, to contribute 12s 6d, per week towards the main- tenance of Mary Jane Thomas, Upper Villaee, Bryncrug, his wife should be altered, varied, or dis- charged, on the ground that since the making of theorder his means had altered, and that prior to the making of the order Mary Jane Thomas had been guilfv of adultery,—Mr W. R. Jones, on behalf of Mr W. P. Owen solicitor. Abfrystwvth, whore- presents Mrs Thomas, applied for adjournment, a letter being read from applicant consenting to adjournment. The application was granted. Alleged Assault.—Elizabeth Jones, 9. National- street, Tow yn, charg-d her husband, John Jones, with having assaulted her on August 1st.—Neither party appeared and the case was struck out. Tran.rer of Licencc.. -Application was made by Mr John Lloyd of Garthyngharad Inn, Llwyn- gwril. for the transfer of the licence to Mr Abra- ham Foulkes, the present occupier. Vaccination. —Mr Arthur Fowler, golf profes- sional. Aberdovey, applied for a certificate dispens- ing with the vaccination of his child on account of the weak state of the child's health.—The Clerk You need not come here at all if the child is weakly. You must get a medical certificate.—Mr Chidlaw Roberts You have no conscientious scruples?—No, sir.—The Bench advised applicant to secure a medical certificilte. The Volunteer8.-Applh:a.t on was made for occa- sional licences for the canteen of the volunteers for the following week —Superintendent Jones said he had no objection, but he should like the authorities to know that the police objected co drink being served to outsiders. A lot of trouble had been caused as the result of outsiders being served at the canteen of the last brigades.—Mr Chidlaw Roberts I think the licences have been abused.—The other magistrates concurred, and in granting the appli- cation they expressed a hope that no drink would be served to outsiders. furniture on the Highway.—Superintendent Jones said he would like to have the advice of the Bench in regard to a esse of obstruction on the Abergynolwyn and Talyllyn road. The highway waa obstructed by a quantity-of furniture, the pro- perty of Robert Griffith, Efailydris, who had been recently ejected from bhe house he occupied. Numerous complaints had been made about the obstruction anrt one horse shied at the furniture and ran away.—Mr W. R. Jones, on behalf of Mr Owen, solicitor, the representative of Griffith, re- minded Superintendent Jones that there was no charge against Griffith.—Superintendent .Jones said he Was aware of that fact. He did not want to take proceedings if the obstruction was otherwise removed. Something would have to be done. If Griffith continued to break the law, he wou'd have to take out a warrant.—Mr Jones said he was in a position to say that Griffith would remove his effects in a day or two.—Superintendent Jones I hope they will be removed, otherwise we must take proceeding*. DROWNING FATALITY. On Thursday evening, a visitor named Mr Watson Smith, staying at Bryntegid, Towyn, was drowned whilst bathing in the sea. It appears that he made the mistake of bathing some hundreds of yards from the recognised bathing place and it is presumed that he was seized with cramp. Mr Smith, who came from Whalley Range, Manchester, and was a junior cashier in the Union Bank, York street, Manchester, was the son of Mr Smith, the late manager of the Bradford District Bank, left Man- chester a fortnight ago to spend his holidays at Towyn, in company with Mr Ellison, manager of a branch of the Union Bank. On Thursday last both gentlemen went for a cycle ride to Talyllyn. They returned to Towyn about half-past two in the after- noon, and, after allowing himself sufficient time to get cool after his hot ride, Mr Smith decided to go and bathe. He left the house about half-past four and when he did not return to dinner, Mr Ellison grew anxious and went in search of him. Just as he reached the beach two of the volunteers who were encamped at Towyn were engaged pulling a body out of the shallow water, and to his great pain he recognised it as that of his companion. The body was conveyed by the volunteers oa their stretcher to the mortuary. Mr Ellison communi. eated with the friends of the deceased, and his father, who lives at Southport, left for Towyn on Friday night in company with his daughter. An inquest was held on Saturday afternoon by R. O. Jones, Esq., Festiniog, deputy coroner, and a jury consisting of Mr J. Maethlon James, fore- man, the Rev Humphrey Williams, the Rev R. W. Jones, the Rev J. Pickering, the Rev J. Griffith, Messrs J. Whittaker, Hugh Evans, Morris Jones, D. C. Jones, W. O. Ellis. J. E. Edwards, Richard Roberts.—The first witness was Alfred Ellison, the friend of deceased, who identified the body and said the age of deceased was thirty-four. They returned from their bicycle ride about quarter to four and deceased went out to bathe three quarters- of-an-hour later.—Herbert Howell, Ellesmere, a boy at the volunteer camp, gave evidence to the effect that in company with another lad he walked along the beach on Thursday evening when be noticed something in the water. He and his com- panion thought it was a mat at first. On finding it was a body, they summoned assistance. The body waa about fifteen to twenty yards from shore.— Colon" Sergeant George Alldrift of the Volunteer Brigade gave evidence as to the conveyance of the 1 body of deceased by Sergeant Fox and he to the mortuary in the camp stretcher.—P S. Ellis Morris said when he arriver1 on the scene he found Dr Davies, Denbigh, who is staying with the Volunteer Brigade, trying to restore animation, but without success.—The jury returned a verdict of accidental death and passed a vote of sympathy with de- ceased's parents. Deceased's father, who was pre- sent, acknowledged the vote. —




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