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TALYBONT ->o THE LION HOI- JhiL T a. L Y B O NT FAMILY A N f) COMMERCIAL. ,fnHIS well-known old establishment lias lwen entirely re-built and re-furnished and is now one of the most com- J- fortable Hotels in Wales. The neighbourhood in which this Hotel is situated is very pictum-que ;ind is noted for fishing. Gentlemen sbyiIJ at the above Hotel have the? privilege of fishinc in sir Pr\>e J ryse s Lakes, the Lerry, and other Rivers. Headquarter. for the C.T.C. and Road and Path. Proprieties—M s MORGAN. PostalAddrexs— Rait"ay Station— Tdefiram*- Talybont, R.S.O., LI-».«»»angel. MORGAN. Li..n Hot-1, Cardiganshire. Ca,iil)riati R-,il,i, 1,.I.vl) lit, JLTlaCK LION. FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL, TALYBONT. This old-established and wpll-kno* n Hote1 i< under mtnagem t, d r c ntl" re -a'I. Parties, Bicyclists, Commercial) Gentl-men and Visitors to r.ilieifin's Grave .'d > it < r V .• y will find every accommodation and a H.,m fr<>ni li. r, a,i !nvv. t'" privil-■ f fishing in the Gogerddan Lakes. Lerry. and nther river-. A' s. s, Spir « (i Ciir-T* "f ti,, fines qml ty. POST HORSES AND CONVEYANCES FOR HTRE. Parties i-net by arraugern-tit -t (,'Iazi,l,,vev., mid other Statio s PRO P R lET 0 R- R. D. JENKfNS. TERMS —MOPE RATK. Postal Address—Talybont, R.S 0 ry.lij. ■■ s ire. 1,- 1 g,.a I I I Bl;t, L- finri Talvl n,,t. C ABERYSTWYTH E S I A H 1, I S II E D J 8 5 1. THOMAS, WATCHMAK" K AND JEWKLLMI. 18, GREAT DxRKOATK STRKKT, ABKKVSTWYTH. THE OLDEST, CHEAPEST, AND BEST EST A BLISHMENT JN THE TOWN. pligilma TOO w r r ] 01 LOOK IN THOMAS'S WINDOW FOR SOUVENIRS OF ABERYSTWYTH. PEBBLE GOODS A SPECIALITY. h6 1 FOR COLOURED PHOTOGRAPHS, 1 ABERYSTWYTH PARADE, CASTLE, DEVIL'S BRIDGE, VIEW GOODS c IN ENDLESS VARIETY, LEATHER GOODS OF THE NEWEST PATTERNS, FANCY GOODS AND STATIONERY OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, "CAMBRIAN NEWS" OFFICES, TERRACE KOAD, ABERYSTWYTH. ONCE MORE. i WE are once more ready with an ENORMOUS VARIETY OF TOYS, FANCY ARTICLES, 1 PIPES, TOBACCOS, &c. OUR COLLECTION INCLUDES THE BEST, ALL THE BEST, AND NOTHING BUT THE BEST OF THIS SEASON'S « GOODS. NOTE THE ADDRESS: J. & L. WARD & Co., ABERYSTWYTH BAZAAR, 8 GREAT DARKGATE STREET. b15 — The only Guide revised every year and brought up-to-date. Over 135.000 Sold. The Prince of Guides" n'plhman. Gossiping Guide to Wales. The best Guide for Sea-side Visitors, Mountaineers, and Pedestrians. The best Guide for Cyclists, Train and Coach, and Archaeologists. The best Guide with the best Maps and the Clearest Directions TRAVELLERS EDITION, Two Vols in Case 4s. PARTI. Southern section of North Wales and Aberystwyth 2s. PART II Northern section of North vvales 2s. POPULAR EDITION Is. PART I. Southern section of North Wales and Aberystwyth 6d PART II. Northern section of North Wales 6d These Books meet with a large sale throughout the United Kingdom to intending tourists. They may also be had of all Booksellers and at the bookstalls in North Wales, or- WOODALL, MINSHALL, & Co., 110 Publishers, Oswestry. ^otogtt—Jlpartmcnts VISITORS and COMMERCIAL V Gentlemen will find every modern conveni- ence at the California. Hotel, High-street, Towyn. Headquarters C.T.C. Two minutes' walk from Station. 109 Jlparttncnts- artnouth. Marine-parade CLERGYMAN'S daughter receives pay- c ing guests at moderate terms, in pleasant house, facing sea. Cuisine exceptionally good. Perfect sanitation. High references. Proprietress, Oak House, Marine parade. Church-street. CRAIGYDON, within two minutes' walk of 2, he Railway Station, Beach, and Post Office. Large, airy 'rooms. Excellent sanitary arrange- ments. Comfortable apartments at reasonable terms.-Apply, Mrs W. Jones. 167-2 BORTHWEN HOUSE.—MagnificentSea Bathing and Sands, Yachting, Boating, Sea and River Fishing, Shooting, Golf unrivalled Scenery. The above house is under entirely new management. Moderate terms. -Proprietress, Mrs Captain Evans. 167-3 Ci CUMBERLAND HOUSE, two minutes' /V) walk of Railway Station, Beach, and Post Office. Comfortable Apartments, moderate terms. -Apply, Proprietress. 167-4 The Quay. TUDOR HOUSE.—Apartments with or without Board. Excellent view of the Maw- ddach, Cader Idris, and the Viaduct. Good refer- ences on application.—Proprietress, Mrs Edwards. 167.6 HAKMUU 1 11. Higrh-street. TALYDON Private Hotel and Boarding .L House, close to the Marine-parade, Beach, and Railway Station. Terma on application. Apply, Mrs Owen, Proprietress. 167-1 A bermaw-terrace. WYNNSTaY HOUSE. House con- tains two sitting-rooms and five bedrooms. Excellent view of the Estuary and Cader Idris. Proprietress, Mrs Evans. 167-7 BODLYN HOUSE. Comfortable apart- ments at most reasonable terms. Grand view of the river Mawddach and the Viaduct. Proprietress, Mrs Pugh. 167-S FURNISHED HOUSE or Apartments at moderate terms. House contains three sitting-rooms and eight bedrooms. Commands an extensive view of Cardigan Bay, the Estuary of the Mawddach, and the Viaduct.-4, Abermaw-ter- race. 167-9