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FESTINIOG. DISTRICT COUNCIL.—A special meeting of the Council was held on Thursday evening, presided over by Mr William Owen, to consider the report of the Medical Officer of Health.—Dr Richard Jones explained that the birth-rate showed an increase while the death-rate showed a larger decrease as compared with the return of 1896. The birth-rate had been above the average for a number of years and this might have an indirect influence on the death-rate, particularly the rate of infant mortality. He recommended a perfect system of drainage; dry, healthy dwellings, with healthy surroundings wholesome, unadulterated food and cleanliness in all its form. The responsibility of the Council in some of these matters was no less important than that of parents and guardians, in view of the fact that the children of to-day would be the ratepayers of the future The lowest death-rate was found in the Teigl and Cynfa) wards (16-6) and the highest (21 5) in Diphwys ward. The number of fatal accidents at the quarries, the staple industry of the district, during the last three years was as follows 1896, 3; 1897, 1; 1898, 4; the rate being 0'65 per 1,000 men employed. The milk supply of the district continued to be good and as about 120,000 gallons were imported annually, it was important that the local authority should exercise the greatest care in insisting upon the quality beiDg pure. He would recommend that all persons carrying on the trade of dairymen or purveyors of milk should be registered; that a regular inspection of cattle, cowsheds, dairies, &c.. especially with regard to cleansing drainage, and water supply, be made imperative, and that every care should be taken to prevent the milk sold from being contaminated or infected. He pointed out that the district contained only one registered common lodging-house, which was far from ade- quate in such a populous district, and maintained that a cottage hospital was urgently required in order to facilitate the recovery of persons who had suffered from serious accidents.—Upon the motion of Mr Owen Jones, seconded by Mr Humphrey Roberts, a copy of the Dairies, Cowsheds, and Milk Shops Order, 1885, was ordered to be sup- plied to each member of the Council in order to enable them to frame the necessary bylaws for the protection of milk consumers.—Mr 0, J. Owen Rhiw) proposed and Mr E. Lloyd-Powell seconded that section of the Public Health Act relating to notification of diseases be translated into Welsh md adopted.—Mr Owen Jcnes proposed that the member for the county (Mr 0, M. Edwards) be ipproached with regard to the desirability of hav- ng all Acts of Parliament relating to the health of -he public published in Welsh as well as in English. —Mr Howell Jones seconded and the matter was jassed unanimously.—On the motion of Mr Evan i. Jones, seconded by Mr O. J. Owen, it was re- lolved to publish a Welsh leaflet containing in- ductions as to nursing and to distribute it through- out the district.—On the motion of Mr E. Lloyd- Powell, seconded by Mr J. T. Jones, it was re- lolved that the quarry owners be approached with ihe view of erecting a cottage hospital for the use .f quarrymen and others.—A vote of thanks was massed to the Medical Officer.

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