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PWLLHELI. Toy TRAMWAY.—There is probably no place in Wales, except Pwllheli, that can boast the posses- sion of two distinct tramways. A private marine tramway, four miles long, connecting Pwllheli with the Glynweddw Galleries and Gardens at Llan- bedrog, has been running for the last three years and affords visitors an opportunity of seeing some of the beauties of the scenery of WTales in its wild, romantic, and sometimes rugged grandeur. On Saturday this was supplemented by the opening of a toy tramway running along an embankment con- necting the town from Pen-street with the South Beach at a point opposite the South Beach Hotel. The embankment was formed in 1840'and until the South Beach was opened up as a seaside resort about ten years ago its narrow width of twelve feet or so was ample for all requirements of traffic. Is runs alongside the beautiful and natural harbour of Pwllheli and is nearly a mile long and when the Town Council saw the pressing necessity of widen- ing and extending it early this year they also de- cided to construct and work (asa municipal under- taking) a tramway along the new portion which it had been resolved to erect. The present width of the embankment is-fifty feet and the tramway con- sists of a single line with a. loop at the centre. The gauge is 2ft¡ 6in and the Corporation are pro- viding both open aoid covered cars. The open one is a deck car with reversible garden seats (com- monly described "toastrack" cars), to seat twenty-four the elosed one seats sixteen. Both are of miniature proportions, The tramway is worked by horse traction and will undoubtedly become a popular institution. The views from the embankment are beautiful aad' extensive, including the entire Snowdonian range and the lesser hills of Merioneth. The fare charged will be Id, but the Corporation are issuing pnepaid tickets at 9d a dozen. Workmen's tickets will also be issued by certain cars at d each, and as the workmen of the Gimlet Rock Granite Quarries have to pass albng the route of the tramway to get to their work,, they will probably avail themselves in large numbers of the facilities offersd. The Corporation of Pwllheli have shown a good deal of spirit in con- nection with public wonks, and as the town con- tinues to prosper theJe can be little doubt the new toy tramway can be extended in various directions. The entire work has beeL carried out by the works department of the C.iporation under the direction of the Borough Sur

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