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ABERYSTWYTH. ] INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL MANAGERS, FRI- DAY, Mr George Davis, chairman, presiding Mrs Jessy Williams, "Mrs James (Dolybont), the Rev T. Levi, Messrs C. M. Williams, Richard Richards, R. J. Jones, J. P. Thomas, and Professor Genese and Mr John Evans, clerk. THE REPORTERS. Professor Genese expressed surprise that the reporters should have published some remarks in regard to the health of an applicant for the post of science teacher made at the last meeting.—Mr C. M. Williams said the reporters ooly did their duty. It was for them to report what took place unless requested not to do so.— Mrs James said the reporters did not always report everything and they sometimes reported what was unfavourable to the school.—The Chairman said he had always found the reporters very willing to leave out anything which the Managers did not desire to be made public. TRAV £ LLING TEACHERS. The Clerk of the County Governing B.!1y (Mr H C. Fryer) wrote stating that that body w. re pro- posing to appoint a teachtr of cookery and laundry work for the three county schools of Ab-rystwyth, Aberayron, and Tregaron at a salary or fO (inclu- sive of travelling expenses) of which th-y would pay half provided the Technical Iustructi: n Coin- mittee of the County Council and the managers < f the schools mentioned would between them pay the remaining half. It was hoped that the Technical Instruction Committee would agree to pay one quarter of the whole salary, leaving the other quarter, £20, to be paid by the thcee schools pro- portionately to their accommtditon for girl pupils. The proportion of the salary payable by the Aberystwyth Managers would be £11 2s 2d and would the Managers state as soon as they conveniently could whether t' e suggestion was acceptable and whether they would cor sent to pay this yearly sum. He believed that they al- ready had good provision for cookery a id laundry work in the way of buildings, but that as yet they had made no provision for teaching.—Ti e matter was referred to the Finacce Committee with power to consent to the arrangements, the meeting of the County Governing Body being held before the Managers would again meet. CARETAKING. The Chairman brought forward the recommenda- tions of the Finance Committee. The Committee recommended that the present arrangements for cleaning the school should terminate and that a person should be engaged to be always at the school.—The recommendation was adopted on the proposition of M r Richard Richards.—Mrs Williams proposed that the Managers should send to the Society which had been established for the purpose of finding employment for pensioners to recommend a suitable person.—Mr R. J. Jones asktd whether a. man from the town could not be found to do the work ?—The Chairman said it would be difficult to get a man to give his whole time to the work for say fifteen shillings who was not in receipt of an income from somewhere else.—Mr R. J. Joues said there were pensioners ia the town. — Prof. Genese took it that they would be eligible and Mrs Williams replied in the affirmative. — Mr J. P. Thomas seconded the proposition which was then agreed to. OPENING OF THE SCHOOL BUILDINGS. A letter was read from Lord Rendel thanking the Managers for changing the date of the opening of the new building so as to enable him to be present.—It was decided that the opening ceremony should take place on October 26th. SCHOOL HOURS. Mrs James, in accordance with notice of motion, proposed that a deputation from the Managers should wait upon the Cambrian Railway authorities to endeavour to have the train now arriving at 9-45 in the morning to come in before half-pas: nine that the school should commence at half-pist nine instead of nine as at present, and that instead of there being half holidays on Wednesdays and Saturdays that there should be a whole day off on Saturday. If these were carried out it would be a great convenience to country pupils.—Mr J. P. Thomas thought it w?s a very good suggestion.— Mr C. M. Williams proposed that the suggestion should be referred to the staff for consideration be- fore being adopted. He thought it would be better to have a written report by the Headmaster. so that it could not be said again that they came to a decision hurriedly. — Mrs James said the matter had been mentioned at the last meeting and the Headmaster had had ample time to consider the matter.—The Headmaster said they had considered it and as far as trIP staff was cou cerned they were quite in favour of the changs.— Mr Williams said lHJ would prefer that it should be considered by all the teachers and that a written report should be presented.— Professor Genese: We have the two heads here and they say they have considered it.—Mr Williams We have oniy one head here, so you are clean out of it—Mrs Jessy Williams took it that the staff had fully con- sidered the matter since the last meeting.—The Headmaster stating again that the staff' had con- sidered the question and favoured the change, the propositiun wa agreed to.-It wa* decided that the whole Bnnl should form the deputation to Mr uenniss. SCHOLARSHIPS. The Headmaster recommended that the scholar- ships of the following pupils should be renewed :— Ebenezer R. Thomas, Hubert E. Jones, Rachel Thomas, Fred R. Jones, Jacob Meurig Jones, Arthur D<ughton U'illiair.s, Sarah Helena Evans, Victoria Bonner, Margaret Keane, Mary Evans, Elizabeth Edwards, and Dd. Jones.—Mr J. P. Thomas asked whether preference was given to poor pupils in awarding these scholarships and the Head- master replied that they .vere given solely on merit. —The list was passe 1 on the proposition of Mr R. J. Jones. APPOINTMENTS. The Managers resolved into committee, on the proposition of Mr C. M. Williams, to con-ider the appointment of science master at a salary cf fel20 and that of assistant mistress, salary Two candidates for the former post iwere interviewad, viz., Mr J. H. Howell, B.A., B.Sc. (London), and Mr H. B. Mill, A.R.C.Sc., science master at the Victoria Institute, Worcester. Ultimately, Mr Howell was appointed. Eighty candidates had been received for the post of assistant mistress of which the following had been recommended at the la=t meeting by the FinaLce Committee for final selection—Miss Katherine M. Green, L. L. A. (St. Andrews), Miss Edith M. Theobald, B.A. (London), Miss S. M. Morgan (Cambridge higher), Miss S. E. Thomas, Aberystwyth (London matric., first division), and Miss A. Torode (Cambridge higher). Miss Green, Miss S. M. Morgan, and Misa S. E. Thomas were inter- viewed by the Managers and eventually Miss Thomas was appointed.—Mr Howell took his B.Sc. degree with first-class honours in physics. He was for four years and a half science master in the civil service department of Kings College. London, since when he has been doing research work at the Victoria Institute, Zurich. PETTY SESSIONS, WEDNESDAY, JCLY 26TH. Before D. C. Roberts, J. Morgan, aDd T. Griffiths, Esqrs. No L icence.—William Davies, carriage driver, of 26, Mill-street, Aberystwyth, was summoned by David Morgan, inspector of hackney carriages, for permitting a carriage to ply on hire without a licence on July 21st.—Inspector Morgan stated that on Wednesday last he saw defendant driving a four-horse charabanc on North-parade. He had warned defendant before without avail. lie did not ask defendant for a licence because he knew he had^not gotooe. He had promised several times to take out a licence. — Defendant said he had not been seen driving a charabaoc before, but admitted that he ba.d been seen driving carriages. He thought he could drive if the carriage was private. De- fendant said he had told Inspector Morgan that he was going to take a licence out on Saturday and would have done so nad he not met with an ac- cident and had offered to pay for a license on. Saturday.—Defendant was fined 5s. with costs. Annual Licenses.—Game licenses were granted to Mr Richard Saycell, Great ParKgate-street, Mr E. P. Taylor, Terrace-road, and Mr Randolph Fear, Terrace-road. TOWN COUNCIL COMMITTEES. HARBOUR COMMITTEE.—A meeting of this Com- mittee was held on Monday evening, when there were present Councillor R. Doughton, chairman, presiding Aldermen David Roberts and T. Doughton, and Councillors D. C. Roberts (mayor), E. H. James, and Isaac Hopkins, Messrs A. J. Hughes, town clerk H. L. Evans, borough accountant and Rees Jones, surveyor. The application of Mr George Davis for permission to erect a galvanized iron shed on the Rofawr was considered.—Captain Doughton said it was neces- sary to keep an empty space at the end of the present warehouses where vessels could discharge in case of emergency. A vessel might put in during a storm and want to unload, and that space had also been used before.—Mr E. H. James said if the application was not granted, the Council would lose some revenue and Mr D. C. Roberts said there was a great demand for storage at the Harbour and he thought the application should be seriously con- sidered.—Captain Doughton suggested another site for the shed and it was agreed to visit the spot in company with Mr Davis. PCBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE.—A meet'ng or this Committee was held on Monday evening, when there were present Alderman Peter Jones, chair- man, presiding; Alderman T. Doughton, Councillors D C Roberts (mayor), R. Peake, John Jenkins, Isaac Hopkins, and E. H. James; Messrs A. J. Hughes, town clerk H. L. Evans, borough accountant and Rees Jones borough surveyor. Plans of the workmen s dwellings were presented by the Surveyorand being finally approved, were oraered to be sent up to the Local Government Board. Capta n Doughton said he had been spoKen to by a farmer as to the state of the road leading from penparke to Felinymor.—It was stated that there was no traffic on the road. FINANCE COMMITTEE—A meeting of this Com- mittee was held on Tuesday evening when there were present Mr C. M. Wi.Iiams, chairmau, pre- siding Alderman Peter Jones, Councillors D. C. Roberts, (mayor) and John Jenkins, Messrs H. L. Evans, accountant, and Rees Jones, borough surveyor. Bills and labour sheets for the month were passed.—The chairman asked whether any- thing had been beard recently from the athletic clubs in regard to the recreation ground. He supposed the field previously held by Mr Pope's school was still on their hands.—The Accountant said the field had been let to Mr, Rowlands the butcher, on condition that he would give it up if it were wanted as a recreat on ground.—An ap- plication by the Town Crier for new uniform and a waterproof coat was granted.—The Chairman said the next subjtct on the agenda was tie revision of the scale ot charges for renewal cf leases. He took it that the matter would be considpred in private as had been done before.—Ths other mem- bers agreed and the reporters left. IMPORTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD FARMS. On Monday afternoon Mr J. E. James, auctioneer, conducted a sale of freehold farms at the Lion Hotel. The farms were mostly upland and were portions of the Mabws estate. There was a large attendance and with one or two exceptions all lots were disposed of. A good number of the farms were bought hy the tenants, who were afforded exceptional opportunities to secure them. The solicitors for the venders were Messrs Roberts Evans. The first farm put up for sale was Bryneiddwen, 23a. Or. 3Sp.. now in the occupation of Mr Dd. Evans, being withdrawn at £140. For Tynewy Id, 24a. Or. Sp., the bidding commenced at £100 and n se rapidly to £2S0, at which ic was knocked down to the tenant, Mr Evan Phillips. Pistillgwyn, 10a. 2r. Sp., the adjoining farm, next offered was again sold to the tenant, Miss Saran Evans, for The next farm put up. Rhydyfudr, fetched a starting bid of £600. It was declared an open sale at £1,000 and wai sold to the tenant, Mr Jenkin Evans, for £.1,100 Cefngronllwyn, in the occupation of Mr William Edwards, was sold to Mr Daniel Edwards, Gwarolchfa, for JE150, and Tanlluast, 51a. 1. :3Ip. (tenmt, Mr Dd. Williams), was sold after very spirited bidding to Mr S. T. Jenkins of London for £700. The next lot offered for sale consisted of the farm of Lluestnewydd, con- taining 58a. 1. 35p. Bidding commenced at £500 the sale was declared open ar £800, at which sum it was knocked down to Mr Jones. Ynysfach. Mr Wm. Lloyd, Talwrngoch, bought Talwruhogfaen, which was next put up, for JE450. Caregyddol, a farm of 15a. 2r. 23p. was withdrawn at £125, as wat also, 49i. Or. 30p. at £250. The pur- chaser of Gwar rchfa, 39a. 2r. 27p., was the tenant, Mr William Edwards, at £350. Rhcsyrolchfa, measuring 2Sa. 2r. 22p., was withdrawn, the bidding only reaching £250. Bidding was again very slow for Hafodronw, a farm of 25a. lr. 29p. and it was also withdrawn. A part of the latter, measuring 15a. Or. 7p, was then put up and disposed of for £95 to Mr Lewis Davies, Tynfynydd. For Talwrncoch, hav- ing an acreage of 80a Or 20p, bidding started at £500 and rose rapidly to £700 when it was knocked down to the tenant, Mr John Lloyd. The tenant, Mr John Evans, was also the purchaser of the next farm, Lluesthen, 36a 2r 6p, for JE450. The next farm, Bryngwyn, 31a 2r ISp, was withdrawn at £525, the Auctioneer stating that the reserve price was very nearly reached. The farms previously withdrawn were then put up. Hafodronw was sold for £400 to Daniel Jones, Hafodlas, and Carregy dd u was purchased by Mr Evan Phillips for £150. The same afternoon Mr J. E. James offered for sale some freehold houses and gardens in the village of Llanon, which were disposed of as follows — Cledan House. £110, Mr Daniel Davies, 2, Bridge- street, Llanon Good Hope (including shop and warehouse), withdrawn at £260.



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