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I-- BARMOUTH. SOUTH PARADE. Osborne House, Mrs Brazier- Mr and Mrs A G Ayrton, family and maid, Tattechall, Chester Mr and Mrs Robbins and maid, Mr and Mrs Mountford, Mr S Rob- bins, Mr A Robbins, Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham Mr and Mrs Grose, family and nurse, London Belmont House, Mrs Thomas- Mrs and Misses Moorat, Mrs Earle and baby, Master W Earle, Crosby, Liverpool Mr S Hartley and (18) party, Burnley Comber House, Mrs Roberts- Mr and Mrs Daggett Rose, Calcutta Mr and Mrs I. Pearce and children, Market Drayton Mr and Mrs Hard, London Gwendolen House, Miss Owen- Mrs Wakefield, family and maids, London Mr and Mra Wakefield Beach House, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs James Parr, Misses Parr (2), Man- chester MARINE TERRACE Bank House, Mrs D Edwards- Miss Thomas, Llwyn Madoc, Garth Comman- der and Mrs E Thomas, family and maids, Builth Miss Miller, do; Mr 0 H Yalpy, London; Mrs and Miss Blackburn, Har- rogate Mr E W Wood and party, Bath 2, Mrs Evan Jones— Mr and Mrs Backhouse and family, governess and nurse, Harrogate; Miss Sutcliff, do; Mr and Mrs Hainson, family and nurse, New Brighton 3, Clivejjlace, Miss Morris- Mr and Mrs Dobell and family. Southport Mr and Mrs Dix, family and maid, Stoke-on. Trent Mr and Mrs Lodge, do 4, Mrs Jones— Mr, Mrs C W Bassano, Miss Vera Bassano, Mr F Bassano, Dr H F Bassano, Old Hill, Stafford- shire Miss L Hofmann, Lucerne, Switzerland Mr and Mrs E Smedley, Miss Hunt, Belper; Mr and Mrs Woodward 5, Mrs Parry- Mr E D Jones, MA, County School Dr and Mrs Davies and family, Stroud Miss Gristo, Cheltenham Rev Mr Davies, Stroud; a Hope, Huddersfield 6, Mrs R Griffith- Mr and Mrs Penry, Mr C E Penry, Wolver- hampton; Misses Richards and Harrison, Bir- mingham Mr and Mrs Hurst and family, Sheffield Mr and Mrs and Mr F R Smith Dudley 7, Mrs Ellis Jones- Mrs and Misses (3) Wright, Mr and Mrs Jenks family and maid, Walsall Mr and Mrs Payne and baby and nurae, Misses (3) and Mr Col- lins, Leicester 9, Mra Williams- Miss and Miss E Horley, Leamington Spa Mrs Lewis, Mrs Freeth, Mr and Mrs Goodings and family, a Friend, Portmadoc Vronderw, Mrs Griffith Rev E Elliot and family, Bridgnorth Mrs Sherman, London Llys Meirion, Mrs Adams— Mrs and Misses Gaskell, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Hewit, Crewe Mr Brown, Manchester Mr and Mrs Leese and family, Mr and Mrs Eaton and famiiy, Stone Windsor House, Mrs Robbins— Mr and Mrs J Greaves, baby, friend, and daughter, Sparkbrook, Birmingham Crystal House, Mrs Williams— Mr R Williams, London Mrs W R Williams, Kingston-ou-Thames Mr and Mrs T G Owen and family, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Heller, M iss aud Mr Leo Heller Auckland House, Mrs Holcolm Jones— Mr and Mrs Gorton and family, Dudley Mr and Mrs Ogleby Davies, family and nurse, Mr Aif Davies, Dr Pierce, Cardiff; Mrs Jones, Birmingham Misses (3) Smith, Ches- ter Oak House, Mrs Jackson— Rev J Cutting, Ponteland. Hull; Mr and Mrs Galbraith, Wolverhampton Mr and Miss Perry, London Mr and Mrs Lee, do Ty Fry, Mrs Edwards— Mr and Mrs Jackson, Mr and Misses Hopwood, Bolton; Mr Thomas, Cardiff; Mr and Mrs Velasco, Messrs Stovell, W H Harmsworth, Warren, and Edwards, Miss Stead ana others, London Belgrave House, Mrs Williams— Rev and Mrs Green Price, family and two nurses, Miss Barnaby, Brampton Bryan Rectory; Drand Mrs Wilson, family and nurse, Cheadle; Miss Kendal, do Mr and Mrs Crossland and family, Hqddersfield Tremydon, Mrs Roberts— Mr, Mrs, and Masters H and W Mason, With- ington; Miss F Young, Didsbury Mrs T Atkinson, Mr A and Miss Atkinson, Mr L Kirkpatrick, Eccles MARINE MANSIONS Mrs Winchester— Mr and Mrs A Smith and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Myers, family and maids, Edg- baston Miss Hurley, Ireland GLANYWERYDD TERRACE 1, Mrs J T Jonps- Mr. Mrs, and Misses (6) Harding, Mr and Mrs Vines, New Swindon MrWilson, Birmingham 4, Mrs Jones— Mrs and the Misses Hamer, Knighton Miss Wildblood, Shtewsbury Misses M E and F E Morris, Presteign, Radnorshire SEA VIEW TERRACE 3, Miss Phillips- Mr and Mrs Dean and family, Boldmere, near Birmingham Mrand Mrs J J Knust, London; Mrs and Miss Bell, Cardiff 4, Mrs Mansfield- Mr Ford, London DOCTOR'S BUILDINGS I, Mrs W Bishop— Mr and Mrs Evans, Saltley, Birmingham Hope Villa, Mrs Evans— Mr and Mrs Robbins and baby, Walthamstow; Miss Simons, London Mr J A Rowlands Tanrallt, Mr 0 Owens- Messrs Lloyd and Burrows, Dudley Messrs S Griffin, F Hope, and H Vaughan, Wolver- hampton KOHINOOR VILLAS Glan Owen, Mrs Griffiths Mrs and Miss Harding, Birmingham Mrs John- son and family, Liverpool Mrs Dudley— Messrs Frank Simmons and Bloxham, Birming- ham Mr and Mrs Bishop and family KOHINOOR BUILDINGS 1, Mrs Capt Edwards- Miss S Williams. Llanuwchllyn, near Bala CAMBRIAN STREET Tanygraig, Mrs Owen— Misses Field and Tovey. Bromsgrove, Worcester- shire Mr and Mrs Ellis and family, Birming- ham GLANYLLYN SQUARE Glanyllyn Temperance Hoel, Mrs WTilliams — Mr H J, Mrs, Miss & Master Shaw, Manchester Mr A Ekins, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Mr R Davies, Liverpool Mrs M Morris— Mr Hollick, Swinton Glanywerydd House, Mrs Davies— Mrs Johnson and family, West Bromwich Miss Owen, Dolgelley BELLE VUE MANSIONS 2, Mrs J J Griffith- Miss Falconer, Southport; Mr-and Mrs Heynes Miss Heynes, Miss Canter, Miss Ryder, Malvern Miss Stoke, Clifton Mr and Mrs Jackson, Heesle, E Yorkshire Criterion, Mr George Crump— Mrs Henry Webster, Ireland Mrs W Alex White, do Mr Paterson, Liscard, Cheshire Mr P Williams, Stockport Messrs Field, Thomas, and Harris, Birmingham FRONFELEN TERRACE 1, Mrs Wi iliams— Mrs G A Paris, Miss Nina Paris, Miss E Jones, Liverpool: Mrs Solomonson, Manchester 2, Mrs Roberts— Mr and Mrs Hodgson, Manchester Mr, Mra, Miss, and Master Walker, Bradford; Mr and Mrs Hencliff and family, Miss Janett, Kidder- murter 5, Mrs R Griffith- Mr, Mrs, hu1 Miss Hillyard, Stamford Hill, Lon- don; Mr and Mrs Thomas and sou, Stoke Newingtou, London; liss Pyle, Upper Clapton, London Misses M and E Beament, Stoke Newington, London Mr and Mrs Stowe and family, Wellington, Salop FRONFELEN CASTLE 1, Miss Pugh- Mr and Mrs Price, Miss Wood, Liverpool 3, Miss Thomas— Mrs aud Miss Hughes, Brecon Mrs and Miss Florrie Hughes, Wrexham; Mr and Mrs Wallis, Manchester Mr and Mrs Thomas and family, Leamington Spa Miss Hay, Chesterfield AELFOR TERRACE 3, Mrs D Davies— Mr, Mrs, and Misses Newev, Wolverhampton VICTORIA PLACE 1, Miss J Davies— Mr and Mrs .May mon, Patricroft 2, Mrs Rogers— Miss Wright, Miss Bradbury, Birmingham HENDRE VILLAS 2, Mrs J George— Mr T Adams, Mr and Mrs Bellamy, Mr and Mrs Smith, Mr and Mrs Ballard, Mr L Ballard, Mr, Mrs, Misses, and Master N Abraham, Kettering EPWORTH TERRACE 1, Mrs Williams- Mrs Fisher, Bush Hill Park, Enfield, London; Mrs and Mr.Charles, do 3, Mrs R Owen- Misses Scott, Mr Wilde, Sheffield; Mr A L and Mrs H L Glasspoole and family, Ruthin Mcaiid Mrs Smith and two children, Birken- ht ad Mr Owen, Portmadoc Mr and Mrs Crashnaw, Manchester Ö, Miss Griffith— Mr and Miss Pendleton, Manchester Mr, Mrs, aud Miss Shawcross, do GLASFOR TERRACE 1, Miss Roberts— Mr Lee, Walsall 3, Mrs Davies— Messrs Gardner and Barter, Oxford PARK ROAD Aelfor Cottage, Mrs M Pugh— Mr Griffith P Jones, Harlech Mr Ellis David Davies, Llanegryn; Mr Evan Evans, Dyffryn Pantllan, Mrs Jones— Mrs, Miss, and Mr Middlehurst, St Helens LLANABER ROAD Penzance Villa, Mrs G Edwards— Mr and Mrs Millington, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Parry, Llangollen Beulah Hill, Mrs Roberts— Mr J I Edwards, BA., LIanuwchllyn; Mrand Mrs Tracy, Mr and Mrs Gurtrie, Mr and Mrs Edwards, London Bryn Teg, Mrs Jones— Mrs Henry Herrick, family and maid, S. Ken- sington Mr and Mrs G W Bush and family, Coventry Green Hill, Mrs Richards— Mr and Mrs W Tuffee, Mr Tuffee, jun, Graves- end Mr and Mrs W F Ford, London Mr and MrsH Berry, baby and nurse, Manchester; Mrs Binks, Mrs and Mr Bennington, Mr Wood, Liverpool Bron-y-Voel— Dr and Mrs Keightley and maids, London Fern Villa, Mrs Myatt— Mr Johnes, Montgomery Inveruga, Mrs Kynoch— Miss Hudson, Bury Messrs Drew, Hicks, and Punkley, London Misses Barker a.nd Brooks, Wolverhampton Misses Cowie and Pettman, Swindon MINYDON Mrs Evans— Mr Davies, J.P., Upland, Carmarthen Miss Guyer, Miss Nasb, Newbury Mrs Richards— Mr and Mrs Charles and family, Liverpool Miss Bess, Southport CUMBERLAND PLACE Miss Pugh— Mrs Thorpe, Reading Mrs Bull and family, Leicestershire Cumberland Cottage, Mrs Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Silver, Wavertree, Liverpool Mr Simpson, London Mr and Mrs Camerton, New Swindon, Wilts 2, Cumberland House, MrsAstley— Miss Betts, Mr and Mrs Johnson and baby, Man- CheSter WATERLOO PLACE 1, Mrs Captain Richard Owen— Mr and Mrs P Spencer, Miss Waddington, Bury Mr and Mrs Waywell, Mr R Waywell, Miss Waywell, Miss Wright, Mr Bushton, Man- chester 2, Mrs Captain Williams— Rev Denis W Marsh, Miss Ada Hardie, Dr and Mrs A H Marsb, Master Frank Marsh, Miss Dorothy Marsh and nurse Mr and Mrs Percy Scholey, Master Gerald Scholey, Master Nor- man Scholey, Misses Gladys and Dulcie Scholey and nurse HARBOUR VIEW 1, Miss Roberts- Mr Willis and Miss Willis, Misses Willis, New Swindon Mr H Noble, Mr Adams, Mr Adams, do HANLITH TERRACE 1 and 2, Mary Thomas— Mrs, Mr Cecil, and Miss Florrie Perrin, Dublin 3, Mr W H Davies- Mr and Mrs Harper and family, Birmingham 4, Miss Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Suckling, Miss and Miss Elsie Suckling, Moor Green, Birmingham Mrs Sheep, Hournvilla, do; Miss L Croft, Walk Green, do Mr G Bird, Moseley, do Misses Urmston, Aston, do Mr and Mrs Nuttall, Sheffield BRYNDERWEN ROAD Maindee House, Mrs Roche— Mr Pybus and nephew, Manchester MARINE GARDENS Falcon House, Misses Perrin and Turner— Mr and Mra G H Peers and family, Millthwaite, Wallasey Mr W S Chantrell, Darley Dene, Wallasey Mrs G W Turner, Manchester Daisy B-tnk, Misses Roberts— Mr Fritz Loffler, Frieburg Mr J Heyes, Liverpool Dr and Mrs Minter and family. Uxbridge Fraulein Schuldt, Hamburg Mr Rees, Narberth Roseneath, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Bennett and baby, Blackheath Mr C R Waite, Mr Thorne, Birmingham MARINE ROAD. Artro House, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Pearce and children, Builth Miss Anderson, do; Miss Anderson, Scotland 7, Mrs Williams— Rev and Mrs Rowlands and family, Corris; Misses Waddy (2), Cheltenham 1, Hugo Villas, Mrs Jones- Miss Stuart and party, Oxford 2, Hugo Villas, Mrs Rees Griffiths- Mrs and Misses (2) Johnson, Handsworth, Bir- mingham Miss Rooke, Newton, Chester Glandovey House, Mra Lewis Edwards— Mr and Mrs Gibbons, Cheshire Mr and Mrs Nayler and baby, Miss Singer, New Brighton; Mrs and Miss Griffiths, Oxford; Mr Hill, Erdington Artro House, Mrs J Morgans- Misses (2) Nead, Mrs Rose, Mrs Daly and child, Handsworth, Birmingham Mr and Miss Hill, Worcester Bay View, Mrs Mallet— Miss Owen, B A, Misses Rees, Jones, and Owen Aston House, Misses Jones— Mrs Beuchette, Mrs Haddock, family and governess, Rock Ferry; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Bellhouse, Rochdale; Master Perry, Kings Heath Mr and Mrs Bromwich, Harborne PORKINGTON TERRACE 1, Mrs Jones— Mrs and Miss Wyatt, Mrs and Master Kent and maid, Miss Mackenzie, London 2, Mrs Evans— Mr and Mrs Redgate and family, Nottingham Mr, Mrs, and Miss Greeff, LMr Treadwell. London 3, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Moser, London; Mr and Mrs Bell, Norwich Mr and Mrs Kennin and family, Swindon 4, Mr Williams— Mr J A, Mrs, and Master Roland Isaacs, Brus- sels; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Hibbert, Mr R Hibberc, and Mr H Harpin, Liverpool Mr, Mrs, and Master Hall-Brookes and nurse, Manchester Mr and MrsKenward, Messrs F Kenward and Travers-Symons, London 5, Mrs Rothwell— John Ryder, Cheetham James Kemp, Clayton Bridge H W Winterton, Sale; G P Mather, Queen's Park, Manchester 6, Mrs Richards— Mr J H Williams and family, Worcester Mrs and Miss Checketts, do Mr and Mrs Eve, Leamington; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Woodhead, Mrs Salt, Leeds Mr, Mrs, and Miss Turton, Mrs .lames Turton, Bury, Manchester 7, Mis Captain Lewis— Mr and Mrs Lambert, Messrs E A and J E Slade, London; Messrs Hirley, Leamington 8, Miss Gritfith- Misses Mott, Mills, and Long, Ventnor Dr and Mrs Garson, family and maid, Bebington 10, Mrs Capt Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Lloyd and family, Sutton Coldfield 11, Mrs Evans— Mrs Tuckett, Miss Colson, Bristol Mrs and Miss Turton, Clifton, do Mr and Mrs W H Hurton, Birkenhead Mr Tuckett and Mrs H anmer, Wrexham 12, Mrs Evans- Mr and Miss Hall, Oxford 13, Mrs Davies— Mr and lrs C Friend, baby and nurse, Mr Appleby, Rock Ferry Mr and Mrs Wright and family, Sale, Manchester Mr and Mrs and Miss Harris, Derby Borthwen House, Mrs Capt Evans— Rev H and Miss Evans, Miss Davies, Hereford Misses Oscroft and Goodman, Nottingham Mr and Mrs Hodgkinson, and Miss Hodgkin- son, Newport, Mon; Misses Brady and Barron, Bray, Wicklow Orieltou Hall- Mrs and Misses (2) Vaughan Birks and maid, Sheffield; Nurse Stevenson, Yorks Mrs Torianca and maid, Miss Munning, Man- chester Mrs Farrow, London Miss Jameson, Farnham Mr and Misses (2) Hobbs, London Misses Naylor and Hurst, do Capt Buchanan, Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs Jones, London Mr and Mrs Railton, Banbury ABERAMFFRA Idris View, Miss Williams— Mr a.nd Mrs Horsfield. two children and nurse, Marple, Cheshire; Miss Machin, Moss Side, Manchester Rev W E and Mrs Winks, Car- diff GLANABER VILLAS Glanaber House, Mrs Williams— Mrs and Miss Fisher, Miss Boldiug, Miss Monk- man, London Mrs Dawson and family, Bir-" mingham 1, Mrs Nock— Mr S Worsley, Mr Evans, Upminster; Mr and Mrs Thornton Bobby and family, Margate 3, Mrs Garnett- Mr and Mrs Crossley and family, Dukinfield, Manchester ABERMAW TERRACE Wynnstay House, Mrs Evans— Mr and Mrs Twigg and family Mr and Mrs Davies, London Cader Mew, MrsG Williams- Mrs and Miss Odgen, Rusholme. Manchester Misses Carrington and Hollingworth, Castle- more, Rochdale Penbryn House, Mrs Ffoulkes— Mr and Mrs Stamp, Clifton, Bristol Mr and Mis Price, Birmingham 5, Mrs Capt Morris— Mr H A Payne, Birmingham; Mr E A Gere, London BORTHWEN TERRACE 2, Mrs Richards— Mr, Mrs, Miss. and Miss N Hutchinson, Derby Misses Springford and Poitch, Cheltenham Mr, Mrs, Master Ray and Miss M Daniels, Wolverhampton Brynhyfryd, Miss Dedwith Mr Spicer and family, Oxford Misses Rapworth London THE QUAY Pembroke House— Mr Williams, Mr R Williams, Miss Sally Wil- liams, Wrexham Mr W 0 Gale, Neath Mr T W Worthington, Ruthin; Mr Price, Man- chester Tudor House, Mrs Edwards Dr and Miss Barnes, London; Mr E A Gamble, Leicester; Mr and Mrs H W Harrison, Derby Min Afon, Mrs E Jones Mr and Mrs W R Mashedar, family and maid, Bootle; Mr, Mrs, and Misses Hingley (2), Worcestershire CHURCH STREET Meirion House, Mrs Jones Mrs Milton and Mr Oswald Davies Mr and Mrs Fox, Mr and Mrs Bradley, Sheffield Tynewydd, Miss Edwards Mr 0 .Vright, Mrs H Davies, nurse and chil- dren, Liverpool 1, Glyndwr Terrace, Mrs 0 Jones- Mr and Mrs Gardner, Miss V Gardner, London Mr Garduer, Swindon; Mr and Mrs Brown, do Miss Jeffries, Oxford Anchor House, Mrs Capt Griffith- Mr and Mrs Bouts, Master B Brown, Stoke Newington Miss Bartham, Mrs Drew, Aston, Birmingham 2, Glyndwr, Mrs Capt Morris- Messrs G Foster and M A Garstang, Oldham HIGH STREET Talydon Hotel, Mrs Owen- Miss Hart, the Misses Lonsdale, do Mr and Mrs Shaw, Walsall; Mr Southall, Birming- ham Mr and Mrs South, Burnley Mr Hay- ward, London Mrs Shutt, Mrs Wood, Sut- ton Cold field Mr Bishop, ILondon; Misses Broadbent, Mr Chatham, Hyde London Cottage, Mrs Allen Jones- Mrs Cambridge and two sons, Gloucester Mr and Mrs Hill, do Mawddach House, Mra Wynne Jones- Mr and Mrs Llewelyn and baby, Cardiff Mrs Llewelyn, Pembroke Dock Glanglasfor, Miss Morris- Mr Mrs, and Misses How, Nearwell, Shrews- bury Mrs and Miss E Douglas, lalwarpe Rectorp, Droitwich; Mrs Leonard, Kensing- ton, London ;Mrs J H and Mr R C Ivens, do 1, Wesley Place, Mrs Williams- Miss Mason, Birmingham Glasfryn, Mrs E Pdce- Mr and Mra Pickering, Ruabon 2, Brynymor, Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs G G Dawson and family, Skipton, Yorkshire; Mr and Mrs Windle, Grimsby; Mr and Mrs Hancock, London; Mrs and Miss Murray, Manchester Vroc House, Mrs Jones— Mr and Miss Ramsdale, Newcastle-on-Tyne Bwlch House, Mrs Capt E Richards- Mr and Mrs Butcher, London; Misses (2) and Master Hobbs, Bristol ST. ANN'S SQUARE Mrs Edwards- Misses Dcdd and Andrews, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Woemell and family, Coventry Mr and Mrs Hutton and family, Birmingham 6, Mrs D E Davies- The Misses Lantrow, Rhayader Mr and Mrs Swan aud child, Mr and Mrs Pryce and child, Mr Davies, Swindon Mr Davies, London BRONABER TERRACE Arfon House, Mrs R Jones- Mr and Mrs Gregory, Mr and Mrs Dodson, Bir- mingham; Mrs and Miss Reed, South Shields






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