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PORTAIADOC. PETTY SESSIONS.—The ordinary Petty Sessions were held in the Police Station on Friday of last week. there being on the bench Messrs R. M. Greaves, W. Lowson, Robert Thomas, and T. Burnell, Furious Bicycle Biding.—Rowland Williams and Thomas Jones were charged with having furiously ridden theirjbicycles through the town of Portmadoc on the evening of the 10th June.—P.S. Jones proved the offence which was admitted by both the defendants and they were each fined 2s 6d. and costs. Stone Throwing.—A young boy was brought up on a charge of throwing stones at a tree in Garn, Dolbenmaen, on the 4th June. There were a large number of boys similarly engaged and the police- man apprehended the accused. The proceedings were taken under the new bylaws issued by the Carnarvon County Council for the rule and good Government of the county. Being the first case of the kind, it was dismissed with a caution. Cattle Straying.-Henry Owen, a farmer at Garn, was charged with allowing his cattle to stray on the highway at Graigcoch. Garn.—The offence was proved by P.C. Robert Jones aud defendant was mulcted in the costs. Brotherly Love.—Cross summonses for assault were heard between two brothers William Williams and Evan Williams, who had quarrelled and fought upon leaving the Prince of Wales Inn at Porto-adoc. Both summonses were dismissed. Non-payment of Rates. —On the application of the overseer of the poor for the parish of Dolbenmaen, orders were issued against William Jones and Robert Williams for non-payment of rates. Ejectment.—An order for ejectment was granted to Mr Morris, Tremadoc, against John Davies, a tenant upon whom notice to quit had been duly served, SPECIAL SESSIONS.— On Monday last a special sessions was held at the County Police Court before Mr J. R. Prichard. Burglary. —Caradog Williams was charged with burglary under the following circumstances :—John Jonts of the Goat Inn, Glanddwyfach near Dolben- maen, said the accused was in his employ, having been hired a fortnight since to weed crops. Ac- cused slept in a barn about three quarters of a mile trom the house. Witness heard a noise in the house about two a.m. on Saturday and lit a candle and got out of bed. He did not then see the accused, but heard a noise as of somebody going downstairs and as of boots falling. He went down as quickly as possible to the kitchen where he saw the accused lying down on a bench. He asked accused what he was doing there, but accused pre- tended to be asleep. He then told accused to go out which he did at once. All the doers had been locked and the windows fastened on the Friday night. He found onSaturchy morning that the win- dow of the kitcnen where the accused was had been unbarred, W Itnes had 11ft missed anything, but sent f <1 r th" p lie constable about eight a.m. on the Saturday P.C. R >>rrt .Jones stated that he was the co stable s-tationwl at and about noon on Saturday II" went t > toe Goat Inn and examined the wiiulows o; tiv- kitc. II wilich wa then barred. He unla cried the window tai) opened it and found a mark as "f a knif*- fin the woodwork. He went to the accused, u as standing near a stable ad- joining the house, and a ked him to show him his kuife. Accused denied hat oe had one and witness then charged accused wi h ourglary and cautioned him a- d a'terwards sea-h. d him and found ou him the kriife produced. V\ itne-s compared the mark with kuire and found that hey corresponded. the he moved the late i an I op-ued the 'undnw. He apprehended the accused who denied th- offence, but on the way to Bry, kirStation accused s .,d, It wili,be against me nave b-en beoi e them on a similar offapce, and the mark of the knife on the window wiUn- demn me."—The accused, whoadmittedthe offence, was committed to the Assizes.


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