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ABERYSTWYTH. £ • 5 MARINE TERRACE Cambria Hotel- Mr E M Mitton, Mr W Morton, Mr J Hough, Birmingham; Rev and Mrs Adams Mr and Mrs Way, Chester Mr and Mrs Langdale, Surbiton, Surrey; Mr W P Hopkins, Leaming- ton; Mr F Rushton, London Rock House, Mrs Harry Lloyd— Mr and Mrs Davies and maid, Llanelly Mrs Davies, Ruabon; Mrs Morgan, Llanidloes 6 Mr Evans, London; Mr and Mrs Jordan, family and maid, Kenilworth Mr and Mrs Jones and family, Llauelly 3, Penrock House, Mrs Jenkins— Mr, Mrs, and Master F Kent, Handsworth, Bir- mingham; Mrs Tudge, Mrs Evans, Knighton; Mra Hands 4, Oxford House, Mrs Rowlands- Mrs Cotterell and family, Yatton Miss Mac- ( gregor, Edgbaston 5, Osborne House, Miss Morgan- Miss and Miss Georgina Tearne; Rev T B and Mis Williams, two children and governess, St Paul's Vicarage, Llanelly 6, Miss Cole — Mra Shepherd, Miss Bardsley, Cheadle, Cheshire; Mrs G Jones, Abercarne Mr and Miss M Judd, Newbridge; Mr and Mrs Evan?, Black- wood Miss Morgan, Miss Noble, London 7, Miss Jones— ( Capt and Mrs Jenks, Hyde Park, London Mr Lloyd Hughes,Alltllwyd, Llanrhystyd; Mrs Hosking, Wolverhampton Miss L Stuart, Pockliugton; Mrs Watkins, Glasbury-on-Wye; Mrs Powell Williams, do; Mr and Mrs Owen, I family and maid, Shrewsbury; Mrs and Misses M Kee, Alsager I 8, Mrs Davies- Mr and Mra Nickolls, Tuck Hill, Bridgoorth Mr and Mrs J E Nickolls, Staverley, do; Mr and Mrs Blakemore and family, Edgbaston Mr and Mrs A W Sargeant, Cardiff 9, Mrs Williams- The Misses Parr, Leamington, Spa Mr, Mrs, and Misses Hiles, Meole Brace, Shrews bury; Rev Mr and Mrs Lee, Miss Morland and maid, Berthen Rectory Major and Mrs Bonsall, Miss Bonsall and maid, Galityllan 10, Mrs Jones- Mr and Miss Short, Miss Brigstock. Llan. llwch Vicarage Mr and Mrs Roger Jeffreyss Mrs Baile, Miss Owen, Llandovery Mrs Gordon and Misses Gordon, Bridgnorth Rev and Mrs Marsden and family, Llanllwch Vic- arage. 11- Principal and Mrs Prys, family and nurses, Trevecca Mr and Mrs Watkins, Green Hill, Crickhowell Mrs Watkins, Noyadd, do Mrs Walker and maid, Wolverhampton Mrs Dr Owen,baby and nurse, Llaudovery Miss Bsrbara Ellen Tearne, Presteigne, Rad- norshire 13, Avondale House, Mrs Owen Owen— Mrs Armstrong, Newcastle-on Tyne Mrs Price and family, Abergavenny Miss Hutchins, Erdington,1 Birmingham Mr and Mrs J W Barnes, Chester Mr and Mrs Smallpiece and party, Gilford, Surrey Mrs Clayton, Mr Henry Clayton, Mr Guy Clayton, Dawley, Salop 16, Garfield House, Mrs Edward Jones- Mr. Mrs, and Misses Yardley, Stourbridge 18, Miss Newell- Mr, Mrs, and Master Alec Sale, Handsworth Miss Rollason, do; Mr S Hill, Miss Hill, Handsworth, Birmingham Miss Jones, do Mrs Dogood, do 19, Miss Lloyd- Mr and Mrs White and family, Moseley, Bir- mingham Mrs and Miss Fitter, Olton, do; Misses Annie and Ada Venn, do Belle Vue Hotel, VY H Palmer— Mrs Sharville, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Pratt, do Mrs McClure, do Mr Tulloch, London Mr Hughes, Mr Hayes, Mr Walker, Mr Green, Mr Hopcroft, Birmingham: Mr Marcus Robert5, London Mr Morgan, Ruabon Mr ,i,ni Charnside, Birmingham Mr Grant, Liverpool; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Binns, The Oaklands, Walsall Mrs Stevens, London Dr Fredinick, Hereford Capt J Parry Mr Owen; Mr Jones, Cardiff; Mr Gough, Oswestry Dr Gibbon, Carmarthen Mr and Mrs Lennox, Wolver- hampton Dr and Miss Young, London 24 Mrs Kenrick— Mr and Mrs Coulson, Master Coulson, Moseley, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Lorsdale and family, Miss Weatherley, Clapham, London Mr and Mrs Nasch, Bishopton, Bristol Waterloo Hotel- Mr and Mrs Owen, Builth; Mr J H Yearsiey, London Mrs Aubrey LIoyd, Cowbridge Miss Lloyd, Rhayader iNIr, Mrs, and Miss Thomp- son, Sheffield Mrs Naylor and Miss Hirst, Southport Rev B Davies, Plymouth iMr: Mrs, and Misses Bostock, Crewe Mr Bostock, jun, do Mr and Mrs Lever, Mr Lever; jun, Bolton, Lanes Mr and Mrs Taliesin Evans, New York, U S A Mrs 'Hodgkiss, Harborne, Birmingham Mr H B 'Austey, do Messrs Tomley, Montgomery Rev T Evans, Henllya, Llandovery Captain Jenkins and party, Aber- ayron Mrs and Miss Clarke, Leicester Mr Mel ley ne, Birmingham Mr E Dallow, Grap- penhall Messrs Lewis, Plumridge, Bowell, Foster, Clarke, and Fox 30, Claremont, Mrs Ankers— MissesCrosswaith, Fairfield, }Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Maxwell Smith, Wrexham Mr and Mrs Neville, family and nurse, Tamworth Mrs Elliot and friend, Hereford Rev T Land Mrs Parker, Harrogate 31. Mr David Phillips- Mr, Mrs T W, and Miss Dora Gamble, Leicester; Mrs Davies, Moseley l\Iis E GlOper, South Wigston Mr and Mrs R D Bromley and family, Shrewsbury 33, Gloucester House, Mrs Roberts- Mr and Mrs Lund, Manchester Mrs Lloyd, Mrs and Miss Parton, Highley, Bridgnorth Mr and Mrs L Stephenson, Newchurch, nr Manchester Mr and Mrs R Heap, Clough- fold, do Mr aud Mrs Auday and family, Olton, Warwickshire 34, Windsor House, Mrs Aston- Mr and Mrs Cooper, Bilston Messrs J E Critchley and Neioiuger, Gloucester Mr and Mis Beunett, Wolverhampton; Mr aud Mrs Badger and family, Shrewsbury; Mrs and Mi-s Wroe, Mrs Calom, Miss Carter, Oldham; Misses (2) Cirter, Mrs Farnum, Stcke-on- Trent Messrs Davies, B Lindsay, W Holder, J Evans, W Hutchins, D W Ellis, Shrewsbury 35, Brynymor House, Misses Nelson- Mrs Weaver, Ludlow Mr knd Mrs Lloyd, baby and nurse, Welshpool; Mr and Mrs Bond and family, Welshpool Mis and Miss Fidhr, Stockport Mrs and Miss Blakeway, do Miss Cneetnain, ,10; Mr and M rs Turford and family, Ludlow Mr, Mr. Miss, and Master Lucas, Bootie, Liverpool No Address— Miss Christian, Birkdale Mrs A Frisky, do 39, Glyndwr House, Miss Gritliths- Mrs and Miss Grovr s. Ironbridge Mrs Slaiey, Mrs Retchford, Oakengates Mrs and Miss Hotchkiss, Craven Arms 40, Mrs Pierce— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Steel and family, Barnard Castie Misses Jebb, Ellesmere Mi-ses Jones, Wollerton, Shropshire Miss Lee, Wolvenamptoo Mr Albrecht, Manchester 41, Clarence House. Mrs C J Brown- Mrs Bustard, Ellesmere, Salop Mrs Trueman, do Mr and Mrs Gordon-James, London 42, Miss Jones— Mrs Ashmore and Miss Sibley, Leamington Spa Mr and Mrs Charles Glanville, Abingdon Mrs Tollington, St Mary Bourne, Hants Mrs Haynes, Warwick Mr Burrell, Handsworth Mr and Mrs Adcock and child, Amblecote, Staff 43, Picton House, Miss Osmotherley- Mr and Mrs Parker and family, Handsworth, Birmingham; Miss Bradford, Birmingham; Mrs and Miss Sprague, Kington Miss Ward, Roby, nr Liverpool 44, Miss Jones- Mr and Mrs Payne Evans, Mrs Deane, Llan- stephan, Radnorshire Mrs C T Edwards, Biford Court, Hereford Rev S and Mrs Vincent, Sheffield W, Chatham House, Mrs J L Jones- Mrs Griffiths, Mr and Miss Griffiths, Wylde Green, Birmingham ;:Rev, Mrs, and Master Walker, and Miss Foster Carter, Frankford Rectory, Rugby Miss and Misses K and E Roylance, Macclesfield Misses H and A Gas- kell, do 48, Marlborough House, Mrs Bevan- Mr J Roylance, Miss Owen, Mrs Lawton and family, Mrs and Miss Anderton, Mr Percy Wright, Mr and Mrs Salt, baby and nurse, Macclesfield t9, Mrs H Humphreys- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Earle, Hereford Mr, Mrs, and Miss Gough, Shrewsbury 50, Miss James— Miss Wood and Miss Simpson, Hereford Mrs Morton, Birmingham Mrs Cave, family and maids, do Miss Smith, do 51, Norfolk House, Mrs Gathercole— Mr and Mrs Baker, Misses (2) Baker, Hands- worth, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Briant, Misses (2) Briant, Bilston, Staffs Mr and Mrs Kinsman and daughter, Manchester 53, Miss Watkins- Misses Farr, Hereford Miss Farr and Miss Bridgewater, r.,ominter; Mr and Mra MacBride and family, Edgbaston, Birmingham Mr and Mra Wainwright and family, Knighton 54, Stafford House, Miss Bevan- Mr G.1I Wilson, and Miss Wilson, Mrs Wilson, Derby Mr and Mrs Anderson, family and maid, Be-tvdley. Mr and Mrs Cotterill, Miss and Master Cotterill, Longton. Staff i5, Penbryn House, Mrs Rice Williams- Mrs Edward Jackson, Miss Marshall, Leaming- ton Spa i7. Mrs Morgans- Mr and Mrs J E Leah, Bournemouth Mr and Mrs Smith, Dudley ;'Mrs and Miss Mathews, Swansea i8, Idris House, Miss Nicklin- Mrs ani Miss Terry, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Terry, and Miss Terry, do Miss Plant and Miss Williams, Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs Lewis Jones, family and.maid, Llyswen, Brecon >9, Miss James- Miss Ashton and maid, Southport Mrs Evans and Miss Farmer, Pantybeudy, Carmarthen; Mr and Mrs Tergy, Mr, Mrs, and Master Pilkington, Miss Smith, Birmingham 10, Sandringham House, Mrs Burton- Mr and Mrs George Smith and family, Hanley, Stafia 11, Miss J Jones- Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Misses F and E Beebee, Sale, near Manchester; Miss and Miss A E Robinson, Mr and Mrs R S Robinson and family, Longton, Staff; Rev Rand Mrs Hurst, Macclesfield 52, Miss Brownson- Mrs Breese, Machynlleth Miss Howson, Long- ton, Staff; Professor E Anwyl the Misses Parr, Leamington Spa Mrs Ware, Miss Hughes, Lozells, Birmingham 54, Yoik House, Miss Nelson- Mrs Martinee, Winchfield; Mrs Fidler, Carn- forth Mr, Mrs, and Master Fiddian, Birming- ham; Miss McTurk, Mrs Gowley, Manchester; Mrs Ball and baby, Lozells Miss and Master Round, Birmingham Ulifton House, Mrs Stockwell- Mrs Avery, Miss Edwards, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Jones, Wolverhampton; Mr and Mra Street and son, Sheffield Mrs and Miss Osborne, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Sheene, Staffordshire ALBERT PLACE l, Dumbarton House, Mrs Humphreys- Mr and Mrs Saunders, London Mr and Mrs Bamford, Mrs Jarvice and family, Misses Davies, Llanidloes; Mr and -Mrs Gittins, Surrey, London 3, Broughton House, Mrs Lewis—" Mr and Mrs and Miss Dora Evans, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Master Green, Smethwick, do Mr and Mrs Thompson and family, Bil- ston, Staffs 4, Mrs Williams- Mrs Greenwood, Oldham Mrs and Master G Brierley, do; Miss Evans, Dowlais Queen's Hotel, Mr W H Palmer- Mr, Mrs, Miss Masefield, Ledbury* Mr Evans, Llandovery Nurse Conway, Mr and Mra Knighton Oliphant and maid, Perthshire Mr, Mrs, and Miss Aldridge, Leicester Messrs Richardson and Williams, Beddgelert Mr Howarth, Bowdon, Cheshire Mr and Mrs Jones, Melbourne; Rev and Mrs Norris, Shrewsbury Mr Baillie, do; Mr H Smith, Salop; Archdeacon Wynne Jones, Mr J Howard Gwyther, London; the Rt. Rev Dr Lloyd, Bishop of Bangor Misses and Mr R F Lloyd and servants, Bangor Mr H E Berthon, Oxford Mr Kirkland, Liverpool Mr Cooper, Derby Mrs Risdon, Mrs Rimer, Cheshire VICTORIA TERRACE 3, Ocean View, Mrs W H Kens it- Mrs Riordon, Walsall; Mrs and Miss Penning- ton, Hereford Mrs and Miss Evans, Corwen Mr and Miss Hill, Burton-oa-Trent; Rev, Mrs, and Miss Dunscomb, Ledbury Plynlymon Boarding Establishment, Mrs Hall- Mr and Mrs Craven, Oswestry Nurse Kay, do; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Clarke, Messrs George and Hedry Taylor, Birmingham; Mrs M'Carthy, St Leonards Mrs Dowdeswell, Miss Oakley, West Bromwich Mr and Mrs Willis. Miss Senior, Leamington Mrs Donald, Miss Knight, Hereford Miss Field, Redhill, Surrey Mr and Mrs A E Coucher, Kidder- minster; Miss Evans, St Austin's, Warrington; Rev T H and Mrs Sharpe and family 6, Trafalgar House, Mr R Felix- Mr and Mrs R H Nield, Misses M and P Nield and nurse, Stockport Mr and Mrs Norcliffe, Peel Causeway, Cheshire Mr and Mrs Head, family and nurse, Congleton Brighton House, AlrsJ Williams—• Rev and Mrs Wilkes, family and nurse, Derby, West Smethwick, Birmingham Miss Bailey, Mrs Ache, Mrs Elkin, Mrs Hathaway, Wolver- hampton Mdla Dupriss, Miss E and Masters Montie and Harold Drew, Oswestry Mr and Mrs Cluley and family, Willenhall Misses Hillyar Chapman, Madlle Leibundgut and nurses, Killhendre, Ellesmere Radford House, Miss Lear- Mr and Mrs Waberton Lee, family and maid, Whitchurch Mr and Mrs Taylor, family and maid, Bolton Ie Moors Mr and Mrs Hancock, family and maid, Longton, Staffs 10, Lenton House, Miss Allen- Air, Mra, and Miss G Medd, Moseley, Birming- ham Mrs and Miss Mason, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Eyton, Major and Mrs Shaw, Leamington; Miss Timms, Mrs Hands and son, Moseley, Birmingham Mr and Mrs London, do Cliff View Boarding Establishment, Mrs Edgar Atwood- Mr and Mrs Mitchell, Misses Sealey and Mat- thews, and Miss E Matthews Mr Dowler, Miss Brady and sister Mrs Hilton Misses Evans and Day Mrs and Miss Dutton Miss Warrell Mr and Mr s Tomlins Mrs and Miss Frazer Mr, Mrs, and Miss Bird and maid Mr Walker and brothers Messrs Thompson and Humphreys Mr T H Purden St Oswalds, Misses Sablne- Dr and Mrs Green, Miss Green, Sutton Cold- field Miss Green, Welshpool; Rev G Wright, Sutton Coldfield Misses Johnston, Mathews, and Edwards, Sutton Coldfield Misses Bunt- ing, Rowley Park, Stafford Miss Denman, London Mr W H Sabine, Derby CLIFF TERRACE 6, Miss Baker— Mr, Mrs, Miss Maud, and Master C Kingsley Bell, Leytonstoue, London; Ir, Mrs, and Miss Ratcliffe, Kendal, Westmorland Messrs H W Ratcliffe and W H Thomson, do; Miss Martin, Withertilack, Grange-over-Sanda Aelydon, Mrs Atlhmall- Mr Harvey Williams, BA, Mr H F Gutch, Redditch Mr, Mrs, and Master George Howell aud maid, Great Malvern Mr and Mrs Hampson, baby and maid, Stepping Hill, Stockport Master Jones, Chilton, Oswestry Mr aud Mrs HInckley, Liverpool Steynton, Mrs Bow en— Mr H A Reece, Harpenden Mr H Foskett, Victoria Park, London Mr J Johnson, Harpenden Misses WiLl blood, Moore, and M Wildblood, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Gibson, Wylde Geeen, do Heathdene, Mrs A Seargeant— Mrs and Mr S A Gothard, Alcester Mr and Mrs Ghonger, Edgbaston, Birmingham Deerhurat, Mrs Pbillips- Mr and Mrs Taylor and family, Handaworth, Birmingham CONSTITUTION HILL Gwyn-y-don, Miss C Lee- Mrs and Miss Betton, Wem, Shropshire Mr E Wheeler, Hitchin, Herts Mrs, Master K, and Mr Wilson, Manchester Mr P Lee, Wem BRYNYMOR ROAD Eleanor Villa, Miss Walker- The Misses Dallow, Lea-road, Wolverhampton Mrs Cowley, Broseley Rosario, Miss Nock Rev John Dunbar and family, Rashcliffe Vicar- age, Huddersfield Misses Dean, do Mrs Henry— Mrs Ovell and baby, Canterbury, Kent; Mr and Mrs Bullock, Miss Sumner, Stockport BRYNYMOR TERRACE 5, Mrs J D Ellis- Mr and Mrs Johnson, Manchester QUEEN'S ROAD 12. Mrs Davies- Mr and Mrs Jones, Crewe, Mr and Mrs W B Meller, do Mr and Mrs Wheatley, Llanbryn- mair 14, Glanayron House, Mrs M Jones- Mr and Mrs Hunt, Miss Ethel Hunt, Mr George Hunt, Birmingham Mr Catternach, Pembroke Dock 22, Mrs Thompson- Mr and Mrs Woodbridge and family, Selby Park, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Williamson and baby, Urmstoo, Manchester Holborne House, Mrs Thackham- Mr and Mrs Forsyth, Oxton, Birkenhead Boars Head Hotel, Mrs William Evans- Mrs Domillan, Master Jack Domillan, Master Jim Domilan, Walsall Miss Grace Hooper, do Miss Lowe, Rugeley Mrs Justice, Miss Mollie Justice, Miss Dollie Justice, Wolver- hampton Mr Lowe, Willenhall; Mr Alfred Holden, Walsall Mr Howard Russell do, QUEEN'S SQUARE Lurline House, Mrs Fear- Mr and Mrs Chapman, family and nurse, Bir- mingham Mr Betney, do Mr and Master A Brook, London Mr and Mrs Ford, Bir- mingham PORTLAND STREET 2, Pengaer, Miss James- Mrs Evans, Llandovery; Miss Florence James, « Llandilo 3, Mrs Pughe- Mr and Mrs Correll, Sale, Cheshire 5, Clytha House, Mrs Culliford- Mrs Gibbons and children, Bradford; Mra Ban- ford, child and maid, Mrs Cane, Newtown 7, Glasfryn, Mrs Captain Davies- Miss Davies and maid, Hereford Mrs and Mias Daulby, Ludlow; Mr and Mra Millward, Sparkhill, Birmingham 14, Primrose House, Mrs Jonel- .Messrs C and D Humphreys, Llanfair; Mrs Beaman, Miss Jones, Manchester 21, Mrs Bateman— Mr and Mrs Jones. Bristol 26, Ellan Vannin, Mrs Morris- Mr and Mrs Davies, Maesyrhelem, nr Newtown; Misses Burbidge, Birmingham 28, Ystwyth House, Mrs Williams- Mrs Alec Calder, Cardiff; MisR Frost, Hull; Miss Nash, Miss Quize, London; Miss Johnson and friend, Sutton Coldfield Mrs Turner and child, Shrewsbury 38, Miss James- Mrs Curnock, Walsall 39, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Edwards, Ruabon 42, Mrs Mary Jones— Mrs and Miss Whittington, Miss Thomas, Dinas 49, Mrs Jones- Miss Smith, Liverpool; Miss Biggs, Brentwood Mrs and Master Hughes, Oswestry 50, Mies Wiliiams- J Jones and family, Penybont, Radnorshire 54, Mrs A Cook— Mr. and Mrs Ettwell, Balsall Heath, Birming- ham; Mrs Prinn, Mrs Udale, do; Miss George and party, Leamington Herald House, Mrs M Hughes- Miss Lock, London Mr and Mrs Westwood, Mr and Mrs Evans and family, Birmingham LOVEDEN ROAD 4, Mrs C Jones- Miss Barton, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Arnold, Swansea Miss Collette, do Caron Villa, Mrs Nightingale- Mr and Mrs Puxley, London M. Sheppard, do Mr, Mrs, and Miss Lord, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, and Miss Franklin, do: Mr, Mrs, and Miss Broadbear, do; Mr J H Williams, Machynlleth NORTH ROAD Tyssil Villa, Mrs J Williams- Miss Spencer, B A, London Bank Cottage, Mrs Morgan— Mr, Mrs, and Miss L Macguire, Birmingham Grove House, Mrs Roberts- Mrs Larkin and family, London; Mr Kelly, Nottingham; Mr, Mrs, and Master C Lever, Halifax TREFOR ROAD Hillside Villa, Mrs Richardson— Mr and Mrs Rickhers, Wolverhampton Ettrick Brae, Frances Jones- Misses A and M Reynolds, Presteigne Mr and Mrs J H Teare, Warrington TRINITY ROAD Harcourt House, Mrs Lloyd- Mr, Mrs, and Mias May Sweet, Dowlais Mrs and Master Clews, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Baldwick, Heywood, Manchester TRINITY PLACE 6, Mrs Edwards— Mr and Mrs White and family, London Mrs Davies, Llangammarch; Mr J W Jones, Angle- sey Miss Jenkins, London NORTHGATE STREET 14, Mrs Short- Mr and Mrs Turner and baby,' Smethwick, Bir- mingham 11, Miss Virtue Hughes- Mr and Masters Sam and Joe Green, West Bromwich Mr and Mrs Jones, Llanfyllin Mr and Mrs Hopwood, Miss N Hopwood, Oldham GOGERDDAN COTTAGES 6, Mrs W Jones- Misses Leonard, Perry Barr, Birmingham SOUTH MARINE TERRACE Sea Cliff, Mrs Briscoe- Mr, Mrs G, and Miss Walker, Manchester Glanydon, Misses Knight- Mr, Mrs, and Misses Willway, Clifton, Bristol Mr Lace, do; Rev Mr and Mrs Jennings, family and maid, Dublin; Rev Mr and Mrs Elderick and family, Moseley, Birmingham Avondale, Mrs Murless— Mr and Mrs S J Ellis, baby and maid, Wrex- ham Miss Lloyd Jones, Mold 4, Mrs Simcox- Mr John Whitridge Woodall, Mr Bowdler, Shrewsbury Glan-y-Werydd, Mrs Williams-— Misses Stubbs, Ross, Herefordshire 9, Morawel, Mrs E K Thompson- Mrs and Miss Venables, Beach House, Welling- ton Master Jack Lewis Venables, ditto Mis- E Thomas, Hadley Miss Parkes, Edg- baston Mrs and Miss Marchant, ShifrM, Salop Mrs Smith, Sheriffhales Miss White- house, Bridgetown Miss Espley, Wellington; Miss Fox, Bilston; Mrs Eldrins, St Georges 12, Brynarfor, Mrs Morgan— Mr and Mrs Cotton, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Peel, do BRIDGE STREET 29, Agra House, Mrs Wehlisch— Miss Robinson, Shrewsbury Miss and Master Waite, Birmingham Mr Johnson, Nantwich 37, Bro Dawel, Mrs L Bearne- Mr and Mrs Davies, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Davies, Derby Messrs R Francis and J Harding, Benfleet, Essex Mr J Mitchel, Woodlands, Thundersley, Essex 39. Rheidol House, Mrs E Williams— Mr and Mrs Harrison, Liscard Mr Leverage, London Mr M D Williams, Mr Steer, Builth Wells Old Black Lion Hotel, Mrs E. Lewis- Mr W Badely, Stoke-on-Trent; Mrs Morris, Treorky Mr Davies, Llanafan Mr Jones, Leicester; Mr Lloyd, Newport; Mr Wooland, Manchester Nag's Head, Mrs Evans— Mr Owens, Llangeittio Mrs and Miss Felix, Tregaron Mrs Jones, Mrd Evans, Carmarthen; Mr Pilot, Newtown 42, Mrs Gobert— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Turner, Waterloo; Mr Davies, Llandilo; lr, Mrs, and Master Billing. ton, Lozells Mr T G Jones, London 44, Mrs Stepenson- Mrs Brinsford and family, Birmingham Mr Newton, London Crugiau House, Mrs D Evans— Mr Brooks, Birmingham Mr Bull, Nottingham Messrs Levridge and Sidney, Birmingham Hotel Westminster Private Hotel, L G Parry- Mr Sidney Atkinson, Cardiff; Misses Pughe, Rees, Roberts, and Jones, Machynlleth Mr Adneph, Birmingham Mr Pole, do; Mr M Knapp, Canton, London The Old Bank, Miss Samuel— Mra Powell, Boughrood Castle Mrs Lloyd. Erwood Mr and Mrs Dando, Cardiff; Misses E and E Parry, Ffroodva!e, Llandilo; Misses (2) Evans, Misses (2) Jones, Pencader Mr G Evans, Bettws-y-Coed Mrs Jon,-s- Mrs Timmins, Newcastle-under-Lyne, Staffs Miss Lea, Andlem, Cheshire 53, Pensnett House, Mrs Lewis- Mr and Mrs Ashcroft, Waterloo 55, Mrs Davies— Mrs and Miss Williams, Byrgwmbach Miss H Davis. Llanpumsaint Mr T Griffith, Conwyl; Mr D Evans, Carmart NORTH PARADE 7, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs T W Leedham, West Bromwich Mr J Slater, do Mrs S Robinson, Hands- worth 23, Mrs Lumley- Mr and Mrs Stokes and Son, Wrexham Mr and aMrs E G Taylor, Newport, Mon 24, Mrs John Potts- Miss Jones, London Mrs Evans, Mrs Morgans, Mr and Mrs Howarth, Manchester Mr McDonald, Birmingham Mr Anderson, do 28, Haulfan, Mrs Williams- Mrs and Miss Wones, Mrs Mantel), West Brom- wich Mrs and Miss Glover, Surbiton Mr and Mrs Mitchell, Wolverhampton 29, Mrs Lumley Jones- Misses Law ton and Potter, Timperley, Cheshire 30, Manteg, Mrs James— Mr and Mrs Williams and family, Mr Williams and nurse, Birmingham 32- Mrs Vaughan, Misses Ray and Parker, Welsh- pool Miss Powell, Leighton Mrs Parker, Welshpool 37, Miss Davies- Mr and Mrs Evans, Coseley, Bilston 40, Mrs Williams— Mrs and Miss Evans, Dolgelley 41, Mrs Owens- Mr and Mrs Drury, London 42, Mrs C Hughes- Mr and Mrs Jellie, Miss Josland, London 43, Miss Morgan- Mias Halstead and Master Moore, Rochdale, Lane Mrs Harrison, Market Harborough 44, Mrs James— Miss and Mr H Howse, Bath Mr D R Davies, London 59, Mrs Griffiths- Misses Jones, Welshpoolf Mr and Mrs Roberts, Denbigh Mr John Hugh James, Miss M. James, Llanfihangel Belgravia House, Miss Morgan- Mr Alex M Joyce, family and maids, Oxon Misses Steele (4), Crewe Mrs Mills, Mrs W Mills and baby, Mrs Harriman, Wolverhamp- ton Buckingham House, Mrs J Evans- Miss Cooke, Miss Smith, Miss Neale, Mr and Miss Markland, Birmingham Mr W Tyler, Mr and Mrs H Tyler, Miss Tyler, Miss K Tyler, Miss H Tyler, Miss E. Tyler, Sheffield Walton House, Mrs Cole- Mr and Mrs Griffiths, Bristol Arlington House, Miss Davies— Mr Cephus Froggatt, Miss and Miss C Froggatt, Mr and Mrs Cephus Froggatt, junior, and daughter, Stockport; Master Lincoln, Hyde Rev and Mrs Richards, family and maid, Blaenau Featiniog Mr and Mrs and Master Field, London St Anthony's Misses Cockbill- > Mrs and Miss Scott, Batt Misses Plant, Brewood Mrs and Mies:Daviet-, Wellington Messrs Halford, Bradley 67, Mrs Rees Edwards— Mr and Mrs Warden and family, Kings Nor- ton Dr Rees, London CAMBRIAN PLACE 4, Glyndwr House, Mre Hughes- Misses Owen, Birmingham Mrs Hopkins and child, do; Mrs and Miss Docker, Small Heath; Mr Overs, Birmingham Misses Pitt and Drew Moseley 5, Victor House, Mrs Jenkins- Mesats Davies Neath Miss Corbett, London Miss Jones, Llanidloes Mr Thomas, Aber- dare Cambrian House, Mrs D Jones- Mr and Mrs Davies, baby and nurse, Lampeter Mr Davies, Mr Price, Carmarthen Lerry House, Mrs Oliver- Mr Edwards, London UNION STREET 1, Miss Morris- Mr and Mrs Langley, Misses Elsie and Dorris Langley, Messrs Charles and George Langley, West Bromwich 2, Mrs Rowlands— Mr and Mrs James Phillips, Haverfordwest, S Wales Mr Frank James. Walsall 3, Eastwood House, Mrs D Edwards- Mr H W Parker, Poplar, London; Mr B R Parker, Camden Town, do Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Master Edeson, Bridgnorth Misses EdeBon, Chester Mr J D Jenkins, Kingsland, London Miss Jones, Builth Wells Dyssyni House, Mrs Edwards— Mr W J Williams, Dowlais Mr J Davies, Llan- elly Mr Donorzall Holloway, London Mrs Levens, Manchester THESPIAN STREET Fox Vaults, Mrs Jones- Mr E Morris, Tylorstown; Mr Roderick Jones, Tonystrad GRAYS INN ROAD 10, Mr Davies- Messrs Jenkins and D Mason, Tredegar (KQUEEN STREET 5, Mrs T Lewis— Mr Davies, Misses Davis and McGregor, Birming- ham 27, Mrs Jones— Misses Armstsong, Aston, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Perrott, Newbridge 29, Mrs Thomas- Mr and Mrs Hinchley, West Bromwich'; Mr and Mrs Heart, Welshpool GREAT DARKGATE STREET Brynawel, Misses Holland— Miss Meads, London Mr H A Stanley, Leo- minster Mr Sidney Morgan, Swansea; Mr and Miss Miles, Liverpool Mr Mason, Edg- baston; Mr Hardy, Birmingham Mr A Grigg and party, Oldbury CAMBRIAN STREET 45, Mrs Evans- Mr and Mrs Joshna and two sons, Llanllwni RAILWAY TERRACE 5, Mrs J one3- Mr and Mrs Phillips and child, Newtown Camfield House, Mrs Bell- Mr Price, Gloucester 18, Mrs Hutchings- Mrs Orr and family, Mr Rogers, Rbyl 20, Mrs Evans— Mr and Mrs Withers, Birmingham Glan Gwili House, Mrs Griffi ths- Mr and Mrs Cartwright, Birmingham Sunny Side, Mrs Thonas- Master D Emmanuel, Master Thomas J Morris, Garnant Mr, Mrs, and Miss Hutton, Mifs and Miss L Berridge, Moseley, Birmingham ST MICHAEL'S PLACE 3, Mrs Lloyd- Mrs and Miss Ferrington, Ironbridge Misses Hughes (2), Birmingham; Miss Morris, Mrs Williams, Oswestry Sea and Castle View, Mrs Humphreys— Mr and Mrs H J Jenkins, Mr. Mrs. and Mas- ter H Treglown, Stoke-on-Tr-nt; Miss Jennie Thomas, Montgomery POPLAR ROW Myrtle Cottage, Miss Lewis— Mr and Miss L Williams, Lozells, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, and Miss Turner, Mr Chandler, Aston, do Miss Harding, Handsworth, Bir- mingham PRINCESS STREET 3, Mrs Davies- Mrs Morris, Shrewsbury 14, Mrs J E Jones- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Bassett, Miss E Bassett, Misses Griffiths (2), Wolverhampton SEA VIEW PLACE 3, Stoney Croft, Miss Keeling— Mr B and Miss G Stringer, Fairfield, Liverpool Mr Ivor Thomas, Glanaman Mr H Thomas, Llandilo Messrs Morgan, Carmarthen 4, Castle Cottage, Miss Doughton- Mr and Mrs C Jones, Waterloo, Liverpool Mrs R Jones, Wolverhampton Bodarfor, Mrs H Hughes— Mr J J Thomas, Ponterwyd Mr J R Jones, Ciliau Aerou, Aberayron 9, Mrs Thomas- Mr and Miss Lewis, Walsall 13, Miss Jones— Mr F C Pattin, Wolverhampton KING- STREET 5, Mrs Hughes- Miss Talyors, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Mor- gan, London Castle House,i\lrs E%,ansi- Mrs and Miss A Griffith, Miss Dyas, Miss, Fletcher, Madeley, Salop Mr R A Daniell Little Park, Falmouth PIER STREET Mr Cotton- Mr and Mrs T S Gleaves, niece and family Parkgate, nr Flint Mrs Fre ith, daughter and baby, Mrs Brittain, Wolverhampton Mr Fiehingrod, Exeter Mr Phillips, Mr and Mrs Odd and family, London 34, Miss Phillips- Miss Phillips, Haverfordwest Miss J Lloyd; do Gwalia Temperance Hotel, Mrs Harcourt— Mr Taylor, Birmingham Mr Shepherd, Shef- field; Mrs T and Master C Harcourt, Old- bury Mr Trenfield, Stratford 38, Mrs E James— Mr and Mrs White, London Mr and Master Harold Richards, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Harper and family, Dudley LIrTLE DARKGATE STREET Bryn House, Mrs Edwards— Mr and Mrs Pitt, Birmingham Misses Smith, do 4, Mrs Phillips— Mr and Mrs Young, Tamworth Prince Albert Hotel, Mr Parrish— Miss Field, Fetcham Park, Surrey Erans, Lampeter 29, Burleigh Housfc, Mrs Finch- Mr and Mrs Hopkins, Lunglow; Mr and Mrs Owen, Llandrlndod Hall Mrs Davies, Rowley, Presteign Miss Lewis, E^anheble Airs ana Miss Edward, Rowley, Mrs Kinsley, Presteien 32, M rs J J enkihs- Mr and Mrs C Daniels, Birmingham; Mr Grif- fiths, Llandudoch, Cardigan Mr Jones, do Miss Jenkins, London GEORGE STREET Newry House, Mrs Lloyd- Mrs and Master Jack Phillips, Wandsworth, London Misses James, Putney, do Misses Jones, Borough, Mr Jones, do; Mr Stauley, Bristol Mr Willis, Liverpool Mr Hughes. Mold Mrs Llewellyn, Nantgarw, nr Ponty- pridd Mra and Miss Thomas 9, Mrs D Jones— Mrs and Miss Adams, Sparkbrook, Birmingham BAKER STREET Peris House, Mrs A Potts— Mrs and Miss L Evans, Mrs Davies, Miss Brayne, Newtown Dolaugwyn, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs Banks, Mrs Withers, Birmingham Hj frydle, Mrs Evans— Mr and Mrs Morgan, Hereford CORPORATION STREET 12, Bryngwalia, Mrs Williams— Mr, Mrs, and Miss PeessweIl, Swansea Mrs and Miss E Thompson, Mr Rowlands, Rhay- ader NEW STREET 16, Mrs Davies— Mr and Mrs Fox, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Jones, Brompton LAURA PLACE. 2, Miss Jones— Mrs Lloyd Evans and family, Warwick POWELL STREET 5, Wilbury House, Mrs Parry— Mrs Harper, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Mills, Presteign 7, Mrs Davies— Mr and Mrs Leonard, Machen, near Newport Bryngwyn House, Mrs Ben bow- Mr Percy Jones, Mr Jones, London MILL STREET Plough Inn, Mrs Jones— Mr Lloyd, Dowlaia; Mr Jones, Swansea 14 and 16, Mrs Herbert— Mr Roach, Mr Brown, Stafford; Mrs Tomson, bhtewsbury CHALYBEATE STREET Mra Humphreys— Mr Jenkins, Liverpool Mr Henry, Kidder- minster Mr and Mrs Kilvington, Coventry 9, Trefor House, Miss E J ones- Rev and Mrs R E Williams and family, Cefn- mawr, Ruabon; Mr and Mrs Williams, Builth; Mrs Pritchard, Treharris 11, Star Temperance Hotel, Mr T S Pryce— Miss S C Evans-Boycott, Pontesbury, Salop; Miss S A Gittins, Wern, Pool Quay, near Welahpool 16, Mrs Coilins- Mrs and Miss A Parry, Welshpool; Mr and Mrs S Owen, Crewe Mr Jones, Mr J and Master A Harris, WTolverhampton 31, Mrs Edwards— Mr and Mrs Nevett, Broseley Mrs Davies, Pencader; Mr and Mrs Humphreys and child, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Skeldon and two children, Great Bridge, Tipton Aeron House, Mrs Ellis— Mrs and Miss Chilton, Birmingham BATH STREET Mona House, Mrs Joces— Miss Dodd, Miss Chatham, Wrexham Mrs Young, Newport, Mon Mrs and Miss Williams, Machen, do Cadogan House, Mrs W Jones MrsRicbardson,iMiss CRichardfion, Birmingham Mr and Misa Lloyd, Mias Chappell, Miss Rhodes, Doncaster, TERRACE ROAD 7, Mrs Warrington— Mrs and Miss Thomas, Ystrad Master Tommy and Dick Bennett, do Mrs Edgehill, Miss Edgehill, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Redfern, do 16, Mrs Jenkins— Mrs Coopers, Mrs Silversage, West Bromwich White Horse Hotel, Mrs Rea Mr and Mrs Frank Jones, Stroud Mr and Mra Phillips, Newtown Mr Phillips do Mr Tur- ley, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Brace, Shrews- bury Mr Long, Birmingham 40, Mrs Clapperton— Mr and Mrs Hewin, Harborne, Birmingham CUSTOM HOUSE STREET 3, Mrs Hugbes- Mr, Mrs, and Master E Garratt, Derby: Mr Mclntyre, do Mrs Hall— Mr and Mrs Aykroyd, (Castle: Bridge, Man- chester 6, Mrs Humphreys— Mr Williams, Chirbury Mr, Mrs, and Miss K M Morris, Liverpool Mr T Williams, Aber- dare i, M rs Edwards— Mrs and Miss Williams, Porth; 'Misses Mathias and Packer Fairbourne House, Mrs Roberts- Mr and Mrs Randall and baby, Mrs Watts, Mr and Mrs Houghton, Birmingham Glenhuntly House, Mrs Williams— Mrs Williams, Talgarth, Breconshire; Miss F and Mr J C Hill, Llowes, Radnorshire Messrs T Warner and D Jones, Rhayader Mrs Jenkins, Llangwyryfon Mrs and Miss Street, Mr Thomas and family, Birmingham Shipwright Arms, Mrs Owen- Mr Durrant, London CASTLE TERRACE 2, Mrs G Bearne— Mr Williams, Miss Heath, Birmingham Miss Dawkins, Mr Blore, Stafford 3, Miss Dalton— Mr and Mrs Eastwood, Leicester 4, Mrs A Davies— Mr Smith, Birmingham Miss Page, Aston, Bot- terell; Misses C Bradley, H Bradley, and N Bradley, Avdon, Craven Arms Mr and Mrs Home, Church Stretton, Mr Allen Bennce and party (4), Baschurch,nr Shrewsbury 6, Mrs Edwards— Mrs Long Price, Rev and Mrs J Long Price, Llandilo Tanycastell, Mrs Hancock- Misses Rowse, Bushey, Herts; Mrs Rayuard, Miss Acton, Wrexham SOUTH ROAD Pen Dinas View, Mrs Jones— Mr and Miss Wilson S, Mrs Botwood— Mr and Mrs Birkins, Small Heath, Birmingham 11, Mrs Giles— ° Mr Octavius Davies, Mr Nathaniel Davies, Black wood Brynffoaydd, Mrs Roberts — Mr and Mrs Vaughan, Misses B and A Vaughan, Birmingham Miss Lewis, Cheater Mrs and Miss Heard, Birmingham Harbour View, Mrs John Jones— Mr and Mrs W Williams, West Bromwich 35, Alltwen View, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs Britton, Lozells, Birmingham Trem-y-don, Mrs E Jones- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Richards, Newport, Mon Miss Willstead, Mr and Mrs Parker, baby and nurse, Birmingham Mr Jones, Oxford Moranedd, Mrs Watkins— Mrs and Miss Lewis, Mrs Cooper and family, Miss Webb. Birmingham Belle Isle, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Smallwood, Birmingham Mr Williams, Penygroes PROSPECT STREET 23, Miss Davies— Mr and Mrs, Master Teddy, and Miss E Mav Taylor, Willenhall HIGH STREET 21, Mrs Hughes— Mr and Mrs Cook, Willenhall Mr and Mrs Bailey, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Miles, Man- chester 28, lrs Parry- Mr and Mrs Jones, Master B Jones. Hands- worth, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Millington, Dudley 38, Mrs Capt. Jones— Mra Lipscombe, Mrs Wagstaff, Rockley; Air and A A Mra Wilkes and family. Handsworth; Mr and Mrs Wright and baby. West Brom- wich Mrs Brinton, do: Miss Clement, Swan- sea VAENOR STREET 10, Mrs D Davies— Mr and Mrs and Miss M Jones, Roath, Cardiff EPWORTH TERRACE 1, Mrs Jenkins— Mr and Mrs Dawson and family, Handsworth, Mrs Mann and two children, Birmingham; Messrs Fisher, Morriston PftNMAESGLAS ROAD I' 1 S, 2\1 rs Thomas- Mrs Hoff and family, Hrreford Mrs Hutchings and family, do 20, Mrs H Davifs— Rev James Davies, Nantygragen. Pencader Mr D Jones, Newcastle Emlyn 26. Ina House, Miss Jones— Mr, M.s, and Miss Thompson, Manchester Mr Hall, Misses Hall (2). Manchestsr Mr and Mrs J Hall, Misses Hall (2), do PENGLAIS ROAD 7, Mrs Griffiths — Mr and Misses Dais) and Nelly White, Bristol