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YSPYTTY YSTWYTH. DEATH AND FUNERAL OF MISS MAGGIE A. MORGAN. We regret to have to record the dea'h of Miss Maggie A. Morgan, youngest daughter of Dr Mor- gan, Mount Hazel, in the sixteenth year of her age, which sad evenc occurred on Monday week. Tne dec ased was a pupil at Dr Williams's School, Dolgelley, for the past t\ 0 years. The Head M istress (Miss Thomas) noticing that Miss Murgm was not as well as usual advised her to return home. She accordingly returned to Yspytty Ystwyih a shor~ time ago and received the most careful aUo-tiou of her fatner and his assistant, Dr Roberts. All their skill and care, however, were unavailing and death occurred within ten days of her return from Dolgelley. The death was quite unexpected to everyone except her medic-il attend- ants and the receipt of the news caused universal surprise and sorrow and a g-neral expreFsion of condolence with the family ot Mount Hazel. One of the sad incidents in this tad event was the receipt n! a number of letters from fellow pupils of the school co gratulating the deceased on hex- recovery and on her appi oachiuS return to schoo!. The following Friday her remains were interred in the yard at the Abbey of Strati Florida. The cortege started about one in the following (Jrder —The children of the Ysbytty Y>twytn Boird >chool, or which the deceased had bc::en a pupil in hr youth; then a large number of people 011 foot, after which followed the hearse and chief mourners. The lirst mournit g coach contained Dr aud Mrs Morgan, Miss and Master Eyuon Morgan (bi-ter and brother), and Mrs Morgan, Fentre (aun:) 2nd mourning coach, Masters Sidney and Gilbeit Morgan (brothers) and Mrs James, Abercwmdole (aunt) 3rd coach, Mr Morgan, Shifnal (uncle) 4th coach, Mr David Morgan, chairman of the Aber ystwyth BOft d of Guardians (uncle), and Miss Morgan (cousin): oth coach, Mr and Mrs Morgau, Haf. dnewydd (uncle and aunt) 61 h coach, Mr and Mis Jones, Bwlch (uncle and auut); 7th coach, the Rev. T. and Mrs Morgan, Tynlon (uncle and aunt) Sth coach, Mr J. R. James, chairman ot the Aberystwyth R. D. Council, Mrs James and MrJ. James (jun)., Abercwmdole. Next followed from fifty to sixty carriages and about eighty persons on horseback, amongst which were lrs Dr Hughes, Llanilar, and Mr E. Hughes Davies, Ystradteilo; Mrs Dr. Lloyd, Tregaron Mr and Mrs Raw, Tyllwyd Mr and Mrs Morgan, Llyniadde^; Mr and Miss Price, Tynfron Mr T. J..Vaddingham, Hafod Mr and Mrs Davies, Blaencwm; Mr and Mrs Jenkins, Board School Mrs and Misses Lloyà. Miners Arms Mrs Captain Owen Rev T. M. Jones, chairman of the Cardiganshire County Council; Mrs Morgan, Tymawr, and Mrs Messer, Black Lion Mr Tom Jenkins and Mr Tom Williams, Pontrhydygroes; Mr and Mrs Hancock, Miss Edwards, and Miss Daniel, Tangelli Shop; Mr T. W. Davies, Llan- geitho; Mrs R D. Jones, Ystumtuen; Mr J. Rowlands, sanitary inspector, Goginan, and Miss Rowlands Captain and Mrs Bray. Goginan Mrs James, Maesbangor. Mra James. Bioncastell Mrs D. Morgan, Penllwyn Mr A. T. Joseph, C C., and Mrs Joseph, Cwmystwyth Mr and Miss Williams, Devil's Bridge, and Mrs Messer, Lisburne Arms Mrs Morgan, Tynllwyn, and Miss Evana.New Row Rev. W. J. Williams and Mrs Williams, Llanafan Mr and Mrs Davies, Gelmast; Revs. J. Jones, 1.A., Ystradmeurig; J. Howen, Bont D. Owen, Ysbytty Cynfyn T. N. Jones, Eglwysnewydd E. Jones, Strata Florida J. Morgan, Aberdare R. D. Jones, Ys'um- tnen; Mr G. Davies, Penffynon Hall; Mr and Mr8 Edwards, Dolfor Ml Edward Evans, C.C., Mr D. and Mrs Morgan, Aberystwyth Mr S. Tregoning, Ystiadmeurig Misses Lloyd, Pen- graig Mr William Evans, C.C., Cnwch Mr T. Jones. Old Abbey Mr John Rees, C.M., Board School, Mr I. Richards, Pest office, Mr E. Hughes and Miss E. Hughes, Butter Hall, Dolcoed, and Mr H. Arch, Miss Jones, Ttify- terrace, Mr R. D. Arch, Black Lion, Pon- rhydfendigaed Mr and Mrs Parry, Mynachdy Mr George Parry, Dreisaf; Mr LI. and Miss Williams, Broncaradog Mrs Jones, Llwyngog Mr and Mrs Jones, Llidiartyffiir Mrs Evans, Penlan Mr and Mrs'Joneg, Maenarthur Messrs Heine (captain), Invernizzy (surveyor), Hesse (c erk), Frongoch Mines Mr Wm. Boncer, Glantria- ant Mr D. Morgan, Tynrhyd; Mr Evans, Erwtome MrJ. Davies, Perywaenydd MrsJones, Berthddu Miss A. Owen, Fronwenllwyd Mr Jones. Cefn- ilwyn Mr Jones, Ffos Mr J. Jones, Dolfawr Mr R. Jones, Cefngar Mr W. Evans, Maesbanadlog Mr R. Evans, Gilfachydwn Mr and Mrs Lloyd, Cruglas-; Mr a.nd Mrs Lewis, Bwlchgwallter Messrs T. Howells, M. Howells, H. Howells. W. Ishmael, and E. R. Lewis. Ysbytty Mr E. Owen Swydd) Liverpool Mr Owen, Penbryn Mr W. Da* its, Llwyncogau Mr John Davies, Trefriw Mr.- Evans, Shop, Tyngraig Mr J. Edwards, NaDt- vst yn Mrs Jones, Dolgoch Mr Roberts, Towy M r and Mrs Jones', Troedyrhiw Mr R. James, Bont Mr and .\lr8 Jones, Flsgairgors Mr Wm. Jou, Tanlevel Mr J. Morgan, Hafodnewydd Mr J. Jones, Rhiwl>.s J. Morgan, Blaenmarch- nant P.C. J. Jones, Pontrhydygroes and others. Wnaths were sent hy the following :—Dr and Mrs Morgan, brother and ister Miss Morgan, Shifnal Mr and M rs Waddingbam, Hafod Master and Thomas, CriekhoA-ell Mrs Evans, Penlan MM aud Miss Evans, New Row Rev W. J. and Mrg Wil iams, Llanafan Miss Price, Tynfron Mrs and Misses Lloyo, Miners Arms; Misses- Devi.'s Br dge Mr and Mrs Jenkins, School; Mr Hancock and family; Mra M sser, Black Lion Miss M. A. Howell, Star Inn Mr D. J, Will ams J. P., A bt rcoed; Mr M. Mor- gan. md.-t. r. Union Wotkhouse, Miss Morgan, Talbot Hotel, Mies Lion Hotel, Mi's Evans W erna, Miss Lewis, Oxford House. Mr T. Jones, Pest Office, Mr Rees Jones, draper, Mr John Jones, Red Lion, Mr J. Richards, Fulbrook, Mr John Williams, PoDtargamddwr, Mr David Jones, -add] er, Mr E Bebh, MaesllyD, Mr David Jones, Nantymaen, Mr D. W. E. Rowland, Garth, and Mr Rovvlaud. Argoed, Trfgaron Mr T. Hughes, Dolgroes Mr David Jones, Y'pytty Mr R. Edwards. Pendre Mr Evan Jenkins, Llethr Mr J. Edwards, Hendre Mr William Williams, Ysguboriau Mr D. Wiliiams. Nantyberws Mr T. Morgan, Tanyrallt Villa Mr and Mrs T. H. Pugh, Weslpy-tprrace .\lr3 Richards, Board School, Devil's Bridge; Mrs and Miss OlVeD, Frongoch; Mrs and Miss James, London Mr John and Miss Katie Morgan, Tynllwyn Mr T. H Pugh, Wesley-terrace Mr and Mrs Morgan, Aber- ystwyth Messrs Invenizzy and Hesse, Frongoch Mines; Mr and Mrs Morgao, Swansea; the girls of Dr Williams's School, DolgelIey; the teachers and scholars ot Ysbytty Ystwyth Board School. Owing to the position and extensive connection of her family and her sudden death, the funeral was the largest ever witnessed in these neighbour hoods. The recollection of the genial demeanour of the deceased accounts to a laiga extent for the unusual tribute of respect paid to her m irt-il re mains. Everyone seemed to have cherished some saying of the little girl as a memento. The pro- cession at one time extended for about a mile in length. At the house the Rev T. R. Morgan, Swydd- ffynon, aDd the Rev T. Mason Jones, officiated, and at the Church and grave, the Rev John Jones, M.A stradmeurig, and the Rev Evan Jones. Strata Florida. The Rev T. R. Morgan preached the funeral sermon on Sunday evening last at Cannel Chapel, Rhydfendigaid, where the deceased was a member.

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