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----i ABERAYRON. «


i ABERAYRON. « EVER YOUNG.—Mr John Griffiths, Nantgwyn- l fynydd, who.is now about eighty yeais of age has the same progressive commercial spirit as ever. He has cut, harvested, and packed his hay, about forty tons of it, in two cwt bundles, and has sent iu to t Cwm Rhondda, sold. s TRINITY SUDAY SCHOOL. Mr John Davies, i London House, superintendent, and Mrs Davies 2 invited the Sunday School of Trinity Church to tea 6 at the National Schoolroom on Thursday afternoon, June 8th. It may be emphatically added that it was an excellent tea. A competitive meeting was held in the evening, under the presidency of Mr c Munro Hughes, when prizes were given to the best I reciters, singers, sight singers, &e. 1 SUSDAY SCHOOL OUTING.—A large number of carriages were employed to convey the C. M. Sunday School to their gymanfa at Pontsaeson on Thursday, June 8th. Pontsaeson and Pennant schools were examined by the Rev J. Thickens, ] Aberarth, and Tanybryn by the Rev E. Morris, j and Aberayron by Mr J. Emlyn Jones, Penuwch, ] At the teachers' meeting, Mr W. Morgan, C.M.. Cross Inn, was elected chairman, and Mr W. Evans- R.O., secretary for the current year. A largely, > attended competitive meeting, confined to the Sunday school district, was held in the evening. Mr D. Rees, C.M., conducted. It was a great success in a monetary sense. The weather was delightful. TOWN WATER.—Until the £5,000 water scheme I has been thought out, the Urban Council is doing wisely to provide one pure water supply in as central a place as it is possible to locate it just now. That they have done. The people now draw most of their water for dietetic use from a spout near the chalybeate pump house. Tnis is mostly river water from the leet behind it. The water from the new pump, which is the pure water referred to, is drawn from a deep well sunk in the adjacent field gardens. All the water in this well enters through the bottom. This fact seems to be a difficult one to take in and yet it may be accepted and if the Council doubt the statement let them test it. The well is built of stone outside the wall there is a thick layer of blue clay, well puddled, making an impenetrable crust of a foot thick. Is that so, or is not? This water is, there- fore, eafe to use, yet since the pump has been erected, people pass it by and go further for the river water, of doubtful quality. Should the Council close the spout ? BOARD OF GUARDIANS. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14TH.—Present Mr Lewis James, chairman Mr T. A. Lloyd, vice-chairman; Mrs Leah Jones Messrs James Williams D. Rees, New Quay J. Davies, Llanfihangel Trefeglwys J. M. Jones, Cilcennin D. M. Rowlands, Llansilio; D. Jones, Llanfihangel Ystrad; J. C. Jones, Llanarth; T. Davies, Llanfihangel Aberarth J. M. Howell, Henfynyw A. Ll. Rees, Llanarth Joshua Lewis, Llanina; W. Evans, relieving officer. The Master's Report.-The Master reported that on the 6th June D, Morgan, labourer, aged eighty- four years, formerly of Llanina parish but of late residing at Cardigan, was admitted by order of the R, lie ing Officer. Anne Jenkins, aged seventy- two j Mrs, an outcast, was admitted three times during last week as a vagrant. It was said she could not obtain lodgings in the town and had to sleep two nights ia the open air last week. The Master had met her husband on Monday, casually, who said that a house was about being provided for her at Bontsaeson.—Messrs A. Lloyd Rees, Joshua Lewis, and J. M. Jones were appointed to do the duty of deacons by her and to give her some wholesome and minatory advice. The ROIl.e.-Number of inmates, 13 last year corresponding period, 15. Vagrants relieved during the fortnight, 30; last year corresponding period, 31. Daniel Jamfis Again.-Daniel James, wheel- wright, came before the Board and appealed to the Guardians to assist him to obtain one of his beds from his daughte,rM. A. James, Princess stieet, also his carpenter's tools.—Mr T. Davies said that father and daughter had been the perpetrators of a dishonest truth." (Loud laughter.) Some years ago father and daughter agreed to say that the daughter was the owner of the chattels in the house then occupied by Daniel James, with the view of making Daniel James a lodger, so that he might obtain out-reliei. He got out-relief-daughter and father quarrelled, and the father was ejected by the daughter, for now she was the occupier of the house. The father resisted and the daughter called in the police, and the father was brought before the justices and bound over. Failing to get sureties, he was sent to Car- marthen gaol. Those were the circumstances. —Mr. Daniel James confirmed the statement, and that he was part owner of all that the house con- tained.—Mr. J. M. klowell proposed. Mr. T. Davies seconded, and it was passed, that the Clerk should apply to the daughter to give up a bed and the carpenters'tools to her father." An Old Case—Mr E. T. Evans, Wellington- street, appeared before the Board and said that he was willing to pay the same amount for the main- tenance of his parents as his brothers did. His father served on board the smack "Jane" for some months of the year and was entitled to a man's wages. He believed about £12 a quarter was sent to his father's house from his brother, in China. He would pay the arrears of order against him of 2s 6d a week up to May 3rd and he appealed to the Guardians to do justice as between him and his brothers and sisters and parents.—It was re- solved to discontinue the out-relief to Captain Evans and Mrs Evans, Aeron Belle." A New Quay Case.— Mr T. Nicholas wrote from on board the s.s. Alacrity," which the Clerk read, stating that in reference to the application that he should contribute to the support of his mother who was in receipt of out-relief that he would do so on condition that his mother kept a respectable house. His mother kept a house which he considered to be a disgrace to his family. Mr Lewis, the policeman, and the Guardians knew all about it. (Mr T. Davies Thts is a case for Mr Gibson.) He would contribute 5s a week and pay the rent if his mother went to live to another house.—Mr D. Rees said that the mother kept a house to lodge tramps in. He sympathised with the views expressed by the son. He moved that the House be offered to the mother unless she gave in to the views held by the son.—Mr 1. Davies seconded and said that the letter was a straightforward one and a credit to the son.—The motion was carried. Llanina Pa tipers. -Discussion arose as to whether paupers who had appeared in the Llanina law case should receive their fall pay of out-relief as they were paid on a handsome scale during their atten- dance at Limpeter assizes. — Mr J. M. Howell said that he hoped it would not enter into the minds of any one of them to mulct any pauper who had given evidence in the case of Llanina and the AL-c-rayron District Council, for the plaintiffs in any loss. The Clerk had the bill of costs oflthe plaintiffs and hadthenamesof every witness and what they were paid. He should avoid giving any one the opportunity of saying that they had acted vindictivelyltowardspeople who had spoken the truth from their own stand pojnt as the witnesses of the Council had done.—It was re- solved to ask the relieving officer for a report on the point raised. Mr BirchanCs Recommendations.—A letter from the Loc.l Government Board was read in which certain alterations in the House were recom- mended. They reminded the Board of the pro- posals made by Dr Evans, Greengrove, about twelve months ago.—It was resolved that the let. ter be printed and a copy of it sent to each guar- dian. Mr J. C. Jones and the Re'ieving Oiffcer. -When the permanent list of Llanddewi Upper was ap- proached, Mr J. C. Jones asked the Relieving Officer if he had visited the house of each pauper in that parish during the last fortnight or three weeks ?-The Relieving Officer said that he had not done eo, but he had done so in cases re- quiring special attention.—Mr J. C. Jones said that he insisted upon the Relieving Officer obeying the Standing Orders literally in regard to this matter. A Letter from an Officer.-A letter from Mr D. Davies, relieving officer of Llanarth, who has held the office for nearly fifty years, was read explain- ing that he had been kept awav owine to indisposi- tion. He asked the Board to consider whether they might kindly accede to his request to make some allowance to him for keeping a horse, as he was now unable to walk all his district as hereto- fore. The matter was ordered to come up again for consideration. RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL-Mr T. Davies, chairman, presiding. i (?ri,)yn Proposed New Bridge.—The Surveyor laid before the Council the plana and specifications of the proposed new bridge at Cribyn, embracing the suggestions of the County Council, and on the proposal of the Chairman, seconded by Mr Joshua Lewis, they were adopted.—On the proposal of Mr John M. Howell, seconded by Mr Joshua Lewis, it was resolved that the Clerk should ask the Local Government Board for permission to borrow the money to be expended on the erection of the new bridge.-On the motion of Mr D. Jones, seconded by Mr James Williams, it was resolved to invite tenders and that advertisements be published in two local papers (named) and by small posters. Report of Committee.-The Chairman reported that he, Mr G. Griffiths, and the Surveyor met on the spot by Maesyfelin, Ciliau, on Tuesday, June 13th. The road in some parts was only twelve to thirteen feet wide from hedge to hedge and there were sharp turns. They recommended that the hedge for about twenty perches should be pulled down and rebuilt, so as to widen the road. The tenant and the owner, the Rev J. H. Davies, they had also interviewed and they were perfectly willing to meet the Council and to give leave to take some of the land for widening where neces- sary.—It was resolved, on the motion of Mr J. C. ones, seconded by Mr James Williams, to ffect this improvement at a cost not exceeding 40s. ASSESSMENT COMMITTEE.-A numerously- attended Assessment Committee sat during the day, Mr John M. Howell, chairman, presiding. New Quay List. -A lit of new assessments from he parish of New Quay was presented and was iigned, with the alteration of a £1 advance n the old British School, now used as i china shop.—The Assistant Overseer was leverely cross-examined in respect of several lots ind questions were asked sp cially referring to Cae Bociau" and some sheds which, it was Llleged, were insufficiently and disproportionately issessed.—The Chairman brought the dicussion to a ooint, by proposing that the Clerk be instructed to .vrite to the overseers of the parish of New Quay jailing their attention to certain assessment and requesting their observations thereon. Llannon Cases.—Captain Richards, Pant-teg, ippealed against the assessment of his new house it Llannon, citing Dauntless House as a house of like dimensions, accommodation, and situation. Miss Jones, Dauntless House, acquiesced. It ap- pears that a supplemental list containing several new houses had been considered by the Parish Coun- 3il of Llansantffraid and endorsed by the overseers This list was accepted by the Assesment Committee in its entirety except the house of Capt. Richards, which had been raised from £7 15s to 98 15s.- Captain Richards said that he would let it for £8 rent.—A Guardian said he understood it would be let to a tenant whowas going to give f,10 rent.—It was resolved not to arrive at a final de- cision until after the house had been actually let.- Captain Williams of Glyn applied for a reduction Df the assessment of field owned by him, the gross estimated rental of which was about jE2 an acre.— It was resolved that the Committee was not in a position to adjudicate unless the applicant com- pared his field with another field so as to show that it was disproportionately rated.




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