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NORTH WALES TEACHERS' CONFERENCE. The North Wales District Union of Teachers held their annual meeting on Saturday, when Mr T. Burnell of Criccieth was appointed president. In his opening address, the President said the teachers' organization had been taking rapid strides during the last few years, both nationally and in North Wales. He felt that as a district union they could do more in some respects than the National Union could do. In connection with inter- mediate education, the system adopted in Wales would stand as a model for England to work upon. It had been suggested that the intermediate schools should be used for the first two years by pupil teachers, but he would rather see intermediate schools made the place of instruction of the pupil teachers during the whole of their pupil teacher- ship. The difficulty was to get them to the inter- mediate schools. At beat they could be but half- timers. Speaking forthe governing body for which he was a member, he might say they were not op- posed to taking pupil teachers as half-timers, and they would do their best to facilitate that kind of thing if it could be managed by the school boards and school managers as to how teachers were to be got there. (Hear, hear.) The Mayor of Wrexham (Councillor R. William- son), who was accompanied by Councillor Hughes, the Town Clerk (Mr Thomas Bury), and Mr W. J. Russell, headmaster of the Wrexham County School, attended to welcome the conference to the town, the President expressing the thanks of the meeting for this kindness. Mr Cadwaladr (Festiniog), the outgoing treasurer, was elected vice president, Mr H. A. Tilby (Rhyl) being appointed tothe vacant office. Mr Tegarcy was re-elected hon. secretary. At the public meeting in the afternoon there was a much larger attendance. Sir R. E. Egerton, the chairman of the Wrexham School Board, presided and in an interesting address advocated the em- ployment of none but certified teachers, and said he would favour Government inspection of all schools. On the motion of Mr Allen Croft, seconded by Mr Tilby, the following resolution was adopted That this meeting considers that the time has now arrived for the adoption by school boards and voluntary managers of the principle of annual automatic increments in the salaries paid to their teachers." Mr Tegarty moved a resolution re- gretting the action of the Government in with- drawing from the Code articles thirty-seven and forty-two, the former of which provided that no pupil teacher should be employed in a school having less than two adult teachers. Mr R. Lloyd (Ruthin) seconded the proposition which was unanimously carried. Mr Ernest Gray, M.P., who followed, suggested that Welsh school authorities should obtain the funds necessary for the better equipment of their schools by increasing the attendance to the extent of 15 per cent. In Scotland the average attendance was 84 per cent, in England 82 nearly, in Wales 76, and in Denbighshire 72.