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cJfrom the$3apers. Twelve bars of silver were found on Friday in the Thames between Westminster and Waterloo bridges by the river police. Professor Blaikie, of the New College, Edinburgh, died at his residence in North Berwick, on Sunday, in his sevonty-eighth year. Damage to the extent of several thousands ofpounds was caused by fire in Swansea market early on luesday morning. A large portion of the refresh- ment buildings was destroyed and the central glass roof was damaged. The: market building, which covers five acres, was reconstructed at a cost of £25.000. Thp. damage is covererl hy insurance. The Cambridge ma'hema'ica! tripos lists ve-e pnb- ::s!if;u on 'luesday, George Birtwisde, of Pembroke Oollpge, and R. P. Pararjpye, of St John's, were bracketed tor (lie s-mor wrangL r.'hip. Birtwistle is a native of Burnley, and has won his way to the distinction from au elementary school. Paranjpye is a native of India. A conference of members of both houses of Par- liament who advocate the construction of a tunnel between Great Biitain and Ireland was held nn Monday in the House of Commons. On the motion of Earl Spencer, seconded by Sir Mark Stev/art, it was resolved to appoint a deputation to wait on the First Lord of the Treasury with reference to the matter. Dr Lawson Tait, the eminent surgeon, died on Tuesday afternoon at his seaside residence, Llan- dudno. His health had not been satisfactory lately and on Monday he was taken seriously ill. Two London specialists arrived on Tuesolay morning, the patient appeared somewhat better, but later in the day he became much, worse and ex- pired suddenly. At five o'clock on Monday morning, accompanied by a long string of vehicles, a young Blackburn farmer, named J. Richmond, started to run to Blackpool, thirty-one miles, for a wager of £85. There was no time limit, but Richmond was tied to keep running the whole distance, the slightpst break or stoppage losing him the wager. Notwith- standing the heat, Richmond travelled in capital style, ultimately completing the distance and win- ning in five hours twenty minutes. The London and North-Western Railway Co. have tested the latest addition to their compound locomotives. An engine, tender, and 14 coaches, making a train 716ft. long, carried 120 civil engineers and railway managers from London to Crewe, 159 miles, at a maximum speed of 71 miles an hour. The total weight of the train, in- cluding passengers, was 425 tons 5 cwt. At the last meeting of the Society for the Aboli- tion of Vivisection it was resolved to accept a bequest of £10,000 left to the Society by its founder, the late Mr George Richard Jesse, who died in June of last year, and offices have now been opened for the transaction of the Society's business, in ac- cordance with the terms of the bequest, at 623 Strand.