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TREGARON. I DRUNKENNESS.— On Wednesday morning, June 14th, at Tregaron Police Station, before Messrs D.J. Williams, J.P., and Dr Lloyd, J.P., Evan Jenkins of Gorslas, Llaugwyryfou, was charged by P.S. Davies witb having been drunk and disorderly on the highway at Tregaron on the previous market day. The charge was admitted and defendant was fined 2s. 6d. including costs. TEMPERANCE.—The members of the local branch of the British Women's Temperance Association held their monthly meeting on Tuesday evening under the presidency of Mrs Williams, Brenig View. During the meetiug, an interesting paper was read by Mr G. T. Lewis, B.A., headmaster of the Intermediate School, and greatly appreciated. Two organ recitals were also given by Miss Evana, WernaHall. TELEGRAPHIC EXTENSION.—The men employed by the Government in the extension of telegraphic communication in various parts of South Wales are at present busily engaged in putting down a wire between this place and Llanddewibrefi, via LlanlO Road Station. The work will be completed before the week is out and the official opening of the tele graph for public service will take place in the course of a few days. When this is fiuished, telegraphic communication will again be established between Tregaron and Bronant or Blaenpennal. THE SHEEP FAIR. A very large fair was held on Tuesday last. The supply of sheep held out well, considering the thousands which had been sold at previous fairs. Hundreds of sheep are brought by dealers from Merionethshire and Mont- gomeryshire to the Tregaron markets. The prices realised at the fair on Tuesday last were said to be higher than any obtained this year, not only at Tregaron but at Llanybyther, Llandovery, or Builth fairs. It is very doubtful whether the lots taken away this week will bring any profit to the speculative dealers. Messrs Daniel Jones, Blaen- plwyf, and T. Morgans, Lluast, have bought be- tween 500 and 600 at each fair throughout the season, and they have been by far the heaviest buyers this year. PARISH COUNCIL.—The ordinary meeting of the Caron Lower Council was held on Friday evening, June 9th, the following members being present — Messrs John Williams, chairman E. H. Bebb vice-chairman David Thomas, Cambrian House E. J. Evans, Bradford House E. Iaac Davies, Pantsheriff; E. C. Evans, Chapel street Morgan James, Camer H. W. Jones, Station-road David Rowlands, platelayer, Doldre; Miss Jenkins, clerk. —Messrs E. J. Evans and H. W. Jones at the com- mencement of the proceedings signed declaration of acceptance of offiee. The Clerk reported that there were still two of the elected members for this year who had not made the necessary declaration, al- though they had been specially called upon to at- tend this meeting fur that purpose.—Mr E. H. Bebb proposed and Mr W. R. Jenkins seconded a resolution that their seats be declared vacant and that steps be taken at the next Council meeting to nominate other persons to fill the vacancies.— Mr. David Thomas brought forward the report ot Mr. E. J. Evans and himself in connection with the town footbridge repairs. The work had been proceeded with during the last few days and was nearly completed a few loads of sand would make it complete. The Council were highly pleased with the manner in which the necessary repairs had been carried out. — The Chairman said he was sorry he could not report progress in the Fullbrook IiI1; footbridge. He trusted however he would be able to report that the work has been satisfactory com- pleted at the next meeting of the Courcil.—In ac- cordance with a notice of motion, Mr. E. C. Evans moved that Derlwyn footbridge be given a good ccat of paint. He said the Council had gone to great expense in repairing this bridge, and he thought that a little money spent in painting it would be well spent.—For the want of a teconder, the motion fell through, Mr. David Rowlands advocating coal tar, was ruled cut of order— Mr. W. R. Jenkins moved the erection of wicket gates at each end of the town foot-bridge with the view of obstructing the passage of horses and cattle across the bridge to the great inconvenience of pedestrians and danger to the scores of children that cross the bridge daily to and from their re- spective schools. — The motion was seconded by Mr. Morgan James.—Mr. David Rowlands proposed as an amendment that the footpath and bridge be left open as heretofore.—The amendment was seconded by Mr. E. H. Bebb.—After a long and heated dis- cussion, the amendment was carried. — Mr. D. Thomas moved the erection of seats for the con- venience of visitors and the public generally on the spare land by Pwllswyddog.—Mr. Rowlands strongly objected to spending money so need- lessly, but this motion was carried by a sub stantial majority.—Messrs. D. Thomas, W. R. Jenkins, E. C. Evans, E. J. Evans, aad M James were appointed committee for providing the seats without delay.—Messrs D. Thomas, Thomas Rses, David Rowlands, W. R. Jenkins, and Joseph Edwards were delegated to carry out the proposed reconstruction of the defective support at one end of Derlwyn fcotbridge,—Mr E. H. Bebb gave notice that he will place before the next Council a detailed scheme for the division of the parish of Caron into wards for election purposes.—Mr E C Evans gave notice of motion for calling the atten- tion of the District C)unfil to the desirability cf proceeding to provide the town with a good supply of water. He did not advocate any p.irti^ular scheme, but thought it was high time they should be given a plentiful supply of wholesome water.— Cheques were signed in paymeni of footbridge repairs and election expenses.




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