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CRICKET. TO SECRETAKIES OF CRICKET CLUBS. Reports ot cricket matches to ensure insertion should be sent in as early after the events take place as possible. BALA COUNTY SCHOOL v. BALA TOWN. The above match was played on Thursday, June 8th, on the ground of the former and resulted in a win for the latter by the narrow margin of three runs. Scores :— BALA COUNTY SCHOOL. J. L. Burton, c and b Griffiths 9 J. H. Davies. b S. Parry 0 Smith, c J. B. Parry, b S. Parry 0 Mr Turner, c B. Griffiths, b Griffiths t! J. D. Jones, run out 6 W. Williams, b S. Parry 2 E. Roberts, not out 13 W. G. Jones, b Griffiths I Guest, b Griffiths 5 A. X. Morgan, c S. Parry, b Griffiths 0 T. Bodden, c and b N. Roberts Extras 5 Total 60 BALA TOWN. S. O. Parry, b Burton 16 R. H. Roberts, b Burton 1 H. H. Hughes, run out 0 R. W. Jones, lbw, b Burton I J. Jones, c Turner, b Burton 3 J. P. Jones, c Smith, b Burton 6 B. Griffiths, run out 0 H. E. Parry, b J. D. Jones 6 J. B. Parry, b Smith 7 R. Griffiths, not out 6 N. Roberts, c Davies,' 'b Williams 5 Extras. 12 Total 63 BALA COUNTY SCHOOL v. CORWEN TOWN. The above match was played on Saturday, June 10th, on the ground of the former and resulted in an easy win for the school by 79 runs. J. L. Burton, who went in first, carried his bat for 62. While in, he hit with great vigour. Amongst his hits were three fours, eight threes, and seven twos. The most successful bowlers on the school side were—J. D. Jones, three wickets for eight and Mr A. L. Turner two for nine. Scores;- BALA SCHOOL. J. L. Burton, not out 62 Mr R. Williams, c Chapman, b Jones 9 Mr Turner, b Swainson ..5 J. H. Davies, b Stansfield 2 R. Smith, st Garwood, b Carruthers 10 J. D. Jones, b Williams 6 W. Williams, run out 4 E. Roberts, b Garwood 9 W. G. Jones, b Garwood 10 D. Guest, c Williams, b Swainson 6 T. Bodden, run out 3 Extras. Total .137 CORWEN TOWN. T. Ll. Jones, c Smith, b Davies 11 Garwood, c Burton, b Davies 3 W. Stanstield, b Turner 2 Carruthers, b Turner 7 Swainson, b Davies 0 Rev E. Williams, b Burton 11 Jordan, b J. D. Jones 9 H. Morris, b J. D. Jones 5 Chapman, c Smith, b J. D. Jones 4 Morgan Owen, not out 1 A. N. Other, absent 0 Extras. 5 Total 5S U.C.W. v CEREDIGION. Played on Saturday, June 10th, at Smithfield. The College batted first and knocked up seventy-one, to which Pring, Hall, and Johnson were chief contributors. Town began finely, Gaer Jones and Yearsley running up forty- seven before the former was bowled. The College total was passed with five wickets down. In the middle of the innings Boycott batted very freely for thirty, but had lucky escapes in the field. The final score reached 129, Town thus winning easily by fifty-eight runs. Gaer Jones and Yearsley showed beautiful form at the start and made numerous fine strokes. U.C.W. was handi- capped by the absence of Halliwell through an injured knee. During the match Madden also had to give up wicket-keeping through a slight accident. Score r Î X7%- C. R. Jones, c Yearsley, h Gaer Jones 14 A. F. Grundy, b Tudor Jones 4 E. H. Madden, run out 7 H. W. Pring, c Boycott, b Gaer Jones 18 F. W. Hall, c A. Green, b Yearsley 15 A. G. Ruston, c Tudor Jones, b Gaer Jones 4 W. D. John, b Yearsley 0 C. R. Duerden, st A. Green, b Gaer Jones 0 W. H. Jones, b Yearsley 2 W. J. Williams, b Gaer Jones 0 J. A. Thomas, not out 0 Extras 7 Total 71 CEREDIGION. Yearsley, c J. A. Thomas, b Duerden 14 Gaer Jones, bpring 25 Tudor Jones, run out 10 Gifford, b Grundy 3 Captain J. Cosens, b Duerden 2 Boycott, b Grundy 30 W. H. Parry, b Grundy 0 J. F. Parry, b Grundy. I A. Green, b Grund3- 9 O. Green, not out 8 Hughes, c Johnson, b Duerden 12 Extras 15 Total 129