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TREGARON. WEDDING.—The marriage of Miss Maggie Morgan, eldest daughter of Mrs Morgan of the Talbot Hotel, and Mr Stephen Jones, 42, Warwick- street, Belgrave-road, London, was solemnised on Wednesday of last week. The bride, who is a native of Tregaron, is well known throughout the district and her genial, pleasant, and social manners have endeared her to all who know her. The bridegroom, up to a few years ago, was an assist- ant chemist at Mr Jones's, the Post Office, and is now in business in London. He is a native of Swyddffynon and, though not so well known at Tregaron as the bride is, during the time he was at Tregaron he was a great favourite amongst those who came in con- tact with him. At the time fixed for the wedding, large crowds of people thronged the streets to see the party going to the chapel and flags and banners were largely displayed and the event celebrated by gun-firing and other forms of marriage rejoicing. The chapel was tastefully decorated for the occasion and when the party arrived it was soon filled. The ceremony was performed by the Rev Morgan Evans, in the presence of Mr Peter Williams, the registrar. Mr William Jones, 35, Askelon-street, Battersea, brother to the bridegroom, acted as best man. The bridesmaids were the Misses Nancy and Cassie Morgan, sisters of the bride, with Miss Eleanor Jones, the Post Office. Miss Foulkes of the Intermediate School played the Wedding March. The bride was charmingly attired in ivory white silk-trimmed chiffon and orange blossoms with tulle veil and a bouquet of lilies of the valleys and roses, with trail. The bridesmaids also were prettily dressed in spotted muslin over mauve silk, with hats to match of white chiffon and feathers. They wore brooches of heart-shaped amthyst stones set in gold which, with the bouquets of chrysanthemums and roses, were the gifts of the bridegroom. The bride was given away by her uncle, Mr J. D. Rowland of Cardiff. After the ceremony at the chapel, the bride's mother held a reception at the Talbot Hotel, the Assembly Room of which had been profusely decorated for the occasion with flags, evergreen, and mottoes. Appropriate speeches were made by Mr J. D. Rowland, the Rev Morgan Evans, Mr Tom Jones (Post Office), and Mr Morgan Morgans. On the toast to the Bride and bridegroom," the bride- groom suitably responded and Mr Dan Jones after- wards gave an excellent rendering of True till Death." In. the evening, at the same place, a large number of guests were entertained when various kinds of amusements were indulged in till a late hour. The happy couple left by the afternoon train for Cardiff en route for Ilfracombe to spend their honeymoon, accompanied by the good wishes of all. The bride's travelling dress was a royal blue costume with velvet picture hat trimmed feathers. The following are the presents:—Bride to bride- groom, gold ring; bridegroom to bride, gold bangle; Mrs Morgan (bride's mother), household linen and cheque Miss Nancy Morgan (sister), china tea service Miss Cassie Morgan (sister), oil painting (her own work); Master Willie Morgan, cheque Mr J. D. Rowland, Cardiff, cheque Mr and Mrs Pearce, Builth, pair of oil paintings; Mr and Mrs Williams, Chester, silver kettle and stand, also cheque Miss Agnes Roderick, Chester, white china coffee service Mr and Mrs Morgan, Pen- rhiweeibr, marble clock; Mr and Mrs Jones, Factory, dinner cruet stand Mr and Mrs Johnson, London, marble clock Miss Ana Jones, Factory, pair of ornaments Miss Jane Jones, Factory, fruit spoon in case; Mr and Mrs Watkin James, Aber- ayron, pictures Mr E. Rowlands, Ystrad, pair of carvers Mr W. Rowlands, Ystrad, brass fire irons and dogs to match Mrs Jones, New Bush, brush and comb Mr and Mrs Jeffrey Jones, Llandrindod, silver coffee pot; Mr and Mrs G. Williams, Aber- ystwyth, breakfast cruet stand Mr and Mrs Jones, Wenallt, silver toast rack Mr and Mrs Jonathan Thomas, The Square, damask tablecloth; Mr and Mrs Davies, Feathers, Aberayron, silver teaspoons and tongs Master Tommy Davies, Feathers, Aber- ayron, brass fire irons; Miss Jenkins, Feathers, Aberayron, silver pickle fork and knife Misses Jones, Lioa Hotel, silver sardine box Miss Row- lands, Dolsuaeron, half-dozen knives and forks; Miss M. Rowlands, Plas Llangeitho, silver cake basket; Mr Rees Rom lands, Tyndolau, hall lamp Mr and Mrs Wm. Jones, London, skin hearth rag Mr Dan Jones (bridegroom's brother), London, Axminster drawing-room carpet; Mr and Mrs R. D. Jones, Aberystwyth, silver ink stand Mr and Mrs Jones, Post Office, silver cake basket Miss Eleanor Jones, do., silver and ivory (carvers, rests; Mr and Mrs Rees Jones, Emporium, silver tea and coffee sarvice Miss Jones, Emporium, table centre Miss Nancy Jones, do., Japanese tea caddy Miss May Jones, do., flower vase Dr and Mrs Lloyd, china afternoon tea service Mis Jones, Treoreky, china cake stand Rev Morgan Evans, C.M., books Mrs Jones, Nantllwyd, satin tea cosy and lace scarf; Misses Evans, Werna, silver-mounted carvers, steel and rest in case, pair of silver salt cellars in case Professor Williams, Abercoed, silver fish carvers in case Miss Lizzie Evans, Talbot, silver and glass butter dish Mr and Mrs Evans, Penddol, silver butter knife Mrs Jones, Drewaun, damask table cloth Miss Jenkins, Compton, jewelled belt; Mrs Morgans, Hafodnewydd, glove and handkerchief boxes Miss Amelia Williams, Llangeitho, silver breakfast cruet; Mr Hallet, Bristol, dozen knives and forks Miss Evans, Medical Hall, glass vase Mr and Mrs Jones, Commerce, Llangeitho, silver- mounted biscuit box Mr and Mrs Jones, Aeron House, silver cucumber slicer Mr and Mrs Jones, the:Mill, silver jam dish; Mr and Mrs Morgan, Workhouse, pair of silver salt cellars in case the Misses Morgan, Workhouse, damask table cloth Miss Mary George, Emporium, tray cloth and duchess cover Miss Lewis, Emporium, tray cloth and duchess cover Miss George, Emporium, table centre and sideboard cloth Miss Polly Rowlands, Emporium, sideboard cloth; Miss Alice Jones, Talbot, table cover; Mr D. T. Davies, Pantybeudy Hall, silver cake knife Mrs Jones, Dolgoch, damask table cloth Miss Mary George, Llanddewi-road, linen towels; Mr M. Morgan, Albion, hearth rug; Mrs James, Camer, table cover Mr Walter Jones, Gwalia Stores, tea; Mr and Mrs Rowlands, Coed Camer, pillow cases Mr pnd Mrs Jones, Monarch, china kettle; Mr and Mrs Lloyd, Penybont, white counterpane Mrs Rowlands, Brynwernen, money; Miss Davies, Pen- trebrain, silver breakfast cruet Miss Charlotte Rowland, Ystrad; crumb tray and brush Mr and Mrs D. Evans, butcher, white counterpane Mr and Mrs Lewis, Penyrhodyn, cups and saucers and butter coolers; Miss Catherine Davies, Doldre, toilet cover Miss M. Jenkins, Llanilar, water bottle, Miss Gwen Jones, Doldre, pair of orna- ments; Rev and Mrs Watkins, The Square, silver fjam spoon and butter knife in casel; Mr and Mrs Evans, Rhydyronen, silver and glass Eickle stand Mr John Lodwick, Ystrad, copper ettle; Mrs Sal Evans, Station-road, china tea caps Miss Caynor Davies, Station-road, towels Mrs Hughes, The Mill, money; Miss Mary Herbert, Station-road, afternoon tea and tray cloth Miss Williams, Stanley House, brass reading stand Mr J. R.Dewi Williams,do., pair of b, .ahes on bracket; Miss Rowland, Station-road, silver bread fork; Idiets M. A. Rowland, Lion, silver sugar tongs Mrs Jones, Bron'rhelem, purse M Dan and Mr J. T .Owen,Swancea,fish carvers in case; Mr Jones, Sunny Hill, complete dinner service; Mr and Mrs E O. Jones, London, silver-mounted salad bowl; Mr and Mrs Caronian Evans, Chapel-street, leather hymn book Miss Sarah Evans, Llanddewi, cushion Mrs ReeB Jones, Tychwith, pair of fl6wer vases Miss M, A. Jones, Derlwyn House, silver ladle; Mrs John Jones, Pentre, damask tablecloth; the Misses Jones, Pentre; pair of bath towels Mr and Mrs Thomas, Wern Villa, money Miss Jenkins, Trecefel, silver jam spoons, pickle fork and butter knife in case; Mrs Williams, Brenig View, toilet set Miss Jones, Aigoed, damask table f )v r; Mr and Mrs Daviea, Pentre, money Miss Ht .1ah Davies, do., mirror racket; Mrs: Driscoll, do., celery vases; Miss Catherine Williams, do., knife box MisslJane Jones, Tyn- gwndwn, money Mr and Mrs Phil Rees, Fountain, pair of trays Miss M. A. Beynon, do., sugar basin and cream iug Rev and Mrs Caron Jones, Borth, pair of vases Miss Jones, liar House, tray cloth Mrs Jones, Berwyn Villa, damask table cloth; Mrs Hannah Davies, Pentre, glass cake dish Mrs Rees Jones, do., pair of vases; Mrs Lodwick, do., antique jug; Mrs Richard Jones, do., two pair candlesticks; Mrs Dd. Jones, do., glass flower vase and honey pot; Miss Nancy Rees, Doldre, hand- made pincushion; Miss Mary Rees, Doldre, glass flower vase; Mr L. 4 E. Thomas, Berkhamstead, silver jam spoons in case; Mr D. W. E. Rowland, Garth, Family Bible Mr Bob Rowland, Garth, silver serviette rings in case Miss Margaret Morgan, Pentre, glass butter cooler; Mr and Mrs Rees Jenkins, Sunny Cottage, table centre Miss Jones. Dinam Villas, leather hand- kerchief satchet; Miss Williams, Poplar, table cover; Mr and Mrs Evans, Brynmawr, silver dinner cruet; Mr Waterhouse, B.A., B.Sc., Intermediate Schools, case of scent bottles; Mr D. D. Evans, Lampeter, china egg stand Mr Jones, Nantymaen, white counterpane; Miss Felix, Llanddewi road, money Mr and Mrs D. Jones, Chapel-street, tea spoons; Mr and Mrs Thomas, Cambrian House, damask table cloth; Mr and Mrs Tim Morgan, Llanddewi, breakfast cruet stand Mr Tom Davies, Castle, Lampeter, hot water jug; Mr and Mrs Joseph Morgan, Llanddewi, table cover; Mrs Morgan, Cwmberwyn, tea spoona and sugar tongs; Miss Ann Morgan, Treflynfach, towels Mr and Mrs George, Treflynfach, china, tea pot on stand Mr and Mrs Thomas Rees, Chapel-street, pillow cases and towels Mrs Jones, Red Lion, Bont, silver teapot; Mr and Mrs Edwards, Nantstalwen, white counterpane Mrs Edwards, ditto, inkstand Mrs Davies, Pentre, pair of ornaments Mr R. M. Williams, Pentre, teapot; Mr Caville, Carmarthen, Florence gloves Mrs Catherine Davies, Trawscoed, table spoons; Miss E. A. Rowland, Medical Hall, tray cloth Mr and Mrs Dan Jones, Liverpool, pair of curtains Miss Rowland, Railway Hotel, brushes on racket; Mrs Jones, Llwyngarreg, cash Miss Williams, Pengaron, epergne Miss George, Piccadilly, money Mr and Mrs Evans, Doldre, basin and cream jug; Mr Murray, London, pair of handsome Japanese vases; Mrs Alford, London, coal scuttle Mr Beckerlcgge, London, table cover Mr J. Jones, London, pictures; Mr and Mrs Gooch, Doldre, picture Mr Jones, Crown, silver nut cracker and butter knife in case; Mr Evans, contractor, Llanybyther, silver preserve spoons in case Mr and Mrs Joseph Edwards, Pentre, hot water jug; Mr and Mrs Tom Rees, Doldre, toilet cover and tray cloth Miss Maggie Emma Jones, Chapel-street, antique china dish Miss Maggie Jones, Tanyffordd, antique jug; Mrs R. Jones, Pentre, china cups and saucers Mrs Evan Jones, Pentre, antique jug; Mr and Mrs Morgan, Bush, table cover; Miss Morgan, Ivy Bush, silver butter cooler and knife; Mrs Jones, Sunny Side, damask table cloth; Mr Evan Edwards, Cross House, cash; Miss Lloyd, Aberystwyth, silver paper knife Mrs Edmunds, Ivy Cottage, cash Messrs Davis and Sons, Aber- ystwyth, silver-mounted claret jug; Miss Hope, Aberayron, silver bonbon dishes Mr and Mrs Williams, Rhydyronen, chamber ware; Misses Annie and Floreuce Williams, do, antique jugs; Mr D. Jones, London House, silver hot water jug; Mrs Davies, Corner House, coal ecuttle; Mr Hugh Rees, B.A., Clifton, photo frame Miss Nellie Shepherd, London, afternoon tea cloth; Miss Amy Shepherd, do, painted plaque; Mrs Ellen Evans, Willow Cottage, afternoon tea cloth; Master Danny James, Aberayron, wood carving Miss Lloyd, Tanyrorfa, glass vases Mr John Williams, T*- 11_ i.1 C? A Q ~l 1 A. i i. m xatuut, vticijuc y ouuuajf ouuuui teacners oi Are- garon Methodist Chapel, book.


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