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(Continued from Page 5.) 48, Marlborough House, Mrs Bevan- Mr E M Press, Miss Robinson, Miss Prees, Narbiton Mr and Mrs Whitaker 49, Mrs H Humphreys— Mr and Mrs Sankey, family and maid, Bilston Mrs Williams, Miss Davies, Berwynfa, Bala;. Mrs Tregellas, Bodafon, Llangollen Mr and Mrs Nott, Stourbridge, 50, Miss James— Mrs and Nlira Deane and nurse, Higher Broughton, Manchester Mr and Mrs Purdy, Stockport 51, Norfolk House, Mrs Gathercole— Mr and Mrs Pedley, Olton, nr Birmingham Mr and Mrs Moss, Denton, nr Manchester; Misses (2) Lloyd, Miss Williams, Rhayader 53, Miss Watkins- Mrs Ward and family, Oswestry; Mrs Whit- field, Mrs Ellis, do Mrs Allan, Miss Tyler, Whitchurch Mr and Mrs Barrow, Kirkstall, Leeds 54, Miss A Bevan- Mr and Mrs Edward, Whitfield; Mrs and Mr John Willy 56, Mrs E A Hall- Miss Lee, Kinver Mr Salisbury Tuckerman, do Miss Edden, Birmingham Miss Chuich, Misses Fisk, St Albans; Mr and Mrs Sangtey, Manchester 57, Mrs Morgan- Mr and Mrs Stanley and family, Newport, Salop; Mr and Mrs Gilman, Basford, Stoke-on-Trent 58, Idris House, Miss Nicklin- Mr and Mrs Rowe and family, Miss Morris, Chepstow Mr and Misses (3) Evans, Castle- ton; Mr and Miss Thompson, Miss Rushton, Mr Oakes, Broseley Mr Molineux, Heather 59, Miss James— Jtfr and Mrs Hind and family, Heaton Chapel; Mrs Townsend and family, Alceater 60, Mrs Burton- Miss Sutton and maid, Southwell, Notts; Mr, Mrs, and Masters F and H Nicholas, Hanley, Staffs 61, Glyn Peris, Miss Jones- Mrs T W Groves, Misses (3) Pryce, Shrewsbury; Miss Pryce, Montgomery; Mrs A J Duck and two children, Abergavenny Miss L Thomas, Mr D R Jones, Llanfaircaereinion Mrs, Miss, and Master Cowan, Meifod Mrs Lewis and friend, Liverpool 62, Mrs Daviea- Mr and Miss Hamer, Birmingham; Mrs Fardon and two daughters, Leamington Misses Jones and Pugh, Rhayader 63, St David's House, Mrs Jones- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Allen, Mrs W H Allen, Hurst Hill, Bilston; Miss Taylor, Misses Franklin, Miss Bikker, Miss Langebear, Mr H Vernon, Warwickshire 64, York House, Miss A. V. Nelson- Mr and Mrs Jebb, Shrewsbury; Mr Woodbridge, London Mr Barrett, lnkberson, Worcester- shire 65, Clifton House, Mrs Stockwell- Miss Perkins and maid, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Henderson, London; Mrs and Misses Morgan, Dr Leake, do Miss Watson, Sheffield ALBERT PLACE 1, Dumbarton House, Mrs Humphreys- Mr R H Marshall, Mr E Marshall, Walsall 3, Broughton House, Mrs Lewis- Mrs Hughes, Miss Hogg, Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs Jones, Miss Bladen, Newcastle, Staffs Queen's Hotel, W H Palmer- Misses Head, St Leonards-on-Sea; Mr and Mrs R Taylor, Shrewsbury; Mr and Mrs Adams, Mr & Mrs Coulson,lLeamington; Miss Hudson, Mr and Mrs Macaulay, London Miss Anthony, Miss Birrell, Caerphilly; Mr Cooper, Derby Mr and Mrs Watts, Manchester Mr Leacli, M P, London; Mr Hawkes, Bir- mingham; Mr, Mrs, and Miss L Hutchings, London; Mr and Mrs Waterhouse, Sheffield; Mr Lloyd Morgan, M P Mrs Bissell, Mrs Jones, Manchester Dr Holliers and friend, Salop; Col, Mrs, and Miss Walker, Llandud- no; Mr Vaughan; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Owen, Oswestry Mr, Mrs, and Miss Hope, Hud- dersfield; Sir Richard and Lady Mcttram, Manchester Mrs Wakefield and maid; Mrs Briscoe, London Mr Roach, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Williams, M P, Morriston; Mr Bradwell and family; Mr H Lambert and family, London VICTORIA TERRACE Ocean View, Mrs Wm Kensit- Mr Hardoastle, Sheffield; Mrs Milnes, Birming- ham; Mr and Mrs Humphreys, Oswestry Miss Batho, Ellesmere Mr S E Bevan, Sedg- ley; Miss Edden, Birmingham; Mrs and Master Sutton, Bargor on-Dee 5, Plyn lymon House Boarding Establishment, Mrs E A Hall- Mr and Mrs Madgawvar, Bombay; Mr McLeod, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Greenhalgh, Cheshire; Mrs and Miss Bullock, Wolverhampton Mr T F Cooper, Northampton; Mr Wolverton, Norfolk Miss Whitmore, Suffolk Mrs Lloyd and maid, Lampeter Mr and Mrs Bridges, Wolverhampton Miss W Jaggard, do Mr and Miss Blackwell, Shrewsbury; Mrs Richards Mrs Peacock Trafalgar House, Mr R Felix- Mrs Henry Herrick, family and nurse Mr and Mrs A Wright, son and nurse, Alderley Edge Miss L Cunliffe, Handforrh Miss Warrington, Miss Painter, Forest Hill; Mrs Dowdes- well, West Bromwich Miss Spencer, Hands worth Brighton House, Mrs J. Williams- Mr and Mrs Morris. Miss Bird, Nliss'Ash worth, Ashton-under-Lyne; Mr and Mrs Axon, Sale, Manchester; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Harrison, Stourbridge Mr, Mrs, Misses, and Master Howard, Willesden, London Mrs Janaway 11, St Oswald's, Misses Sabine- Mr and Mrs Victor Hickman, family and two maids, Wolverhampton; Miss Fitton, Great Malvern; Mr and Mrs Marshall, Wal- sall Mrs and Miss Cotterill, Birmingham Miss E Hill, Welshpool Lenton House. Miss Allen- Mr and Mrs Fenwick, child and nurse, Bir- mingham Mrs and Miss Fulton, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Wm Gay, Selly Park, Birming- ham Mr L Gay, do; Misses Hunt (2, Mr Gazrey, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Barnes, Bir- ngham Mrs Kelly and family, Shrewsbury Cliff View Boarding Establishment, Mrs Edgar Atwood- Mrs Pearsall and friend, Mr and Mrs Sankey; Mr Rycoft and family; Mr and Mrs Munslow; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Levi, Mr and Miss Levi; Mr Harrison; Mr Griffin Rev Roberts; Miss Tazcr CLIFF TERRACE Stevnton House, Mrs Bowen- Mr and Mrs Parish, Birmingham; Mr Wheeler, Misses Biddle, Stourbridge Miss Kestall, Mr Edgehill, Birmingham Ael-y-don, Mrs Ashmall- Mr and Misses Cooper, Walsall; Mr, Mrs, and Misses (2) Briant, Bilston Gwen-y don, Miss Lee- Mr and Mrs Hammonds, Mr and Mrs Ballard, Newpoit, Salop BRYNYMOR TERRACE Edge Hill House, Mrs Bayley- Mr and Mrs D A Norton, Barnsby, Walsall; Messrs C C and F C Cox, Cambridge BRYNYMOR ROAD Rosario, Misa Nock- Mr and Mrs Rhind, Birkenhead Mrs Hollis Misses Mayne, Birmingham Rockfield Villa, Mrs Henry— Mrs Jones and family, Llanidloes SOUTH MARINE TERRACE. 1, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Stuart, Miss E Stewart, Sale, Cheshire Mr and Miss Webb, Liverpool 5, Glan-y-don, Misses Knight- Misses Parry (3), Hyde Park, London; Misses (2) Woodcock 'Ombersley, Aahton on-Mersey Mrs Coulter, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester 11, Sea Cliff, Mrs Briscoe- Mrs Andrew Hambly, Plymouth; Mr and Mrs W Adams, Tunstall, Staffordshire; Mrs and Miss MacKnight, Sydney, New South Wales; Miss Davies-Evans, Llysaeron, Aberayron; Dr h MCI ntyre, Edinburgh 12, Brynarfor, Mrs D. Morgan- Mr and Mrs Hadley and family, Wolverhamp- ton; Miss Bradbury, Swetterton Mrs and Mr Jack Williams, Anglesey 13, The Holt, Miss Gathercole— Mrs and Mr Grice and family, Miss Parker, Smethwick Miss Hooley, Miss Williamson, Miss Hopwood, Miss Hooley, Stockport No address- Mrs Lloyd and family, Miss Edwards, Oswestry; Mr Williams, Cardiff; Miss Mitchell, Minera NORTH PARADE 28, Haul-fan, Mrs Williams— Mrs Lingard, Miss Briggs, Sale, Manchester Mr W Scurlock, Carmarthen; Mr Ruston, Long Buckley 29, Mrs Lumley Jones— Mrs and Misses Ball, Mrs and Miss Slack, Miss Glover, Derby 32, Mrs Metcalfe— Mr and Mrs Meyer, London; Mr, Mrs, and Master and Miss Swingler, Aston 34, Miss Morgan— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Hughes, Oswestry; Mrs Sutherens, Newtown Mrs Legg, Miss Slater, Bilston 44, Mrs James— Mrs Davies, Wolverhampton Miss Gould, do Mrs and Miss Smallshaw, Shrewsbury; Mra Evans, London JC Mrs R Owen— Mr Mrs, and Misses Crump (3), Mr T Crump, Wolverhampton; Mr, Mrs, and Masters Cheesman, Oswestry; Mr Shepherd, York; Mr D BOweD, London Miss Williams, do; Mr Loveheal, Birmingham; Mr Sisterton, Wolver- hampton M Buckingham House, Mrs J Evans- Ur and ldines Tyler, Sheffield; Misses Morgan, Builth Wells 57, Mrs Griffiths- Mrs and Miss Winfield, Erdington 59, Mrs R Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Rees, Rhayader St Anthony's House, Misses Cockbill- Surgeon Major and Miss Scott, Bath Mrs and Miss Pimm, Stockport; Miss Griffin, Solihull Mrs Riordan, Walsall Walton House, Mrs Cole- Mrs Gordy, Montgomery Mr and Mrs Whild, Manchester 67, Mrs Rees Edwards- Mrs Parry, High Escall 73, Mrs Uriel Jones- Mr and Mrs Bonehill, Lichfield PORTLAND STREET 4, Brunswick House, Mrs D Humphreys— Mr and Mrs Pritchard and family, BrecoD Miss Williams, Cork; Mr and Mrs Perks, Oswestry 5, Mrs Culliford- Misses Boycott (2), Wellington; Mr and Mrs Watkins, Hereford; Mr Price, Miss Weather ley, Mr Pritchard, Builth 7, Glasfryn, Mra Capt Davies- Mr T Evans, Lampeter Mrs and Miss Wood- nutt, London Mr Atkinson, Stockport 8, Mrs Jones- Mrs and Mr H F Gumbley, Moseley, Birming- ham Mrs Jones and children, Rhondda Valley Mrs Lowe, Miss Davies, Birmingham 10, Miss Edwards- Mrs Edwards and family, Shrewsbury Miss Briscoe, do; Mr R Hampton, Miss Whit, Bir- mingham Miss Hughes- Mrs and Misses (3) Morley, Birmingham; Mrs ana Mies Morgan, Shrewsbury 14, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs Evans, Bridgnorth; Miss Hammond, Shrewsbury; Mr and Mrs Taylor, Manchester 21, Mrs Bateman- Mr Groves, Shrewsbury; Mr Young, Mrs Groves, Hereford 25, Mrs Rankin- &Ar- 1 tf 1'1__1_- TTS 1\o.T_ K- -3 AM lur ctiiu. ixira uuiw, xviugo nurjuu i iui auu uira Clulee, Mrs and Miss Coles, Pontesford Mr and Misses Pritchard, Llanwrtyd Wells 28, Ystwyth House, Mrs Williams— Miss Jones-Williams, Mrs Clay, Clifton, Bristol; Mr and Mrs Cowles, West Bromwich Mr and Mrs Whitehouse, West Bromwich 31, Mrs Vigars- Mrs Hollis, Misses Payne, Birmingham Misses Vigars, Liverpool 34, Wern House, Mrs Edwards- Mr and Mrs Meer, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire 36, Miss Evans Mr J H Williams, Machynlleth Mrs Coogan and friend 47, Tilehurst House, Mrs Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Lewis, Mr and Mrs Lloyd and baby, Rhayader Masters W and P Lewis, do Mrs George, do; Mrs and Miss Jones, Bromley BAKER STREET 4, Mrs Captain Humphreys- Miss Jones, Llandrindod Wells: Mr, Mrs, and Miss Jones, Bishops Castle 6, Mrs Long— Mrs and Misses Butterworths (4), Kington 7, Mrs D Jenkins— Mr andfMisslCashmore Miss Cross, Birmingham 10, Mrs lewis- Mrs Beddoes, Mrs and Misses (2) Childe, Miss Millichap, Much Wenlock Mr W W Mayne, Swansea ALFRED PLACE 3, Mrs Hunt- Mr, Mrs, and Master Harriman. Wolverhamp- ton Mr and Miss Powell, Mrs Price, Miss C Morris, Aberedw, nr Builth. 4, Mrs Roberts— Miss Jones, Miss Downing, Miss Davies, Mr Morgan, Rhayader Mrs Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Gray, Master H Lambert, North Luffenham, Stamford Dorset House, Miss Griffiths- Mrs and Miss Nicholas, Miss and Miss Starkey, Oswestry CORPORATION STREET Bryngwalia, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Richardson, Stockport BATH STREET 5, Mrs Patten- Mrs and Master Smith, West-Bromwich; Mr Jones, Builth Moreb House, Mrs Morgan- Mr Powell, Builtb Miss Coulthard, do Mrs and Master Workman, Hereford Coburg House, Mrs James— Mr and Mrs and Mr Rickwood, Croydon, Surrey Audley House, Mrs James- Mr, Mrs, andJMiss Wagstaff, Wednesbury Cadogan House, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs Berwick, Edgbaston, Birmingham PIER STREET Gwalia Temperance Hotel, Mr C Harcourt- Mr W Wall, Dudley Mr and Mrs Cox, New- port Mrs Julian, Exeter Messrs H and B Hunt. Wellington Messrs Jones and Wilson, Llandinam 27, Mrs J A James— Mi-s S P Pugh, Barge, Shrewsbury Mrs M Evans, Hainwood, Llandrillo Mrs and Miss L Wilde, do Miss M Cooper, The New Hall; do NEW STREET 9, Miss Evans- Mr and Mrs Hamlett, Malvern Link Misses Pryce and Morris, Builth Wells 16, Mrs Davies- Mr and Mrs Hughes, Dudley; Misses Holt, London Wandsworth House, Miss Richards— Miss and Mr Heath, Birmingham; Miss Evans 13, Miss Williams- Mr and Mrs Kreicher, Neath; Mr and Miss Boughe, Miss Lee and friend, Nantwich POWELL STREET 2, Mrs Hughes- Mr and Mrs Davies and son, London Meadow View, Miss Jones- Mrs, Miss, and Master Enoch, Leominster Mr Whittington, Dinas Mr G A Lewis, Treorky; Mr Levis, Toii, Ystrad 9, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Hughes, Salop; Mr and Mrs Roberts and family, do Rose Hill, Miss Humphreys- Mrs Jones, children and nurse, Miss Richards Dowlais GEORGE STREET 2, Npwry House, Mrs Lloyd- Mrs Jones, Borough, London; Mr and Mra Lee, Richmond Messrs J H and Roberts Liverpool Mr and Mrs Swift, do Messrs Moore, Collins, and Churchill, Birmingham Mr Robinson, do Mr Hughes, Mold Mr aud Mrs Rowley, Wolverhampton KING STREET 7, Castle House, Mrs Evans- Mrs and Miss Griffiths, Miss Dyas, Messrs F Corbishley and S Beach, Madeley Mr R A Daniel, Cornwall QUEENS ROAD. Troedybryn, Mrs Jones— Mrs and Miss Ludlow. Wrexham Mrs F Page, Abercregan, Llangollen Tafnell House, Mrs H Davies- Mr and Misses Lucas, Moseley Mr and Mrs Thompson and children, Birmingham Crystal Palace Hotel, Mr Price- Miss Price, Llanidloes Mr Davies, Rhayader Mrs Barry and family, Builth Mr L isvanii, Abbey Cwmhir, Radnorshire 14, Glanayron House, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs Woodhouse, family and maid, Sale, Manchester Mrs and Miss Coule, Miss Urry, Messrs J and B Pike, Birmingham Hilton House, Mrs James— Mr Probert, Hampton-in-Arden, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Wainwright, Oldham; Mr and Mrs Hail, Birmingham Cardigan House and Exeter House, Mrs Morcom- Mr and Miss Palfrey, Knighton; Misses and Master Morris, do; Misses Done and Rosher, Moseley, Birmingham Carlisle House, Mrs Thompson- Misses D and A Fletcher, Uttoxeter; Miss Dover, do Mrs and Miss Lunn, Halton, nr Leeds Miss Thompson, Stanks, do BRIDGE STREET Commerce House, Mrs Hollier- Mr and Mrs Franklin, Halesowen Old Black Lion Hotel, Mrs E Lewis- Mr Rowlands, Llanrbayader; Mr Morgan, Tre- degar; Messrs A and W Walker, Birmingham; Mr T Morgan, Mrs J Morgans, Miss Howells, London Mr Stronach, Hanley; Messrs J and W Lloyd, M Beadle, R Richards, and A Francis, Rhayader; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Morgan, Nanerth; Mr Hughes, St. Harmon; Mr Leek, Machynlleth; Mrs Morgan, Lampeter; Mr Jonathan, Ciliau Aeron; Mr J Jones, Denbigh; Mr Cadwaladr Hughes, Wrexham Nags Head Hotel, Mrs Evans- Rev Mr Jones, Canada; Mr Davies, Llanidloes 29, Agra House, Mrs Wehlisch- Mr and Mrs Watts, Sheffield; Misses Halford, Birmingham 37, Bro Dawel, Mrs L Bearne- Mr and Mrs E Horton Smith, Handsworth, Birmingham Mr Broxton, Northampton Mr A Whitmore, Birmingham 47, Mrs Meredith- Mr Edwards, London; Mrs and Miss Morgan, London; Mr Lewis, Aberdare; Mrs and Master Walters, Birmingham 49, Manod House, Mrs Williams- Mr Edwards, Yorkshire 50, Mra Casbmore- Miss Silvester, Misses M and H Smith, West Bromwich 57, Mrs Fisher— Mrs and Miss Lewis, Tyllemawr, Glasbury; Miss Ammonds, do CASTLE TERRACE 2, Mrs G Bearne- Mr and Mrs Heath, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Hibbert, Manchester; Miss Carf, Oswestry 3, Miss Dalton- Mr Richardson, Leyton, Essex 4, Mrs Andrew Davies- Mrs Latter, Mrs Davies, Shrewsbury Pendinas View, Mrs Jones- Mrs and Master Kibble, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Adams, Liscard, Cheshire 1 SOUTH ROAD Freemasons Tavern, Mrs Francis— Mr and Mrs Perkins, London Mr and Master Haynes, Birmingham Miss Garnet, do Mr E L Evans, Bryncrug, Towyn Mr W Roberts, Towyn Craigalea House, Mrs Shortt- Mr Edwards, Mr Edwards, jun, Misses Edwards, Wolverhampton 33, Mrs 0 Rees- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Shenton, London Sailor's Arms, Mrs Daniel— Miss (2) Williams, Mrs Spilsbury and two children, Birmingham Harbour View, Mrs J Jones- Mrs W H Morgan and family, Llansilin, Oswestry; Mis H Jones and family, Llanfyllin; Mrs Polatch, Forest Gate, Essex Haulwen, Misses Jones- Mr, Mrs, and Misses (2) Stuart, Manchester Mrs Roberts and family, Chirbury, Salop Minydor, Mrs Jenkins- Mrs White, Miss Edwards, Montgomery Trem-y-don, Mrs E Jones— Mr and Mrs Gittins and family, Wellington, Salop Mr, Mrs, and Misses Bacon, Birming- ham ST. MICHAEL'S PLACE 3, Mrs Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Jennings, Smethwick Mr John- son, Mrs Waterfield, Wolverhampton HIGH STREET. 21, Mrs Hughes- Mr and Mrs Mitchell, Huddeisfield 25, Mrs Ed wards- Mr, Mrs, and Master Potter, Derby Mrs and Miss Evans, Rhayader 9 T — A* :— tJu, XJyJk UC View, iUl O vapv ..IJA1fj,O- Miss Culwick, West Bromwich Mr and Mrs Lewis, Llandrindod Wells PROSPECT STREET 15, Mrs Lewis- Mr J Graham, Manchester CUSTOM HOUSE STREET 3, Mrs Hughes- Misses Griffiths, Llanidloes 5, Mrs Hall- Mr and Mrs Bryan, family and maid, Alexandria, Egypt 8, Mrs Edwards- Mr and Mrs Osmond, family and maid, Edgbas- ton, Birmingham Fairbourne House, Mrs Roberts- Mr and Mrs Barnfield, Moseley, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Alderley, Heaton Chapel LOVEDEN ROAD 4, Mrs Jones— Mrs Watkin, family and maid, Montgomery Miss Watkin, do; Mrs and Master Francis, Newtown Mr and Misses Knowles, Manches- ter TREFOR ROAD Hillside Villa, Mra Richardson- Mrs and Miss Phyllis Pointon, Longton, Staffs; Mrs A Pointon, baby and maid, Penkhull, Stoke-on-Trent Melindwr, Mrs Williams- Mr, Mrs, and Masters (3) Evans, Miss Cole, Miss Oakley, Dudley NORTH ROAD 2, Mrs Stitt- Mr Lake and family; Miss Mary Golden Grove, Mrs H Owen- Rev John and Mrs Onley, Mrs Gates, Mr F and Miss Onley, Mr John Onley, Kingston-! on-Thames; Mr J Distarnal, Wednesbury; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Barnett, Pembridge; Miss Crofts, Kington; Master Alfred Morris, Dinas Mawddwy Kingston House, Miss Icke- Mr R Marston, Mrs T Marston, Shrewsbury; Mr and Mrs A Nightingale, do; Mr Withers Nightingale, Craven Arms; Mrs and Miss Wilkins, Acocks Green; Mr and Mrs Wood, Manchester Fairlands, Mrs Francis— Mr, Mrs, and Mr G Tasker, London Vaynor Villa, Mrs Ellis- Mr, Mrs, and Master Budd and nurse, London; Mrs and Miss A Green, do; Miss M Morgan, do; Miss Wilson, Scholes, Leeds; Mr H T and Mrs Evans and child, Swansea Foelallt House, Miss Lewis— Miss Dodd, Aston, Birmingham TERRACE ROAD 5, Mrs Williams- Mrs and Miss Morgan, Newtown Mr Hum- phreys, London Mr Davies, Cardiff 7, Mrs Warrington- Misses (2) Davies, Rhayader; Mrs and Miss Bayson, Welshpool; Mrs Cutter, Liverpool; Mrs Jenkins, Miss Jones, London Darwen House, Misses Morgan— Miss Brown, Moseley; Miss Glow, Birmingham 11, Mrs Jenkins— Misses and Master Williams, Oswestry Mr Turner and family, Stourport 15, Mrs Morris— Mrs Peplow, Shrewsbury 38, Mrs Williams- Miss Rylani, Miss Pickering, Worcester Miss Davies and niece, Shrewsbury 40, Mrs Clapperton- Mr and Mrs Hughes, Connahs Quay, Flint White Horse Hotel, Mrs Rea- Mr Franklin, Wolverhampton; Mr Cassens, Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs H Rumsey Wil- liams, Mr W Maurice Jones, Mr Pritchard, Carnarvon Mr and Mrs Shelley, London Mr and Mrs Warner, Nottingham THESPIAN STREET 10, Mrs Humphreys- Mr and Mrs A E James, Birmingham Fedw House, Mrs Salmon- Mrs Turner, Mrs Andrews, Birmingham 14, Mansfield House, Mrs Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Powell, Hereford Mr and Misses (2) Humphreys, Miss Reese, Tregynon Mr Aubert, Brighton Mr D L: Evans, Baron-on- Cley, Beds UNION STREET 1, Miss Morris— Mr and Mrs Evans, Miss' Jones, Miss Evans, London Miss Evans, Treorky 3, Eastwood House, Mrs D Edwards- Mr and Mrs Disley, Aberllefenny Mrs Stanley and grand daughter, Newtown; Mr and Mrs Morgan, Llandinam CAMBRIAN PLACE 2, Mrs Oliver- Mra Jones, Mrs Lawrence and son, Rhayader Misa Roberts, do; Mr Morgans and family, Rhayader "a 4, Glyndwr, Mra Boghes- Mr & Mrs Gardner, Knowle, nr Birmingham; Mrs and Miss Gardner, Kingswood, do; Miss Davies, Miss Moore, Hereford; Mr and Mrs Davies, Rhayader 5, Victor House, Mrs Jenkins- Miss Evans, Pumpsaint; Miss Davies, Newtown; Mrs Owen, Llanidloes; Miss Buckley, Bir-1 mingham; Miss Blackwell, London liar House, Miss Jones— Mrs and Miss Morgan, Fromington, Knighton LITTLE DARKGATE STREET 26, Crynfryn House, Mrs Richards- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Hill, London Y Crynfryn, MissesJones- Miss Williams; Mr, Mrs, and (2) Misses Car- ter, Mrs Horton, Mr, Mrs, and Misses Baker, Wolverhampton Mt Payne, Mr Jones, Lon- don 29, Mrs Finch- Mrs and Miss Davies, Montgomery Misses Allen, Montgomery; Misses Birch, Mr and Mrs Barrett, Birmingham Mr and Mrs A Mutlow, Worcester; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Wyekerley, Whitchurch GREAT DARKGATE STREET Brynawel Boarding House, Misses Holland- Mrs Phelps, Teddington, nr London Mrs Hill, Leominster Lion Hotel- Capt and Mr W R Nash, Mr Herbert Nash, Ealing Mr Isaac Griffiths, W ednesbury Misses Hughes (2), London Rev C Halden Hereford; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Shearing' Southampton Mr Gilbert, Mr H Fletcher Madeley; Mr Hawlezet, Mr J E Ward, Mr and Mrs Watson, Mr Dnnkley CHALYBEATE STREET 5, Mrs Evanll- Mr and Mrs Halliwell, Manchester Mr and Mrs Dowd, Wednesfield 9, Trefor House, Mrs icaptain Jones— Mr and Mrs Pearson and family, Ludlow Mr L Williams, Towyn Mr M H Jones, UCW Treherbert; Rev T Francis, Llangorae Rev J Richards, Cwmbwrla, Swansea 16, Mrs Collins- Mrs and Miss Annie Davies, Mrs Morgan, Lon- don 25, Misses Jones- Rev J and Master John Edwards, Neath Mr and Mrs Jenkin Lloyd and family, Pant, Llan. ddewi Argyle House, Mrs Williams- Mrs James, Newcastle Emlyn; Mrs Evans, Miss Edwards, Ruabon LLANBADARN ROAD Binswood, Mrs Paull— Mrs Smith, Miss Matthews, Stafford; Miss Hay, London Misses Denham, Marshall, Herefordi Heathfield. Mra Captain Richards- Mr and Mra Morgan, Clapham, London Mr F C and Miss Morgan, do; Mr E W Morgan and friend, do