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TO VISITORS TO VISITORS. WITHOUT A DOUBT MORTON'S BOOT STORES, KNOWN BY THE NAME OF DXCK'S, 12, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, Are now complete with the Finest Stock of Boots, Shoes, and Slippers for the Season that it is possible to produce. DICK'S stand pre-eminent in the BOOT and SHOE TRADE for Good Material, Good Workmanship, and Low Prices. Every Department is crammed full with all the Newest things in Leather and with all sorts of fittings, so that any foot, it matters not its size or shape, can be comfortably and easily fitted. Every Article is of Excellent Quality and Splendid Value. Repairs Neatly, Promptly, and Reasonably executed, and w th nothing but the Best English Bark-Tanned Leather. Shops in this District: ABERYSTWYTH, CARDIGAN, LAMPETER, MACHYN- LLETH, DOLGELLEY, BARMOUTH, PWLLHELI. All well stocked with every description of Boots and Shoes. 30 YEARS ESTABLISHED IN ABERYSTWYTH. FI TTING ROOM FOR LADIES. ALFRED NOYES, THE WEST END STORES, l PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Special Agents for— Huntley & Palmer's Biscuits and Cakes. Crosse & Blackwell's Jams and Jellies. Lazenby's Pickles and Soups. Harris's Wiltshire Hams and Bacon. Home Cured Hams and Bacon. Beach's Whole Fruit Jams. Abermaed Dairy Co's Thick Cream & Butter Daily. ■ Montserrat Lime Juice. The United Kingdom Tea Company. WINES, SPIRITS, & LIQUEURS, HENNESSY & MARTELL'S COGNAC, DUNVILLE'S, JAMESON'S, & OTHER WHISKIES, TOBACCO AND CIGARS. Families and Visitors can rely upon all goods at the above Stores being of the best quality and at lowest prices ESTABLISHED A.D. 1750s, W\ IN BOTTLE. O INDIA PALE ALE Imperial i Pints, 2/6 per dozen. W^l Imperial Pints, 4/- per dozen. IN *t* DINNER ALE. CASKS, M Imperial Pints, 9, 18,&36\ 2/6 per dozen. Gallona. ——— STOUT. BREWERS "T 2/6 per dozen i Pints. 4/- per dozen SPECIAL \<«jr\ P'°"' APPOINT- TRACE asd MENT\ FAMILIES F SUPPLIED. TO H.R.H. -o- THE PRINCE OF i WALES Q j AT BURTON -oN-TRENT To be obtained from REA'S STORES RBA'S STORES. FAMILY GROCERS, PROVISION, AND WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS. -TS. LIGHT SUMMER WINES. CLARETS, BURGUNDIES, SPARKLING AND STILL HOCK, AND MOSELLES, MADEIRA, MARSALA. CALIFORNIAN AND AUSTRALIAN WINES. CHAMPAGNES. All well-known Brands Stocked and Retailed at Lowest Retail Prices. _0_ SOLE PROPRIETORS OF REA'S' BLACK BOTTLE' SCOTCH WHISKEY Ten Years Old. 4s. per Bottle. 46s. per Dozen. BOTTLERS of WORTHINGTON'S and BASS'S BURTON ALES GUINNESS'S EXTRA STOUT. VISITORS can rely on all Provisions and Dairy Produce sold by us as being of the CHOICEST and SELECTED ONLY. 48, TERRACE ROAD, l ABERYSTWYTH. ♦

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