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WESTERN SEA FISHERIES COMMITTEE. The quarterly meeting of the Committee was held a.t Portmadoc, on Tuesday, Dr Charles Williams presiding.—The reports of the fishery officers were considered to be satisfactory.—It was reported that Cardigan County Council had not paid the call of £:3:) due, and a resolution was passed that unless the same were paid within a month the usual pro- ceedings would be taken.—It; was reported that the coal Jar nuisance at Conway river had not been abated, and it wus resolved that unless the nuis- ance were abated proceedings would be taken against the Comvay Corporation.—The Com- mittee supported a number 'of resolutions submitted from the Llandudno district protesting against the proposed erection of chemical works at Llandudno J unction.—Captain Johnston of her Majesty's ship" Colossus," in respect to the letter addressed to the Secretary of the Admiralty with reference to the alleged injury to tiie net fishing in Holyhead Harbour, begged the Jlerk to be good enough to cause arrangements to II e made with witnesses to wait upon him in order ;hat the subject might be discussed.—The Clerk Mr Casson) said this had been done and they were lImiting notice of the inquiry to be held. A engthy communication was read from the Lan- lasbire Sea Fisheries district enclosing a resolu- :ion in favour of urging upon the Prime Minister the necessity of protection for im- nature flit sea fish by legislation and ihe provision of a grant out of the Imperial Ex- jhequer towards the expenses incurred by the local isheries committees in enforcing the provisions of ,he Sea Fisheries Acts.—On the motion of Mr Bonsall, seconded by Mr D. Lloyd George, M.P., t was decided to join Lancashire.—An additional oylaw prohibiting trawling on mussel beds within 'he limits of any estuary in the district was idopted.—On tho motion of Mr Lewis Lewis, seconded by Mr Manchester, a vote of thanks was passed to the Lancashire Sea Fisheries Committee or the assistance they had rendered to the Western Sea Fisheries district.—It was decided that, as far is Barmouth is concerned, the close time for nussels shall be from the 20th of March to the 20th November.