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TOWYN. SCHOOL BOARD FLECTION.—This contest, in which th're are nine candidates for feven seats, is, as far as Tow yn and the surroundiug district is concerned, without any life or excitement iu it, so the result- may be different to expectations. The polling takes place on Friday an i the result may be expected to be declared about mid-night. HARVEST.—The harvest is nearly over and abun- dant crops have been secured in excellent condi- tion. It ever the barns and storehouses proved in- adequate, they have done so this year, and there are excellent prospects tf good af'ermath which, it favoured with a mild autumn, may enable the farmer to contemplate the coming winter with con- fidence. OTTER HUNT.—Mr Edmund Buckley's pack of hounds hunted successfully in the valley of the Dyssyni on Thursday, September loth. Soon after passing Peniaith in the morning they got on the drag and a very fine otter was, after a tune, driven to seek shelter in a gutter cot far from Pont Esti- maner, from which it was with difficulty driven by a number of terriers to a pond where a most excit- ing struggle took placa hetween it and the hounds. Mr Buckley pluckily swam across the pond and succeeded in heading the otter and ultimately it was killed by the hounds. It weighed over fifteen pounds. There was another good tun which resulted in the death of a smaller otter weighing only eleven pounds. Altogether the hunt was a moet successful and enjoyable one. INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL MANAGERS, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH.—Present: Mr H. Haydn Jones, chairman, presiding; Mrs Rowdands, Mrs Roberts, Messrs William Lloyd, J. Maethlon James, Humphrey Jones, and H. VV, Griffiths; Mr E. J. Evans, clerk, and Mr T. Jones, headmaster. APPOINTMENT OF ASSISTANT MASTER. The Clerk stated that sixteen applications for the post of assistant master had been received.—The Managers then proceeded with the appointment and ultimately picked out Messrs W. R. Williams, Abercemmau, and T. P. Evans, Newquay, Troed- rhiw, for final selection.—Mr W. Rees Williams was appoined on the proposition of Mrs Rowlands, seconded by Mr H. W. Griffiths, ac a salary of £100. OUTSTANDING ACCOUNTS. The next business on the agenda was to consider the best means of collecting outstanding accounts, which were stated to amount to £68 lis 8d.—The Chairman acd Mrs Rowlands thought it was a shame that those sums should have remained unpaid solong. —It was stated that the Clerk had written to most of thee people but they had taken no notice. One of the debtors was stated to have deliberately refused to pay and it was decided to take County Court pro- ceedings. As regards the rest the Clerk was in- structed to write once more. HUGH OWEN CHARITY. The Chairman stated that seven children had sat in the examination for scholarships under the Hugh Owen Charity and the following were successful:— Edith Ellen Davies, Sarah Catherine Davies, Maggie Tudor, Kate Lloyd Roberts, Humphrey Rees, and Ellis Lewis. THE SCHOOL HOUSE. The Managers then proceeded to discuss the question of making arrangements with regard to the school house.—Mrs Rowlands thought it would be better to defer the matter until the decision of the Charity Commissioners in reference to the appoint- ment, of headmaster was received so that the head- master might he consulted in the matter.—The Chairman feared they would have to wait a con- siderable time and eventually it was decided to defer the matter until the Christmas meeting. PENEGOES CHARITY. A communication was received from the Pene- goes School Board stating that this charity would be given that year in equal proportions to Jane Roberts Owen, Cwrt, Ellis Owen Arthur, Police Station, and D. Pritchard Jones, Gwyndy. The Managers had passed a resolution to the effect that no child would receive benefit from that charity unless assurance was given that the child would re- main a year in the intermediate school.—The Chair- man observed that it was a very proper resolution and one which they welcomed. They did not want children at that school who ran away before being there a year THE APPEARAXCF. OF THE SCHOOL. It was resolved to invite tenders for painting and dcing some repairs to the outside of the school building. It was agreed that the tenders should be opened by a committee consisting of the Chair- man, Mra Rowlands, Mr J. Maethlon James, and Mr Griffiths. — Mr G. W. Griffiths asked whether the appearance of the school premises would not be considerably enhanced by planting a few trees ?—In the course of conversation, Mr Griffiths and Mrs Rowlands promised to provide trees and it was re- solved to plant them at a suitable time for planting. SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY. On Monday afternoon Mr Dd. Gillart (of the firm of Messrs R. Gillart acd Sons) offered tor sale at the Lion Hotel, Machynlleth, several lots of free- hold and leasehold property situate in Corris and Upper Corris. The sale commenced at half-past two when there was a good attendance of intending purchasers. The Auctioneer drew attention to the very satisfactory repoits made by experts upon the slate veins running through the property. Lots 1 and 2 were put up together by request. They con- sisted of the freehold tenement of Rhognant of I la. Or. 23p. and the freehold farm of Tynyceunaut of 29a. 2r. 21p., situated on the main road between Machynlleth and Ccrris, and stated to contain valuable state veins which have been making large returns of slate and slab. Only £:3,000 bid was reached and the Auctioneer at once withdrew the lot. Lot 3, the freehold residence of Rhianfa, described as a well-adapted house for a gentle- man's residence, was next put up. Starting at £200, bidding only reached and the Auctioneer, remarking that there must be something wrong with the atmosphere, withdrew. Lot IV consisted cf another freehold villa residence called Brynawel, well situated at Corris. No bids were made. For Lot V., lease- hold dwelling-houses and shops, Kos. 1, 2, and 3, Glanydon, Corris, held on lease from the Dowager Marchioness of Londonderry with seventy years to run, a starting bid of £200 was made, and for JE400 it was knocked down to Mr John Rowlands, soli- citor, who was bidding on behalf of another pur- chaser. Lot VI, the dwelling-house and garden of 1, Chapel-street, Corris, was next offered and fetched bids of jESO and £90, but the Auctioneer said it would not be let to go under £100 and it was withdrawn. Lots VI, VII, VIII, consisting of three dwelling-houses with gardens, Nos. 1, 2, and 3, Chapel-street, Corns, were put up together and sold for f307 10s to Mr S. Green, Aberyst- wyth. A garden situated near Corris, suitable for building sites, was withdrawn at £25. The solici- tor for the vendors in this sale was Mr R. O. Davies, Ware, Herts. At 3 30 Mr Gillart con- ducted the sale of the freehold shop, dwelling- houses, and premises of Brynteg. After rather slow bidding, the lot was knocked down at £316 to Mr Owen Jones, Upper Corris. The solicitor for the vendors in this sale was Mr W. P. Owen, Aberystwyth.