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ABERDOVEY. THE LATE MRS COCKIN.—The funeral of the late Irs Cockin, Brynawel, Aberdovey, one of the best mown and most-esteemed ladies in the parish of rowyn, took place on Thursday afternoon, Septem- oer 15th. The deceased lady was the widow of the ate Rev Marmaduke Cockin, vicar of Dunton- oassett, Leicestershire, who died in 1863, and youngest daughter of the late Mr Thomas Lewis, R.N., Machynlleth, who died when the deceased vas but three years of age. Her widowed mother Jame to live at Aberdovey and built the well-known md beautifully-situated residence Bryndovey, svhere the deceased was brought up and lived until the met and married her late husband. On his ieath she returned to Aberdovey with her only son md, with the exception of a period spent at Shrews- oury, made Bryndovey her home and subsequently Brynawel, where she died. During this long period she became widely known for her singularly imiable and gentle disposition and her acts of jharity and kindness to the poor and especially to ihe sick, irrespective of denomination, were pro- verbial. On the day of the funeral, a large assem- blage of people gathered round the residence of the ieceased. Shortly after three o'clock the coffin, was brought out and placed on a bier and, covered 1 with a large number of beautiful wreaths, was carried by twelve bearers to St. Peter's Church, Following the body were Mr M. L. Lewis, J.P. son) Mr George Cockin, Brereton Hall, Rugeley (nephew) Mr J. M. Hwell, Craigydon (cous-in); Major Bonsall, Pronfraith, Machynlleth Major • Bonsall, Peithyll, Bow Street; Mrs Davies, Rectory, Pwllheli Mrs Edwards, her faithful at- ;endant the servants the Rev Mayhew Jones, 1 ricar, of Oldham the Rev Titus Lewis, Towyn < ;he Rev Stephen Evans, Aberdovey, and others of die local clergy. There were also present Colonel ) Ruck, .J:t. Eo; Mr R. C. Anwyl, J.P., Llugwy; Dt. ( Bonner, M.A. (medical attendant); Mr George Wace, Shrewsbury; Mr Charles Wace, i Shrewsbury Mr David Evans, Machynlleth Mr ( md Mrs J. Hughes Jones, and others. The bearers t vere Messrs Evan Jones, David Jones, H. Hayler, f. H. Hayler, John Bell, Edward Jones, John Davies, John Owen, J. W. Hughes, Lewis Hughes, t van and Rees Davies. On arrival at the Church c rates, the procession was met by the Rev J. Row- f ands, M.A., vicar, and Canon Davies, Pwllheli, t ormer vicar. The service in the Church was con- 1 lucted by the Vicar and the sacred edifice was i illed to overflowing. At the close of the service I ,he "Dead March in Saul". was played and the t )ody was carried by the bearers and placed in the £ amily vault in the churchyard, the service at the 6 being impressively conducted by Canon Davies. I )n Sunday a beautiful sermon was preached by the f Hear at the English morning service from the ;ext, Here we have no abiding city, but seek for « me above" Hebrews xiii. 14. A funeral sermon I vas also preached at the Welsh service in the] svening by the Rev Stephen Evans (curate). The wreaths were sent by the following :—Mr and Mrs M. L. Lewis, Brynawel; the Misses Cockin, Rugeley Mrs and the Misses Howell, Craigydon Mrs Bonsall, Morben Master Vivian and Miss Alison B msail Mrs and Miss Jones, The Priorv, Shrewsbury Mr and Miss Boasall and Mrs Galleuger, Fronfraith Mrs Ruck, Pautlludw the Misses Hughes, Cemmaes Mrs Anwyl, Llugwy; Mrs Harman and the Misses Anwyl, Frondeg; Canon and Mrs Davies, Pwllheli Mrs and Miss Anwyl, Pwllheli; Miss Griffith, Pier House; the Rev and Mrs Rowlands, Vicarage Mr and Mrs George Wace, Shrewsbury Mrs Griffith and the Misses Stewarts, Tanyvoel; Miss Nervate; Captain and Mr Norgate Mrs Laseelles, Penmaen; Dr and Mn Bonner Dr and Mrs Kershaw Mrs Wace, College Hill, Shrewsbury Miss Tyrconnel, — Carpenter Mrs and Miss Davies, Lutterworth..