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ABERYSTWYTH. MARINE TERRACE Hotel Cambria — Mr and Mrs Kirkman, Birmingham; Misses Atkins, Leamington Miss Taylor, do; Mis Woolf, Miss Cowen, Brighton; Mr and Mrs Giffin, Glamorgan; ilr.s Timer, Alei-eler; Mr ind Mrs B=ntley, Croydon; Mr and Mrs Ackroyd, Birmingham; Mr a id Mrs Heap; Mr. Mrs, and Miss Wilson and maid, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Henbury, Taunt on; Mra Jackson, Miss Nicholas, Cardiff; Mrs Walker; Mrs Rogers, Tunbridge Weils Hill; Mr Whitehouse, London; Mr, Misa, and Mr Fish- wick, jucior, MrT A H Teague and valet, do Mr and Mrs Holbrook, do; Mr and Mrs de Glstr), Paris; Mr and Mrs Schind; Mr and Mrs Docker; Mr and Miss White; Mr and Mrs Morgan, Leicester Rock House, Mrs Harry Lloyd- Misses (2) Morris. Rugby; Mrs Davies, Welling- ton, Salop Mrs Deakin, do; Mrs Lees, Miss Murgatroyd, Hereford 3, Pen Reek House, Mrs Capt J enkins- Mr and Mrs Morgan. Wellington, Salop; Mr and Mrs Fletcher aud family, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Jones, Welshpool 4, Oxford House, Mrs Rowland- Mr, Miss, and Master Knowles, Bolton; Mr and Mrs P Wynne, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Stephenson, Wolverhampton 5, Osborne House, Miss MGrgan- Misses Chappell, Breaston, Derby Mr and Mrs Meredith, Miss and Misses Annie and Nellie Meredith, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Cooper and family, Tunstall, Staffordshire 6, Miss Cole Rev and Mrs and Misses White, Montgomery; Mr and Mrs Thomas, child and maid, Birmingham; Mr, Mrs, and Master E Stanley, Neath 7, Miss Jones- Captain and Mrs Jenks, Hyde Park, London Mr C Hodgkiuson, London Mr Shaw, M P, Stafford Mr and Mrs Hill, Leominster; Mrs Shaw and family, Mrs Holt, FJixton, Manches- ter; Misses Lloyd, Crumlin, Mon; Mr and Mrs C Oliver, Great Malvern 8, Mrs Davies- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Holton, London Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Master Taylot and nurse, Hawar- den, Chester; Miss F Walsh, dc; Mr and Mrs F G Hands and family, Mr R A Sutton, Bir- mingham; Mr and Mrs J T Blakemore and family, Edgbaston 9, Mrs Williams— Dr, Mrs, Miss, and Master Stamper, Pembroke Dock; Mr and Mrs Allday and family, Bir- mingham Mr and Mrs Bagley and family, Oldham; Mr and Mrs Watts and family, Birkenhead Rev Mr and Mrs Griffiths and familv VTrs Blanfcern and familv 10, Mrs Jores- -u. Mr, Mrs, and Misses Divies (3), Messrs Davies (3), Mr and Mrs R Davies, Cheltenham Mr and Mrs Hodges, Mr and Miss Millington, Wolverhampton; Mr, Mrs, and Master Frank Boot, Liverpool Mr and Misses Guest, Man- chester; Mr and Miss" Short, Merthyr 11— Mrs and Miss Parker, Welshpool Mr, Mrs G H, Misses, and Master G Adams, Mold Mr and Mrs Law and baby Miss White, Hands- worth; Mr, Mrs W, and Miss M Price-Jones, Mold; Mr Owen, Oswestry Mrs Bright, Mrs Pearson, Stourbridge 12, Mrs Edwards- Miss Headland, London; Misses Godfrey, Bath and Tunbridge Wells; Mr and Mra G W Rutherford and children Rev Mr and Mrs Waring, Rectory, Stourbridge 13, Avondale House, Mrs Owen Owen- Rev J G Swainson, WinstantonRectory, Craven Arms; Miss Browne, do; Madame St Germaine, Kensington, W Mr Day, Birmingham Miss Robinson, Mrs Smith, Dudley; Mr and Mrs Huines, Redditch; Misses Duckers and Arnold, Market Drayton Mr and Mrs Clarke, Mr and Mrs Taylor, Birmingham; Mrs Gotto, Miss Dickenson, London; Mrs Hadby, Birmingham; Miss Ormrod, Miss Huge?, Manchester; Mrs Parsons, Sparkbrook; Mr an 1 Mrs W Parry, Wednesbury Mrs Gallaher, Worcester 14, Misses Rees- Mr and Mrs T Simister, Port Sunlight, Birken- head Mr Thomas Charles and daughter, Swansea 15, Cambridge House, Miss Evans- Mr and Mrs R E W Berrington and family 16, Gartield House, Mrs Edward Jones- Mrs and Mr Stacey and (7) family, Coleshill; Mr R G B Chase, Edgbaston Miss Bromley, Master and Miss Bromley, Yockleton Miss Barrett, Ford 18. Prospect House, Miss Newell- Mr Rees Harris family* and maid, Pontar- dulas Mr and Mrs J Edwards, Denstone College Mrs Jones, and Misses Ball and Meakin, Longton Mrs and Miss C Richards Newport, Mon 19, Miss Lhyd- Mrs and Miss Kare, Manchester Mr Harbison, do Mrs Piatt, Chorlton-oum-Hardy Miss Lawrence Miss Bennet, Willeohall Mr and Mrs Rose, Stalybridge 20, iNIrs -Jones- Mr and Mrs Stamp, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Hill, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester; Mrs E Briggs, Heaton Chapel, Stockport; Mr Jones, Miss Stott, Stretford, Manchester Mrs and Misses Wier, Birmingham Belle Vue, Mr PatmH- Mr Clare and party Dr WagstafF, Didsbury Mr and Mrs Clements and son, Edgbaston Mr and Mrs Whele, Erdington Mr Myact, Leek, Staff; Mr Grove, Stourbridge Mr Clements, Wellington, Salop; Mr McGaw Dr Gamgee, Liverpool Mrs Mathews and. son Mr Jones, Mr Anthony Mr Elcock; Mr Freeman Mr Pickering, Gathursi, Wigan Mr Arch and daughters, Stoke-on-T^ent Mr Elliott, New Southgate, London Mr and Mrs W Brown, London Messrs Watson, London, and Newbury Mr Perrin and daughters, Birkenhead Mr and Mrs Probert, Clifton Rev Canon and Mrs Grant Mr and Mrs Powell; Mr and Mrs Bell Mrs Lowcroft and son, Bolton; Mr A!l-rton, Longton; Mr Saxton, London Mr Goff 24, Mrs Kenrick- Mr, Misses, and Master Robert", Bowdon Mr W S Gibbon, do Miss Lenthall, Marple Dr and Mrs D xon, Miss Liiy Robert, Newport, M on Alissts Greig and Roake, Leamington Mr and Mrs Mellor and child, Birmingham Waterloo Private Hotel, A E & A Morris— Mr and Mrs Heins, Misses Hem-, Hereford Mr Yearsley, London Mr P Davies, Aberdare Mr, Mrs, and Miss Fitchett, Birmingham Misses Freenian and Taylor, Stechford Misses Walryn and Hamer (2), Leintwardine, Malvern Mrs Harrison, Rhymney; Miss Thomas, Builth Miss Francott, London Mr G Jones, Mrs Broagh, Reek Ferry Mr and Mrs Rees, Newport Mr Buchan, Bristol Mr and Mrs Brocklehurst, Bolton Mr and Mrs Brotherton, Wolverhampton; Mr and Mrs Rigby. Manchester Mr and Mrs Abel, Cardiff; Mr Stephenson, London Mr Phil t Lewis, Abergwili; lr, Mrs, and Misses Sears, Sutton Coldlield Mrs and Misses White, Bir- mingham Mr and Mrs Thompson, London Misses Humphreys, Wrexham Mrs and Mr K Davies, Leominster; Messrs Clifford and S Kinnel, Oxford Mr and Mrs Pogson, Hudders- field Mr, Mrs and Master Kiug, Miss Green, London; Mr and Mrs Baker, Northfield, Bir- mingham Mrs Archer, Northampton Mr and Mrs Key, do Messrs Mortimer, Levenshulme; Messrs Jones, Cowbridge Messrs Fordicke, Shrewsbury Mr King, London Messrs Plumridge, Senior, Fordicke, Taylor, Lewis, Fuller, Alsop, Forse, and Goodall 29, Mr John Evans- Mr H C D France and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Holmes, Shifnal 30, Claremont, Mrs Ankers- Mr and Mrs Cornwall and family, Wimbledon, London Mr W Cornwall, Hampstead Mr, Mrs, and Misses Taylor, Newtown Mrs and Miss Turner, Birmingham Mrs H Perkins, London Miss Shayler, do 31, Mrs Riddell- Mrs F Burt, family and servants, Edgbaston, Birmingham 33, Gloucester House. Mrs Robertg- Mrs and Messrs Chubarn, BirmiDgham Misses Thomas and Purton, London; Mrs Moore and Miss Williams, Knighton; Mrs Bond and Mrs Davies, Gold Top, Newport, Mon; Mr and Mrs Math. Manchfster; Mr and Mrs Shorthoube and family; Mr and Mrs T E Hall, children and maid, Kington 34, Windsor Houee, Mrs Aston- Mr and Mrs Jackson and party, Hereford Mr and Mrs Dobbs, Misses (2) atid Messrs (2) Dobbs, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Johns, Hull; Mr, Mrs, and Master E Williams, Brecon Mr, Mrs, and Miss Baker, Tettenhall, nr Wolverhampton Miss Giles, Shrewsbury Messrs Morris, Robinson, J Morris, and W Howells, do; Mr Excelston, Cross 35, Brynymor House, Misses Nelson— Mr and Mrs Pettigrew and family, Miss Evans, Handsworth, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Bagley, Birmingham Mrs Mathews, do; Mrs Dudley; Mrs Hickman; Mr and Mrs Whitehead, Stockport; Rev Mr and Mrs Lightfoot- Harrison, family and maid, Shrewsbury Miss Edwards, do Mr and Mrs Knapp and family, Birmingham 36, Moreland House, Mrs Edwards — Miss Bygott, Whitchurch Mr and Mrs White- head and family, Captain Ccmly, family and maid, London Mrs Commer and family 9Q Glvntlwr House, Miss Griffiths Mr and Mrs Swaiue Bowne, Edgbaston Mr F C Bridgman, do Mr and Mrs Scriven. Al- brighton, nr WTolverhampton Mr and Mrs J G Mason, BlymhiH, nr Shifnal 41, Clarence House, Mrs Brown- Mr, Mrs, and Masters D and G Newell and maid, Wellington Mrs and Misses Resco (2) Jones, Shrewsbury Miss and Miss A Williams, Montgomery; Misses (2) Thomas, Misses (3) Davies, Oswestry; Mr L Hum- phreys, London; Mrs Humphreys, Dudley 42, Miss Jones— Mr and Ms TI Stanley, Banbury: Mr and Mrs Power, \Vasiiwood Heath, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Ridler, Kensington. London; Mr and Mi-u Mel'nes, St James, do Mrs Sea- kina and family, Peckham 44, Miss Jones- Mr \V J Cmdlir., Liverpool Mrs and Miss Bishop, Heaton Chapel Miss Denison, Church Mr and Mrs Frost and maid, Wal- sa.l Misses Williams, Devynock, Brecon- shire Misses Downes, Brecon Mrs and Misses Jenkins, Stangastv Rectory 47, Chatham House, Mrs J LI Jones— 1. Mr and Mrs Weigenthaler and family, Man- chester Mrs, Miss and Master R Iliffe, Nuneaton Miss Craith, Mrs aud Miss Gunn, Cardiff; Miss Fraser, Edinburgh; Mr and Mrs Burslem, family and governess, Albrigh- ton; Mr Chevasse, Wolverhmpton Mr, ( Mrs, and Miss Evans, Miss E W Woodall, Mr J A R Evaus. Mr T G Disk, Stafford 48. Marlborough House, Mra Bevan- Mr and Mrs, Malburn, Misses Argyle, Maccles- field Mr Forster and family, Miss Davies, Newtown Mr and Mrs Tisdall and family, Guildford, Surrey 49, Mrs H Humphreys— ] Dr Trumper, Misses Wade and Thomas, Ray Rev C and Mrs Dunkley and family, Wolver- hampton; Mr, Mrs, and Master F Smith, £ Leominster 50, Miss J ames- Mrs and Miss Deane, nurse and maid, Higher Broughton, Manchester Mrs and Mr R B Sparrow,9 Llangunidel, Crickhowell 51, Norfolk House, Mrs Gathercole- ] Mr and Mrs Innocent, Grantham, Lincolnshire Mr and Mrs Winstanley, son and daughter, Newcastle tincler-Lyme Miss Chivers, Misses Overtons, Miss Haward, Stockport Mr and Mrs Shaw, Mr and Mrs Gibbon and family, ( Manchpsler 53, Miss Watkins- Misses Lawrance, London Mr and Mrs Varker t and family, Knighton Mrs Whitfield, Mrs Ellis, Mrs Ward and family, Oswestry 54, Miss A Bevan- Colonel and Mrs Hills, family and maid, Mr and ] Mrs Seam; Mr and Mrs D Jones, Harborne, Birmingham 56, Mrs E A Hall- Miss Lee, Kinver Mr Salisbury Tuckerman, do; Miss Edden, Birmingham Miss'Chuich, Misses Fisk,]St Albans; Mr and JMrs Sangtey, Manchester ( 57, Mrs Morgan— Miss T Davies, Mrs Carrad, Mrs and Miss Elsie Cheshire, Aston, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Buck, family and nurse, London; Mr and Mrs Bradburn and family, Oldbam 58, Idria House, Miss Nicklin— Misses Aspinall, West Kirby; Miss Buchanan, ] London Mr and Mrs Hampson, Manchester; Mrs Rowe and family, Chepstow 59, Mies James— Mr and Mrs Townsend and family, Alcester Miss Morrel, do Mr and Misses (2) Marples, Sheffield Mrs and Misses (2) Hind, Miss Langham, Heaton Chapel, Manchester 60, Mrs Burton- Miss Sutton and maid, Southwell, Notts Mr, Mrs. and Masters F and H Nicholas, Hanley, Staffs 61, Glyn Peris, Miss Jones- Mrs and Miss Thomas, Llanfair Miss Jones, Miss Pugh, Welshpool; Mrs, Miss, and Master Williams, Llanelly Mrs Evans and friend, Shrewsbury; Miss Rowlinson 62, Mrs Davies- Mr and Mrs Bennett and family, York 63, St David's Hoe, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs T Later and daughter, Sale Mr J C Later, Lonion Mr and Mrs Barclay, Withiugton Miss Dixon, Sale Mrs and Miss Collins, Altrincham Ir. Mrs, and Miss C Nickson, do Messrs Murray and Barnes, Markfield 64, yO) k House, Miss A. V. Nelson- Rev and Mrs Key and sons, Stafford Mr and Mrs Ward, Manchesterr Miss and Miss W Bushell and Master H Bustrdl, vVelshpool Mr, Mrs, Mi,s, and Miss F Upton, Birming ham Mr Woodridge, London 65, Clifton House, Mrs Stockwell- Mrs Hall, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Whitworth, baby and nurse, Staffordshire Mr and Mrs Lewis, Pontardawe Mrs, Miss and Master Costa Ricca, London Mr and Miss Metcalfe, Miss Hawkins, Wellington Miss Perkins and friend, Sutton Coldfield ALBERT PLACE 4, Mrs Williams— Rev ani Mrs Wilym Jones, Meifod, Welshpool Mr P Durrauf, London Messrs T Lewis and J Price, Shropshire Queen's Hotel, W H Palmer- Mr, Mrs, and Misses Penfold, Woolwich; Mr Jackson, London; Mr and Mrs Coulson, Leam- ington Rev and Miss Jackson, Pontrilas Misses licHl, London Mr Hilton, Manchester Mr and Mi-ses Hudson, do Mrs and Miss Woodruff, do Mr and Mrs Gill and son, do Mrs Vaughaa Pric Miss Spi.tle, Edgbaston; Mrs and Miss Needham, Kensington Miss Swainton and friend, Rev and Miss Clarke, London Mr and Mrs Navarr and son, Ken- sington Mr and Mrs Esim, Sheffield Mr? Davies and friend., Birn.ingharn; Miss W atson; Mrs Brown and family, Mrs and Misses Med- win, London Mr and Miss Moou, Manchester; Mr Moult, do Mr and Miss Fenwick, baby and nurs", Edgbaston Mr and Mrs Harvey, London; Miss Hulse and maid, Mrs Cheney and maid, Oswestry Mr and Mrs Knox, Leaming- ton Mr Hartley and son, Welshpool Mr I ei-, Kensington Miss Dallaway, Torquay Mr Iricket, Kensington Mr and Mrs Bickman, Ledbury Mr Tilliard and friend, Rev Marshall, Mr S Lewis, Swansea Mr and Miss Pemberton Barnes, Mr Perrott, Aberystwyth Mr and Mrs Kent, Mr and Miss C Davids, Manchester Misses Correy, Mr and Mrs Adams, Leamington; Mr and Mrs Taylor, Mr Williams, Mr and Mrs Macauiay, Clapham Common, London Miss Hulsoo, do Mr, Mrs, and Miss French St Clears Miss Anthony, Caerphdly Mr Reeks. London Messrs Jones and Scott, Mr and Mrs Watts, Manchester Mr Gooper, Derbyshire Rev C Dawes, Torquay < VICTORIA TERRACE 1, Victoria House, Miss Lloyd— Mr and Mrs Aledor, Mr and Mrs Huufc, Misses Mellor and Hunt, Manchester Mr, Mrs, and Miss Rose, Oxfordshire Mr, Mrs, Misses and Master Howard, London Misses Barringdon, Walsall Mrs, Master, and Miss E Law, Miss J Sabire Evelyn House— Mr and Mrs Rit ses, Cheshire Dr W Wilson, Birmingham; Mr H Brown, Stratford-on-Avon Mr and Mrs F Davies and family, Llany mynech Mr V Wells. Ludlow Mr W N Isaard, Grand Bassam, W Africa Ocean View, Mrs Wm. Kensit- Mr and Mrs Wilcox, Mr and Mrs Smith, Bir- mingham Miss Wilcox and Mr Murphy, do; Mrs Roberts, Bridgnorth Mr Barnett, Here- ford Mrs and Miss Barnett, Dempster Mrs Bushby, Birmingham; Mr Farmer, Newtown Mrs Henshaw, Manchester Mr J B Gray, Liverpool Mrs and Misses (3) Morgan, Hereford Misses Tipton, Ireland Snowdon House, Mrs Clark Mr and Mrs Godsell, Mrs F Turker, Mrs H Griffith and family Mr and MrslC E Howell and family, Birmingham 5, Plynlymon House Boarding Establishment, Mrs E A Hall- Mr and Mrs Cooke, Brighouse, Yorkshire Mr and Miss Aldors, Brixton, London Mrs and Misses H and M Rivington, London Mr and Mrs Madgawkar, Bombay Mr McLeod, Manchester Mr Phillips, Walsall ;Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Master Williams, Wolverton Mr and Mrs Langtry, Manchester Mr and Mrs Bridges, Wolverhamp'on Miss W Jugg do Mr and Mrs Greenhalgh, Liverpool Mrs and Miss Bullock, Wolverhampton Mr T F Cooper, Northampton Trafalgar House, Mr R Felix- Mrs Henry Herrick, family and nurse Mr and Mrs A Wright, son and nurse, Alderlcy Edge Miss L Cunliffe, Handfor^h Miss Warrington, Miss Painter, London, SE; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Hampsoo, Liverpool Miss Keeling, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Keeling, North Wales Mr and Mrs Smallman, Wednesbury Brighton House, Mrs J. Williams- Mr, Mrs, and Master S Vlasto, baby and maids, Calcutta, India Mr Cornelius and valet, Liverpool Mrs Ralli, do Mr J Phas- phate, Athens Park Mr and Mrs Picton, Misses and Messrs A and T Picton, Edgbaston, Birmingham Mrs and Misses Parker (3), Messrs E C and J H Parker, Masters Parker, Bickuar, Cheltenham Mrs and Master Richardson, Master R Wayne, Barston Green, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, and Misses Morris. Mr and Mrs Axon, Mr Axon, Ashton-under- Lyne 10, Lenton House. Miss AlJen- Mr and Mrs Grey, Miss Wilds, Croydon Mr and Mrs Fenwick, child and nurse, Birming- ham Mrs Frost, Mrs and Miss Fulton, Man- chester; Mr and Mrs Wm Gay, Selly Park, Birmingham Mr and Mrs J Barnes, Birming- ham Mr and Mrs F Barker and child, Hands- worth, do Mrs Barnett, Miss Sheldon and maid, Coseley Hall, Coseley 11, St Oswald's, Misses Sabine- Mr and Mrs V Hickman, family and maids, Miss Fitton, Wolverhampton Miss E Wall, Bristol; Miss Wall, Misses Holman, Knighton; Miss F Lewis, do; Mr Probart, Meddlicot, do; Mr and Miss Williams, Waverley, Oswestry Mr H W Sabine, Oswestry Cliff View Boarding Establishment, Mrs Edgar « Atwood- Mrs Masefield, Mr Martineau, Mr Hughes, Mr Morris, Mrs O'Kelley, Mrs Fryer, Mr and Mrs Munslow and daughter, Mrs Pearson and friend, Mr and Mrs Leith, Mrs Kendall and daughter, Miss Lyon, Mr Dell and family, Miss Palmer, Mr and Mrs Stone, Mr Oakley, Miss Pearcell and friend Craig Lais, Mrs Evans- Mr and Mrs Morton and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Toyne and family, Hereford Mr and Mrs Maskrey and baby, Birmingham Misses (2) Breeze, Birmingham Messrs Griffin and Crompton, do CLIFF TERRACE 1, Leamington House, Miss Baker- Mr, Mrs, and Master Smith, Wolverhampton Miss Rice and maid, Sale Miss Brooks, Lon don Miss Walklev, Leamington Lel-y-don, Mrs Ashmail- Mr and Mrs Manford, Miss and Master (2) Man- ford, Welshpool; Mrs and Miss King, Croydon; Mr and Mrs London and Misses London (2), Southort; Miss Mounsloc, Oswestry Mrs and Miss Roger, WoolstOD, do Jwen-y don, Miss Lee- Mr, Mrs, and Misses Bannister, Messrs G and J Bannister, Misses Spalding (3), Burton-on, Trent; Mr, Mrs, and Master Tudor, Wem- Shropshire Mr, Mrs, and Miss B Tudor, Oswestry Mr and Mra George Lee, Mr W H Cooke, Wem, Salop Miss Bebb, Ford, Shrewsbury Rhiew House, Misses Hitrgins— Mr, Mrs, and Master Turner, Mr and Mrs John Watkins, Welshpool 3teynton House, Mrs Bowen- Mr and Mrs Millerchip, Mr Bye, We&t Brom- wich; Mr Whitehouse, do; Mrs Vann, Mrsand Miss Marchant, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Church and family, Northampton; Misses Priest and Leadley, Birmingham Sverton House, Mrs Reeves- Mr, Mrs, and Misses Barnes, Middleton; Misses Arnold, Birmingham Mr Jones, Brecon Mr Roberts, London BRYNYMOR TERRACE Jlenlossie House, Mrs Hosking- Miss Mills, Mr Crump, Wolverhampton Miss Bryant, Miss Parkes, Birmingham 1, Bryn Glas, Mrs Cocks- Mr and Mrs R Harr:son, London; Mr, Mrs, Misses, and Master Longton, Misses Griffiths, Birmingham Edge Hill House, Mrs Bayley- Mrs S Young, Messrs M and C Young, Highbury, London Miss Buchanan, Canonbury, do Miss G Haycraft, Sutton, Surrey; Mr and Mrs Frost and maid, Walsall Mr C C Cox, Cam- bridge BRYNYMOR ROAD Jlen Rosa, Mis3 Laver- Mrs W and Misses Baxendell, Southport Drmond Villa, Mrs Phillips- Rev W T and Mrs Milligan and children, Miss Edmunds, St Luke's Vicarage, Wolverhamp- ton Mrs Pearman and maid, Harborne, Bir- mingham Etockfield Villa, Mrs Henry- Mr and Mrs Mills and family, Tipton, Staff NORTH PARADE 5, Mrs J W Williams- Mrs Crealock, Mra and Master Daniell, London; Mr, Mrs. Miss, and Master Hayes, Bristol 7, Mrs J Williams- Mr, Mrs, and Master Tudor Evans, Llansawel; Mrs Evans, Llangollen; Mr Evans, do Miss Williams, Cheater Mr Davies, Chirk Miss Thomas, Brecon Mr Davies, Liverpool 24, Mrs Potts— Mr and Mra E B Nuttall, Broughton, Man- chester 27, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs Doggett, Wolverhampton 28, Haul-fan, Mrs Williams— Mr. Mrs, and Miss Walker, London; Mrs Hughes and family, Mrs and Miss Ewels, Cherbourg Mrs and Miss Lingard, Sale 29, Mrs Lumley Jones— Mrs and Misses Ball, Mrs and Miss Slack, Miss Glover, Derby 30, Manteg, Mrs James- Mrs and MissHall&maid, Leamington Mrs Mont- gomery, Birmingham Misses Richards and Lloyd, Builth Mr and Mrs H Mason, Old Hill Mrs Price, do; Mr Jones, Aberdovey Mrs Watkins, Cardiff 31, Miss M Parkes Davies— Mrs, Miss, and Mr Chapman, Birmingham; Miss Jones, London; Mr and Mrs Harris, do 32, Mrs Metcalfe- Mrs Vaughan, Misses Powell and Ray, Welsh- pool; Mr and Mrs Roberts, Birmingham 34, Miss Morgan- Mr and Misses Stein, Miss Slater, Bilston Mrs and Miss Downing, Mrs and Miss Hart, Bir- mingham; Mr and Mrs Forester, Mr Hewson, Liverpool 37, Miss Davies- Miss Hughes, Oswestry Messrs Westerman and Stott, Manchester; Mrs Evans, Oswestry 40, Mrs Williams- Mr, Mrs, and Misses Gibbons and Miss Haddon, Leamington Spa Mr and Mrs Car- penter and family, London 41, Mrs Owens- Mr. Mrs, and Miss Davies, Swansea; Misses D and M and Mr N Davies, do; Miss Lewis, Llan- elly; Rev and Master Meakin, Shrewsbury Misses Gee and Dover, Manchester 43, Miss Morgan— Mr, Mrs, and Misses Sehofield, Sale Mrs and Misses L, M, and A Firkin 46, Mrs R Owen- Mr, Mrs, and Miss M Foden, Manchester; Mr Shepherd, York; Mr D B OweD, London; Miss Williams, do; Mr T Crump, Wolverhampton; Mr, Mrs, and Masters Cheesman, Oswestry Albert House, Miss M Owen— Misses Smithman, Tenby Mr Duerden, Ber- muda; Mr Hickman and family, Birmingham Belgravia House, Misses M and A Delahoyde- Mr and Mrs A Barnard, Mr and Mrs T E Bolton, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Fitchen and family, London Miss Evans, Miss L Ytomans, Hereford 56. Buckingham House, Mrs J Evans- Mr and Mrs Perigal, London Mr and Misses Tyler, Sheffield 57, Mrs Griffiths- Mrs aud Miss Wingfield, Erdington 59, Mrs GritIiths- Mr, Mrs, and Master Smith, Manchester Mr, Mrs, and Masters Eghill, Miss Eghill, Man- chester Misses (3) Baker, Master Baker, Bir- mingham I St Anthony's House, Misses Cockbill- Mr Hogarth, Mr C Lennington, Cardiff; Mrs and Miss Pimm, Stockport; Miss Griffin, Solihull Miss Perry, Stourbridge Miss Wood- field, Edgbaston Mrs Riordan, Walsall 57, Mrs Kees Edwards- Mr and Mrs Rickwood, London Walton House, Mrs Cole- Miss Chandley, Stockport; Miss Leigh, AltJin- ham; Miss South, Knutsford; Mrs Cliff, baby and nurse, Smethwick, Birmingham 75. R Mrs Evans- Mr and Mrs Lucas, Salop PORTLAND STREET 2, Miss James- Miss Mary Davies, London Mr T R Evans, do Mr, Mrs, Miss and Miss Mary Waid, Hereford Miss K Thomas, Staunton-on- Arrow 3, Mrs Pughe— Mr W H Marian3, Hyde, Cheshire 4, Brunswick House. Mrs D Humphreys- Mr and Mrs Rustcn and family, Dudley Miss Williams, Cork 5, Mrs Culliford- Mrs Chembers and family, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Pasbien, Mr and Mrs Thomas, Dud- ley Glasfryn, Mrs Capt Davies— Rev and Mrs Morgan and child, Llanstephen; Mr and Mrs Souther, Manchester; Mr Evans, Lampc-ter 8, Mrs Jones— Mrs and Mr H F Gumbley, Moseley, Birming- ham Mrs Jones and children, Rhondda Vsdley 10, Miss Edwards- Mrs Edwards and family, Shrewsbury Miss Briscoe, do 13, Mrs D Humphreys- Mr H Cook, Hanley, Staffordshire Mrs Richards, Mrs Underhill, West Bromwich 14, Mrs Jones- Mrs, Mr, and Miss Reynolds. Daventry Mrs Williams, Miss Mabel Boaler, Handsworth, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Mallinson, Miss Eddie Hayes, Crumpsal', Manchester; Mr R G Williams, Liverpool 17, Miss Hughes- Mrs and Misses (3) Morley, Birmingham; Mra and Miss Morgan, Shrewsbury 21, Mrs Bateman— Mr and Mrs Thomas, London; Mr and Mrs Jones, Birmingham 23, Miss Sylvanus- Mrs and Miss Grout, Miss Gertes, Miss Grout, Burton-on-Trent; Mrs Grout, London Miss Edwards, Caersws 25, Mrs Rankin- Mr and Mrs W Tatton, Stockport; Mr and Mrs and Master C Wigley, Birmingham Mr Day 26, Elian Vannin, Mrs Morris- Mr and Mrs Cooke, Hereford; Mr and Mrs Ravenscroft and family, Oldham; Misses Evans and Hughes, Llanidloes; Miss M Evans, do Mr Twiss, Cheshire 28, Ystwyth House, Mrs Williams- Miss Jones-Williams, Mrs Clay, Clifton, Bristol; Sister Morrica, Warwick Miss Mellor, Bir- mingham; Master Trevor Williams, Master Reggie Williams, do 33,— Miss Syrell, Kensington Miss Hopkins, Ken- sington 34, Wern House, Mrs Edwards- Mrs Price. Eardialey; Miss and Miss A Price, Hay; Mrs Ellis, Welshpool 57, Mrs Capt Thomas— I Mr and Mrs Richards and family, near Wolver- hampton 39, Mrs Jones— Mrs West, Mrs MacKensey, Birmingham Mr Davies, Rhondda 41, Miss Jones— Mrs Hopwood, Oldham; Miss Bennett,Newtown; 42, Miss Jones— Mrs and Misses Dyke (2), Shobdon, Hereford- shire 47, Tilehurst House, Mrs Griffiths- Miss A Watkins. Penyfoulfawr, Oswestry; Miss M Watkins, Bowdon, Cheshire Mr Evans, Miss P Mathias, Pembroke Dock; Mr Griffiths, do 49. Mrs J nnes- Rev J H A and Mrs Griffiths, governess and children, Dolau Vicarage, Radnorshire 54, Mrs Cook— Mr and Master Chandos Prinu, Edgbaston, Bir- mingham QUEENS ROAD. 4, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Walker, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, and Mr J Wild, Oldham Bellan House, Misses Collins- Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Misses Fand L Grimshaw, Stretford Mr and Mrs Hadley, Heath Town; Mr and Mrs Wilson, Handsworth; Mrs and Miss Bradbury, Stretford Hilton Houso, Mrs James— Mr and Mrs Bolton and family, Mr, Mrs, and Master H Cower, Birmingham Miss Weaver, Wem, Hereford; Miss Hughes, Misa Harries, London Crystal Palace Hotel, Mr Price- Mr and Mrs Price, Rhayader; Misses Lewis, do; Mrs Worthingtoa and baby, Builth Wells; Mrs Price, Builth 14, Glanayron House, Mrs Jones— Mrs Williams and family, Birmingham; Miss L Hillier, Miss B Dovaston, Mr and Miss S E Machin, Mr B J Kempster, Shrewsbury Landsdowne House, Mrs D Davies- Mr J Wood, Wolverhampton; Mr and Mrs B Webb, Coseley, Staffs; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Smith, Luton, Bedfordshire 20, Mrs Daviei— Mrs Bullock and family, Wellington; Mrs and Master Ermey, London Troedybryn, Mrs Jones- Mrs Verdin, Mrs Warburton, Nantwich Mhs Town, Welshpool Exeter Honse, Mrs Morcom— Mr and Mrs Longsdale, Stoke-on-Trent; Mr and Mrs F Brown, Fenton, Staffs Mr and Mrs A Brown, Macclesfield; Mr and Mrs Ransford and niece, Eccles, Manchester Holborne House, Mrs Thackham— Mr and Mrs Parsoas, Birmingham; Mr and Miss James, Miss Williams, Lledrod Miss Jones, Liverpool Tufnell House, Mrs H Davies- Mr and Misses Lucas, Moseley Mr and Mrs Thompson and children, Birmingham 44, Mra M Pierce— Mrs Roberts and children, Miss Price, Mrs and Mr Bless QUEEN'S SQUARE Lurline House, Mrs Seargeant— Mr and Mrs Evans, Mrs and Miss Goodwin, Hay, Breconshire Mr and Mra Wilkin- son, Birmingham; Mrs Webster, Mr Goul- borne and son, Abergavenny CORPORATION STREET Bryngwalia, Mrs Williams— Mrs and Misses (3) Thomas, Mr Bethel, Here- ford BATH STREET 5, Mrs Patten— Mr and Mrs Grundy, Gorton Mr Hindley, Oldham Miss Whitehead, Widnes Moreb House, Mrs Morgan— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Gallimore, Oldham; Mr and Miss Workmen, Hereford Mr Knight Coburg House, Mra James— Mr Voight, Liverpool Somerset House, Mrs Williams and Miss Owen— Mr and Misses Davies, Llandilo Mr and Mrs Williams, Wellington Mr and Misses (3) Parish, Swansea Mr and Mrs Wharton, Birmingham Audley House, Mrs James— Mrs H, Mr H, and Misses N, E, and A Cadwallader, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Wagstaff and child, Wednesbury BAKER STREET 4, Mrs Captain Humphreys— Rev W Fand Mrs Jones, Neath Miss M Jones, Miss D C Williams, Llandyssil; Mr W J Fox, Morriston; MrT Davies, Elan Valley 5, Mrs Captain Jones- Mrs Harley, Birmingham; Mrs Evans, Llanarmon Vicarage, Ruthin 6, Mrs Long— Misa Bowen, Kingtsn Miss Lowe, Petchfield Peris House, Mrs Potts— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Bust, Erdington, Birming- ham; Mr, Mrs, Miss and Miss E Coker, Wol- verton, Bucks 10, Mrs Lewis— Mrs Mayne and family, Swansea 15, Mrs Evans— Miss and Miss E Bailey, Denton, nr Man- chester; Miss A Barratt; Mr F C Wilson ALFRED PLACE 4, Mrs Roberts— Mrs Jones, Rhayader Miss Lloyd— Mr, Mrs, and Master H Gray, Uppingham Dorset House, Miss Griffiths- Mr J D Davies, London; Mr and Mrs Hampton, Birmingham LITTLE DARKGATE STREET Prince Albert Hotel, Mr Parrish— Messrs Price and Garnett, Cardiff Messrs Powell, Dalies, Evans, and Edwards, Ponty- pridd Mr and Mrs Ellis, Lampeter Mr W Williams. London Mr W E Linghton, Hamp- stead Mr Lighton, Ipswich GREAT DARKGATE STREET Padarn Restaurant, Miss Evans— Mr E Jon, Llangeitho; Messrs Wood and Clarke, Chester Mr Pughe, London Mr W Jones, Mr James, do 24, Smith's Hotel, Smith and Co- lr, Mrs, and Master Howell, Leeds Mr Davies, Llanelly; Mr and Mrs Meredith, Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs Wilson, Nottingham; Mr F Collicott, Birmingham Mr James, Ballarat Mr W Grainger, Mr A H Grainger, Walsall Miss Powell, York; Mr, Mrs, ana Miss Palethorpe, Hull Brynawel Boarding House, Misses Holland— Mrs and Miss H Hill, Worcester Miss Meads, London Mr and Mrs Poole, Aston, Birming ham; Mr and Mrs Bradshaw, do 60, Jasper House, Mrs Williams- Rev and Mrs Lewis and family, Mrs and Miss Herbert and baby, Brecon Mr Franklin, Cardiff; Mr and Mrs Evans and family, Derby NEW STREET 5, Samuel Glitberoe- Mr and Masters Yeatman, Wolverhampton Mrs Jones, Manchester; Mrs King, Sale, Cheshire Mr and Mrs Owen, Cardiff Castle; Mr and Mrs Kimberlee, Kidder- minster 10. Mrs R Owen— Mrs Jones and family, Menai Bridge Mr and Mra Britain, Birmingham; Mr Morgan 16, Mrs Daviea— Mr and Mrs Owen, Cardiff PIER STREET Gwa.lia Temperance Hotel, Mr C Harcourt— Mrs and Miss Jones, Wellington Mrs and Miss Harcourt, Miss Field, Smethwick; Mr Bunt- ing, Mr Curbishley, Stockport; Mr and Mrs Silvers, Birmingham 26, Mrs Davies— Mr and Mrs Difer and baby, Miss Southwick, Mrs and Miss Kent, Gainsborough; Mrs Daniel, Miss Hatfield, Stockport; Mrs Wil- kinson, Bolton Miss Morgan, Builth 34, Miss Phillips— Rev T Griffiths, Mr and Mrs Burford and family, Aberdare KING STREET 7, Castle House, Mrs Evans— Mra Bell, governess and nurse, Oxford Misses (3) Taylor, Birmingham LAURA PLACE 2, Misses J ones- Mr and Mrs Pryse and family, Mr and Mrs Banford, Mr and Mrs H Pryse, Manchester TERRACE ROAD 5, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mra Rowlands, Tregaron Mr Howies, Oswestry Mrs Davies, Lampeter 6, Mra Watkins— Mr and Mrs Royle, Manchester 7, Mrs Warrington- Mr and Mra Sidebotham, Mr and Mrs Side- botham, jun, Masters (2) Sidebotham, Wolver hampton Mrs Jenkins, London 11, Mrs Jenkins— Mr and Mrs Jones, Pontypridd Darwen House, Misses Morgan— Mi-s Brown, Moseley; Misses Glow, Fayne, and Hackworth, Birmingham 15, Mrs Morris- Mr and Mrs Anaell 40, Mrs Clapperton- Mr and Mrs Horton, Harborne, Birmingham • Mrs Chalmers and Mrs Bourne, Wellington' Salop Mrs Paterson, Craven Arms White Horse Hotel, Mra Rea— Mrs and Miss Eastham, Shrewsbury; Mr and Mrs Jones, Gloucester; M rs Hargrea ves, Manchester; Mr Day, Wolverhampton Mr Long, Bir' mingham: Dr T J Davies, Cymer; Mr Wood- ward Mr, Master C and Miss Kempster, Messrs Thomas, E J Davies, and Jones, Liver- pool Mr Wheeldon, Malvern Blue Bell Hotel— Lady Peel Mrs Morris Miss Owen, Mr E Jones jisbume House, Mrs Bennison— I Mis, Masters (3), Misses (3) Hobson, Didsbury Miss Clabrough, do Mrs and Misses (2) Norris, do SOUTH MARINE TERRACE. 1, Mrs Williams— Mr and Miss Day and friends, Cardiff; Mr and Misses Barrow, Sale Mr Gibson, do 3, Hatfield House, Mrs Matthew Jones— Mr and Mrs Hildick, Dudley; Mr and Mrs r Simister, Birmingham; Mrs Syks, Bowdon, J Cheshire Mrs Fielden, Manchester Messrs (3) and Miss Fenny, Erdington Mr Stoker, Hull 5, Gtan-y don, Misses Knight- Misses Parry (3), Loudon; Misses Woodcock, Sale; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Boldeiitone, Mr Figurado, I Rock Ferry, Liverpool 11, Sea Cliff, Mrs Briscoe— Mrs Andrew Hambly, Plymouth; Mr and Mrs Oelrichs, Oxton, Birkenhead Mr and Mrs Parkins, Mr and Mrs Stevenson, baby and nurse, Bowdon; Drand Mrs Joynson, baby and nurse, Northwich; Mr and Mrs Alfred Owen, Miss Owen, Wrexham Mrs George Birch, Bucknall J 12, Brynarfor, Mrs D. Morgan— Mrs and Mr Edwards, Shrewsbury Miss Had- den. Mr Martin, Mr, Mrs and Misses Pratt I (3), Leicester Avondale, Mrs Iurless- Mrs Knight and family, Ellesmere; Mr, Mrs, and < Misses Thorman, Miss Taylor, Leytonstone, Essex; Mr, Mrs, and Mias Bradley, Miss Leah, Manchester SOUTH ROAD Freemasons Tavern, Mrs Francis— Mr Rayne and son, Birmingham; Mrs Garnet, do 5, Mrs Hindley— Mr and Mrs James, Broxwood, Herefordshire 7, Mrs Evans— Mr S Bevan, Builth Wells 8, Mrs Botwood— Mr and Mrs Pritchard and family, Miss Evan3, Church Pulverbach, Shrewsbury; Miss Bryan, Hackney, London 11, Mrs Giles— Mr and Mrs Loughton, Birmingham Craigalea House, Mrs Shortt— Mr Edwsrds, Mr Edwards, jun, Misses Edwards Craigwen, Mrs Rees— Mrs Jones, Brecon Endsleigh, Mrs Flptcher- Mrs Young, Mrs Farmer, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Simpson, Leeds Sailor's Arms, Mrs Daniel— Miss (2) Williams, Mrs Spilsbury and two children, Birmingham 20, Mrs Roberts— Mr and Mrs Adatrs, Mr and Mrs Butler, Shef- field; Mrs Hutchinson, do; Miss Lewis, Ches- ter; Miss Roberts, Ruabon Harbour View, Mrs J Jones— Mr and Mrs Rhodes and family, Wolverhamp- ton Mrs Hall, Sherfield; Miss Williamson, Sheffield 31, Rheidol View, Mrs Hopkins— Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Master Wiseman, Master Simms, Birmingham 33, Mrs 0 Rees— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Shenton, London Alltwen House, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Boswell, Smethwick; Miss Foly, Dudley PORTLAND ROAD Elstow House, Mrs Williams- Mrs and Master Flinn, Manchester; Mrs Hawka- worth and family, Brooklands CASTLE TERRACE 2, Mrs G Bearne— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Lee, Shrewsbury; Miss Woodall, Dudley Mr and Mrs Heath, Miss Penam, Mr. Mrs, and Mr B Andrews, Bir- mingham; Miss Parry, Oswestry 3, Miss Dalton- Mr and Mrs Lloyd and family 4, Mrs Andrew Davies— Mr, Mrs, Mr J, and Misses Pirie (4), London 5, Mrs Bubb— Misses Smith and Marie Dalroyde, Eastbourne Mrs Hateley, Miss M J Evans, Walsall 6, Mrs Edwards- Misses Bassett, Birmingham Misses Payne and Greatbatch SEA VIEW PLACE 3, Stoneycroft, Miss Keeling— Misses Bragge, Weymouth 7, Mrs Hugh Hughes- Mrs, Miss and Master D and 0 Davies 13, Mountain View, Mrs Jones— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Abbot, Birmingham Misses Harding, Rock Ferry, Liverpool Sea View House, Mrs Parry— Mr j, Miss, and Miss M Cooksay, Wolverhampton Ariel Cottage. Mrs Davies— MrKillcross, Hough Green; Mr and Mrs Fair- hurst, Liverpool Mr, Mrs, and Masters F and B Jackson, Wolverhamptjn ST. MICHAEL'S PLACE 3, Mrs Lloyd— Mr and Mrs Willet and family, Stoke-on-Trent; Mr Ridgeway, do Mrs and Miss Lowe, New- town Sea and Castle View, Miss Owen— Miss Harris, Crickhowell; Mr R Evans, Aber- dare Mrs and Miss Gwillum, Mrs Parr, Miss Price,Mrs Gwillum, Hereford Mr and Mrs Gothard, Stockport; Miss Owen, Machynlletli CUSTOM HOUSE STREET Mrs Hughes— Mrs and Mr A Hunt, Hereford 5, Mrs Hall- Mr and Mrs Davies Bryan, family and maid, Alexandria, Egypt 6, Mrs Humphreys- Mr L S Hevens, Birmingham; Mrs T and Miss Bassett, Wolver ton 8, Mrs Edwards- Mr and Mrs Osmond, family and maid Fairbourne House, Mrs Roberts— Mrand Mrs Barnfield, Moseley, Birmingham; Mrs Alderley, Heaton Chapel Mr D Roberts, Cardigan UNION STREET 1, Miss Morris- Mr and Mrs Hodges, Misses Colley, Misses Seal, Hereford MessrsJones, Carmarthen 3, Eastwood House, Mrs D Edwards— Mr and Mrs Morgan, Llandinam Messrs Trout (5), Birmingham Mr Nawton, Liverpool HIGH STREET. 21, Mrs Hughes- Miss Gower, Miss Harries; Miss Pearson, Miss Gray, Stafford; Mr Warren, VVelshpool 26, Mrs Brown— Mr and Giles, Mrs Giles, sen, Birmingham Mrs and Master Pitt, Birmingham Mr Bur- goyne, Hereford; Mr and Mrs Ball and family, West Bromwich 27, Mrs William8- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Casell and baby 36, Lorne View, Mrs Capt Davies— Mrs Burne and daughter, Mrs Yonks and family, Miss Culwich, W jst Bromwich 38, Mrs Capt Jones- Mr and Mrs Tooley, Birmingham Mr and* Mrs Wright and baby, West Bromwich PENMAESGLAS ROAD 16, Mrs W Rowlands- Miss Wilkinson, Birmingham Miss B Lloyd, Wolverhampton Miss H Griffiths, Miss K Thomas, Miss Fedcliff, London; Miss Lilian Griffiths, Pembroke; Mr F Jones, Melbourne 22, Mrs J R J ones- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Shaw, Miss Jones, Wolver- hampton CAMBRIAN PLACE 2, Mrs Oliver- Miss Robbins; Miss Newbould, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Rowlands, Kington; Mr and Mrs Phillips, Newtown 4, Glyndwr, Mrs Hughes- Mr and Mrs Collins and family, Mr Watson, Wolverhampton; Misses Jones, Brecon; Miss Chester, Miss Barley, Birmingham 5, Victor House, Mrs Jcnkins- Mr and Mrs Williams, Breconshire Messrs Harries, Mr Jones, Mountain Ash Mr Davies, Miss Evans, Pumpsaint; Miss Griffiths, Swansea Mis Marpole, Llanidloes 37, Mrs Davies— Mr and Mrs Roberts, West Bromwich THESPIAN STREET Mansfield House, Mrs Griffiths— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Rigway, Mr and Mrs Gor- ton, Northampton Mr and Mrs Griffiths and family, Newtown Mrs Butler and son, Meadowtown, Minsterley, Salop Mr Downes and son, Newport Fedw House, Mrs Salmon— Mr and Mrs Davies and family, Glamorgan- shire BRIDGE STREET Old Black Lion Hotel, Mrs E Lewis— Mr J Lewis, Mr P Owen, London; Mr Morgan, Tredegar; Mr and Miss Richards, Aberdare Mr and Miss Evans, ^Messrs Rice and Owen. Mrs Price, Rhayader Mr Bromley, Craven Arms; Mr Evans, Llanbrynmair; Air Jones, Lampeter; Messrs Lead and Broabent, Wyke Messrs Cluff and Thomas, Halifax Messrs Hay and Stokes, Bradford; Mr Morgan, Llan- geitho 29, Agra House, Mrs Wehlisch— Mr and Miss Higginson, Miss Hundleyx, Misses Halford, Mrs and Miss Burr, Mr Parsons, Bir- mingham 32, Crugiau, Mrs D Evans- Mr and Mrs Thomas, Aberafon Mr and Mrs Wills, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Charlton and baby, Manchester Mrs Thomas and son, Swansea; Mr and Mrs Morgan, Talgarth 37. Bro Dawel, Mrs L Bearne- Mr and Misses Sharp, Aston, Birmingham Mr and Mrs E Horton Smith, Handsworth, Birmingham 42, Mrs Gobert— Mr and Mrs Bradshaw, Edgbaston, Birmingham; Mr and Misses [Sims, Mr Landabury, Mr Vincent, Miss McLean, Mra Mann and lady friend, Handsworth, do lotel Westminster, Private Hotel, L G Parry- I Mr H Jones, London; Mr P Senton; Egerton; A J Smith, R H Smith, London; R P Smith, Norwich; M Antnony, Swansea; Mr T Evans, Llandovery; Mr and Mrs Hill, Wolverhamp- ton; Mrs and Miss Williams, Mr, Mrs. and Master Ashtcn, Llanidloes; Mr and Mrs Rees, Mrs and Miss Rees, Machynlleth; Mr Morton, Birmingham Rev Thomas, Weston-supcr- }l<U'e rhe Old Bank, Miss Samuel— Alias Thomas, Builth Misses Fereday and Jones, West Bromwich; Misses Cotterill and Standing, West Bromwich 14, Mrs Stepnonson— Mr and Mrs Jcnes, Neath b7, Mrs Meredith— Mr Edwards, London Mr Fisher, Wolverhamp- ton b8, Miss Roberts- Mrs Parker, Miss Cox, Blackheath 19, Manod House, Mrs Williams- Mr and Mrs Stokes, Miss Field, Birmingham 57, Mrs Fisner— Mr and Mrs Jones, Corris Rheidol House, Mrs Williams- Mrs and Miss Farmer, Mrs Gill, Worcester CHALYBEATE STREET 5, Mrs Evans— Mr and Mra Halliwell, Manchester Mr and Mrs Dowd, Wednesfield 5, Mrs Captain Jones- Mr, Mrs, and Master W Collier, Wednesbury Mrs and Master T Evans, Abergavenny Star Temperance Hotel, T S Pryse- Mrs Pugh and family, Welshpool 16, Mrs Collins- Mr and Miss M Parry, Abergavenny Mr and Mrs P Jones, London 18, Argyle House, Mrs Williams- Mr and Miss Carman, Dartford, Kent; Miss Carman, Brighton; Mr and Mrs Smith, Bir- mingham 31, Mrs Edwards- Mrs R D Thomas, nurse and children, Welshpool; Mr and Mrs Hinchliffe, Manchester Mr W H Watson, West Hampstead, London; Mr D E Jones, Llanelly MrJ Protheroe, Cardiff Liverpool House, Mrs Lewis- Misses Griffiths, Miss Lewis, London Mrs and Miss Cowley, Mr Jones, Montgomery QUEEN STREET 3, Mrs A Davies- Mr, Mrs, and Master C Morris, Treharris; Rev J Oliver, Sychuant Miss Richards, Lampeter Mr D L Jones, London 5, Mrs T Lewis- Mr and Mrs Phillips, Talgarth, Brecon; Mrs Junes, Warwick Mr iivans, Mrs Morris, Miss Jones, London 10, Miss Jenkins- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Lavender, Aston, Birming- ham Misses Hatton, Stourbridge Miss Nellie Davies, London 14, Miss Owen — Mr and Mrs Lewis, Whitchurch Mrs Morgan, Talgarth GRAYS INN ROAD 10, Mrs Davies- Mr Sheen, Rose, nr Builth PRINCESS STREET 14, Mrs J E Jones- Miss Jenkins, Llanymynech, nr Oswestry Mrs Williams, do; Master Roberts, do; (2) Mrs Roberts and family, do 16, Mrs Owens- Mrs L Marsh, Mr and Mrs Ray, Miss Dorrie Ray, Bloxwich, Walsall Mrs and Miss Billyard, Sandbach Mr and Mis Greenhalgh, Moss Side, Manchester MILL STREET Milwyn House, Mrs Evans— Mrs Carter and family, Wolverhampton 13, Mrs E M Jones— Mr West, Birmingham; Mr Johns, Maesteg; Mr Stephens, do; Messrs J and G Owens, Johannesburg, South Africa 17, Cross Foxes, Nlrg Bluck- Mr and Mrs Evans, Miss May Evans, London Mr Price, Lampeter 28, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Moseley, Milton GEORGE STREET 2, Newry House, Mrs Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Darlow. Royston, Herts Mis and Master Evans, Islington, London Mr Jones, Borough, do Mr Moore, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Till, Wolverhampton Mr and S Till, Brierley Hill; Mrs D Share, Harts Hill, do; Miss Seckerson, Woodside, Dudley Mr and Miss Davies, Mr and Mrs Corbishley, Lud- low Mr Lewis, Birmingham Mr Williams, Ryle; Mr Price, Shrewsbury; Mrs Jones, Machynlleth 9, Mrs J ones- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Marston, Yardley; Mr Tracey, Preseot STANLEY TERRACE Primrose House. Mrs Jones— Mrs Evans and daughter, Wolverhampton Mr Evans, do TRINITY PLACE 5, Mrs Griffi ths- Mr and Mrs Sibley, Miss Vietch, Newcastle- under-Ly ne 6, Mrs Edwards— Mrs Lewis, Miss Williams, London Mr and Mrs Evaus, do Messrs W and J Morgan, do Mr Cyril, do TRINITY SQUARE Hawkesbury, Miss Morris— Mr and Mrs Bowler and son, Richmond, Surrey Sunny Bank, Mrs Edwarrls- Miss Treathy, Miss D-iliby, Manchester Mr Holingdale, Newport, Mon; Miss James, Swansea TRINITY ROAD 2, Rossnalee, Mrs Edwards- Mr Griffiths, Mr Lewis, Mr Goderich, and Mr Fryer, Mrs Woolley and Miss Hassall, Bir- mingham Mr A Hely, Sydney, New South Wales H ircourt House, Mrs Lloyd — Mrs, Mr, and Miss Weldon, Birmingham Mrs (2) Humphreys, Misses Gwen, Gwladys, and Emy Humphreys, Miss Hickson, Newtown; Mr Jones, London Mr and Mrs Ward, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Hall, Stockport LLANBADARN ROAD Binsviood, Mrs Paull- Mrs Smith, Miss Matthews, Stafford; Miss Hay, London Missts Denham, Marshall, Hereford Heathlield, Mrs Captain Richards- Mr and Mrs Morgan, Clapham, London Mr F C and Miss Morgan, London NORTON TERRACE Mayfield, Miss Thomas- Rev H T Meakin and family, London EPWORTH TERRACE 1, Mrs Jenkins- Mr and Mrs Fothergill, Manchester 4, Mrs Evans- Misses Price (2), Hereford; Misses Owen and S Evans, Towyn VAYNOR STREET 10, Mrs Davies- Mrs and Miss Millchip, Much Wenlock, Shrop- shire NORTH ROAD 2, Mrs Stitt- Mr J Jones, L R, Tremadoc; Rev B Jones-Evans, Penmorfa, Glam; Mr H Woodridge, Mrs W Charlton, Birmingham Holmeside, Mrs Rose- Mr J H, Miss E, aud Master R Bowers, Chester Vaenor House, Mrs Salmon- Mrs and Mr Wood, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Dickinson, Mrs and Misses Wiseman, Chester Vaynor Villa, Mrs Ellis- Mr and Mrs Jones and family, Ripton; Miss M White, Byton, Presteigne; Mr, Mis, and Master Budd and nurse, Scholes, Leeds Foelallt House, Miss Lewls- Mrs Golightly, WaBhwood Heath, Birmingham; Mrs and Miss Dodd, Aston, do Fairlands, Mrs Francis- Misses Ward and Vince, Strechford Miss Bey- non, Swansea Kingston House, Miss Icke— Mrs, Misses, and Messrs C B and A E M llor, Mr and Mrs G F Mellor, baby and maid, Stretford Mr and Mra Tom Marston, Miss Lawrence, Misses Morgan and Woolrich, Shrewsbury Miss Lee, Shifnal; M'ss Dora Owen, Bangor Golden Grove, Mrs H Owen- Rev John and Mrs Onley, Mrs Gates, Mrs J C Miss, and Mr F Onley, Kingston-ou-Thames Mr J Disturnal, Wednesbury Miss A Griffin, Birmingham Miss Croft, Kingston Bank Cottage, Mrs Morgan— Mr, Mrs, and Master Harry Groves, Tipton LOVEDEN ROAD 2, Mrs Blackwell— Mr and Mrs Jones and daughter, Stockport; Mr and Mrs Knott and family, Misses Kinder, Newcombe, Wyatt, and A Wyatt, Hyde 4, Mrs Jones— Misses Price, Wrexham Fairlea, Misses Symond- Mr and Mrs Willoughby, Wolverhampton; Mrs and Mr Croft, Miss Williams, Manchester Caron Villa- Mr A Collett, Wednesbury; Messrs H Baker, H Baker, E W Baker, Sydney B Phelps, and A R Phelps, Cardiff NORTHGATE STREET Northgate House, Mrs Thomas- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Cozens, Leicester 27, Mrs Ellis- Miss Lewis, Dawley, Shropshire; Miss Hitchen, Bridgorth, do PENGLAISE ROAD 1, Gogerddan-cottages, Mrs Thomas- Mrs and Misses Proctor (3), Hampton-in-Arden, near Birmingham 6, Mrs W Jones- Mr and Mrs F A and Miss G and E Williams, Coventry 7, Gogerddan-cottages, Mrs Griffiths- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Jones, Birmingham Greenfield House, Mrs Rees— Mrs, Miss and Mr W E Temple-Allen POWELL STREET Rose Hill, Miss Humphreys- Mrs Jelleyman, Messrs Frank, Fred and Cecil Jelleyman,iMisses F and A Jelleyman, Merthyr Mrs and Master Morgan, Abergavenny Miss C Bowen, Cincinnati, US A Mr Eawn, Tonypandy Miss Dyche, Burton-on-Trent; Mr and Mrs Williams, Ystrad, Rhondda WILLIAM STREET 1, Flintshire House, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs Speller, Leytonstone Mr and Mrs Caperon, Kidderminster ;Mr and Mrs Drew, Kidderminster; Miss Drew, Stourport; Misses (2) Jones, London Miss Richards, Nuneaton Miss A Jones, London 6, Mr Thomas- Mr Jones, London RAILWAY TERRACE 1, Mrs J E Barson- Mrs Jones, Rhayader Mrs Jones, Newtown: and Mrs Smith, Lampeter Hampton House, Mr T E Evans- Misses Smith, Welshpool Laurel Cottage, Mra Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Lloyd, London Glan Gwili House, Mrs Griffiths- Mrs Goode and family, Birmingham Mr D W Jones, Pumpsaint; Mr Joues, Llandyssul Mr and Mrs Williams, Brecon 19, Pow is House, Mrs Hopkins- Mr, Mrs, and Misses (2) Pank, Handsworth; Miss Price, Aston 20, Mrs Evans- Mr Court, Birmingham; Mr Kirby, Yorkshire; Dr J L Jones, London 23, Sunny Side House, Mrs Thomas- Messrs Bassett and Smith, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Morgan, Hereford LISBURNE TERRACE 8, Mrs Davies- Miss Jones, London; Mrs Jenkins, do; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Sanders, Miss Standel, Belper, Derbyshire Miss White and niece, Shrews- bury TREFOR ROAD 3, Brynpeiran, Mrs Morgan— Mr and Mrs R Martin, Romiley," Cheshire Mr Symmond, Manchester Mr Hughes, London Greenbank, Mrs Hughes- Mr and Mrs Sanders, Mr Sanders, Miss Lowe, Cheltenham; Mrs C G Withington, Manchester Melindwr, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Grove, Mr and Mrs Wilson and child, Birmingham Rockfield, Mrs Tibbott- Mr, Mrs, and Masters G and J Nixon, Man- chester; Miss M Nixon, Burslem, Staff